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Very beautiful hike. It was my wife's first hike, it was equally strenuous and pleasant. I would recommend if you are looking for a moderate challenge!

3 days ago

A few suggestions:
-Pick a day that is nice and dry. This hike would be dangerous & extremely difficult to complete in the rain.
-Pack a light bag and leave your hiking sticks at home. You're going to need your hands during the steep scrambles at the end.
-Make sure you have a pair of boots with good tread (avoid getting them muddy if possible)
-You may want to skip this if you have a fear of heights.

This trail doesn't get "scary" until the very end. There are some steep scrambles before, but you can walk right up the rock if you have a descent pair of boots and the conditions are dry.
The scary part is a class 3 scramble. Basically rock climbing without ropes or obvious places to put your hands and feet. I would suggest taking your time and plotting out a route up in advance. The biggest thing is to not freak out! You'll be fine if you take your time and stay focused. All and all it only took a few minutes to finish this section.

I would definitely would suggest this for anyone looking something a little more challenging.

mountain biking
6 days ago

Beautiful view and nice uphill climb on the way in. My favorite in the area.

Great family hike with our teens. Trail loaded with various mushrooms and beautiful pond view at top.

Nice little hike stupidly done in the rain.

Well marked paths. Rocky moderate incline, that our dog could walk. Beautiful streams and views up the hike.

13 days ago

With more than 15 4000-footers and many more hikes under my belt, I decided to hike up this class III trail and it turned out to be some challenge. For first time in my 6 years of hiking experience, I can say that the trail description and warning signs along the trail are completely justified. What starts as an innocuous climb slowly turns into tricky difficult scramble on wet rocks along the brook to give way for the final very steep section of bald rocks with very few crevices to get a proper foothold on. You will need to summon up lot of courage and technical hiking skills for the final 0.1 mile of the hike which is an almost rock-climbing without any equipments.
Heed all the warnings and be totally prepared (mentally and physically) if you want to take this trail. Smaller backpack, proper hiking boots etc etc. Prior experience with rock scrambling is must. Avoid going up in bad weather condition and going down altogether. Decided to come down by Clark trail.

Up hill in the beginning . Nice hike

27 days ago

An excellent hike with some heart stopping moments. Made it with three pre teens.

1 month ago

Ran from little sugar loaf mtn in Alexandria NH to cardigan which was 17 miles. Used the holt train. Lots of fun, extremely technical. Meant for experience hikers. Wouldn’t recommend for beginners. Very steep and rock with not much to grab onto.

Beautiful hike! I suggest going up Winslow and then down Barlow.

1 month ago

Easy hike up to the Pinnacle, but the trail up to Coit Mountain poorly marked. Easy to get off trail and lost.

Great morning hike. We started hiking at 7am and reached the top just after 8. Great views and a really nice maintained trail. Highly recommend and well worth the time.

1 month ago

Hiked yesterday with my son. This was my sixth or seventh trip up Holt but the first one where the sun was really shining. The rock face on the steep sections are extremely exposed, so the heat was something of a surprise. We had ample water, but even still I was mentally caught off guard.

I absolutely agree do not think that this trail should be descended.

The beginning half is definitely the most challenging, with a lot of rocks and a steady incline. The second half is much easier and beautiful. Make sure to continue up past Lake Solitude to get the view from the cliffs—it’s amazing. And bring bug spray.

Such a beautiful spot! But the trail is in poor condition with tree roots, downed trees and rocks requiring full attention. Went up the Barlow side and also returned that way after hearing from hikers who said Winslow side very steep and rocky. My dog loved it. My husband not so much.

Great short hike. Steep trek up Winslow gets you working. 360 degree views for miles on a clear day are great!

1 month ago

Nice and soft on your feet, rolling hills, beautiful lake supporting loons;we sat on a rock and watched the loons flew circles around our heads. a real show off.

Great hike - not too challenging, but got a good workout. Took the Winslow Trail up, Barlow on the descent. Wasn’t too busy when we went up, but when we got back at about 11:00 the parking lot was packed. Amazing views at the top (and on the way up) and not as crowded as Monadnock. Fun day!

on Boston Lot Lake

1 month ago

nice trip around the lake, fairly muddy in a few spots. super hot this weekend so other than some intense humidity and 90+ weather a great short trail run, just watch your step in the wet areas. looks like the kids were having a great time swimming!

Be prepared for buggy conditions this time of year! Well maintained and marked trail, nice views. Took us a little over 2 hours round trip.

Definitely moderate on intensity as initial climb can get rocky, but nice tree cover as I did it on the 4th of July and was fine with the heat. The Overlook of Solitude was the highlight of the hike. Wonderful view of landscape and Lake Solitude. Lastly I walked to Summit of Sunapee and was disappointed, not the best views as the summit is next to lodge and ski run. However definitely recommend the hike to Lake Solitude and the Overlook. Lastly well marked and good signage within the trail if you want to go out a different way.

Spectacular hike! Trail was lightly trafficked and the dragonflies at the pond were numerous. Not a cloud in the sky.

A good short hike, especially good for kids who aren't too young. This moderate loop is best done with Winslow as the ascent and Barlow for the descent. It's a moderate hike because of the steep sections and ledges which can be slippery when wet, but there really aren't any technical sections to this hike.

Awesome hike!! Did this one with my mom— Winslow up and Barlow down. Winslow was pretty steep but the view was so worth it. 360 degrees of being able to see forever up top! I would definitely wear bug spray though, there were a lot of bugs in the first half. I would also not recommend this hike for little children. But overall, 5-star hike with a 5-star view.

Great hike ! Relatively busy with lots of dogs. Lift was running at the ski area. Great views from the overlook at 2/3 to the summit.

Winslow up, Barlow down. Similar difficulty to Monadonock but shorter and less packed...our new favorite! Would at least rate Winslow as HARD, if you consider Monadonock hard. $4/adult, $2/kid. We were only the third car in the parking lot by 9am on a beautiful day, but by 11 it was pretty full. Porta-potties were very clean. Lots of bugs! Trail markers are burgandy on Winslow and a little hard to see sometimes.

2 months ago

Spent 2 1/2 hours hiking this loop with my husband. Beautiful trails and the view from the top is stunning.

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