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Very steep. Great views the whole hike and amazing wildflowers.

Excellent! Beautiful!!

Steep! Worth it.

Went on this hike yesterday and it was AWESOME !
Its steep and it gets steeper till the end but you get to see some amazing views. You also get to witness the beauty of the big cottonwood canyon on your left when you are close to the summit.
Was a challenge but worth it ! ⛰

Great hike, enjoyed the views all around.

Grasses and flowers higher than your knees. The first part and the last part are steep. Nice work out.

Gate closed till 01Jul

The gate is closed to part of the canyon so you have an extra 3 mile walk up a snowy road to get to the trailhead. there are still several feet of snow on the trail itself so I highly recommend snowshoes.

Had my first encounter with a black bear on this trail!

Lovely hike as always. The gate is now closed, so I biked up the 3 miles to the trailhead. The trail was pretty clear up to the steeper climbs through the meadows, then icy but manageable. I was out of time and so turned around before the final climb - it was snowcovered and probably would have been difficult with the ice.

Hiked this morning and couldn't quite summit due to dangerous ice on the last part of the trail. If I had some trekkers I would have done it. Came across a moose! I would love to go back in the summer. It's a little late in the year for this one as it is in the shade most of the morning. It was very steep much of the way. Definitely a difficult hike but I can tell the views would have been worth it about 2 week ago.

Steep! Awesome kick butt workout!

This was a doozy. 6-8” of snow on the upper third of the hike and no clear trail. Took me 2 hours up and just over 1 to get down. Views are beautiful. Fall color is visible in the lower valleys. Worth the work.

One of my favorites, took für pass back down... had to bush whack, since this trail is not used often. So beautiful though, and way easier on the knees. Ran into a moose!

difficult but great views at the top. get ready for some steep climbs. we went when the wildflowers were out of bloom but could tell how beautiful it would have been!

Get the hiking boots or shoes ready! Steeeeeeeep trail, aggressive grade pretty much all the way to the top. It flattens out a bunch of times throughout the hike, only to get you ready to go up. The hike up is challenging, and most likely you will be staring at the ground. But the top and the way down is well worth it. The views while hiking down make it seem like a different trail! Have fun! Bring water!

LOVED this hike. It is verrrrry steep though. The first mile feels like 271921 miles but it is so so worth it once you get to the top. The only thing was that there was no running water for the dogs. Wear good shoes and bring lots of water!

The trail was great! The first two miles do feel more like 10, but totally worth it one you are at the top! If you track your trip on the app you will see that the miles take forever to complete. We Took short breaks as needed. We packed lunch and had it atop the mountain! We would definitely do it again earlier in the day. The way down was a lot quicker, we did it in about 3.5 hours total

Definitely difficult but gorgeous and well worth it when you get to the view at the top.

Took my pup and he loved every second of it. Saw a nice bull moose on the way down.. luckily some people coming up scared him off.

Also! It may be helpful to know, as I almost went up the wrong way, when you get to the giant rock field and start preparing yourself to climb it, look to your left and there's a big boulder, the trail is right next to that :)

You gotta work for it but the views are spectacular! Took the dog and had a great time!

thought I did 7 miles but I guess that's from bowman fork.

Hike risk, high reward. Hands down one of my favorite hikes in all of Utah! It's tough, but the wildflower, forests, and views are beyond worth it!

Amazing experience

Short but steep for a hike, not lightly travelled but wildflowers were beautiful and views from the summit were spectacular. Mr. Bull Moose delayed my departure for a bit, had to bushwhack around him.

5 stars for the view--3 stars for the crazy amount of work to get that view :)

One of the most physically strenuous hikes I've ever done due to the rapid ascent. It was a 4.5 mile hike, but felt like a 10 mile one. Legs were jello at the end.

The wildflowers were generally out in force, although the cone flowers were spent for the season. There were sections with shoulder high flower stalks!

The view from Gobbler's Knob is great--you get a good view of Salt Lake, and Big Cottonwood Canyon, AND Millcreek Canyon.

I did manage to get off-trail though. There's a section where you need to cross a rock fall. For some reason I decided to go up the fall ... that added an extra 45 minutes, and it was exhausting. I found the "right" trail coming back down. I deserve a merit badge for my stupidity, or something, for that one.

Also a heap of blessings upon a pair of hikers that shared a bag of frozen grapes with me--the most delicious trail snack ever!

The wildflowers are incredible.

Mostly uphill and rocky, views are incredible, well worth every second. Watch for moose though, a large bull had bedded down on the trail so we had to bypass him via some pines.

this is an amazing hike I found it difficult went straight up the basin trail this morning and walked to baker pass and followed bowman fork back to the main trail down. this fork is much easier than the main trail but is extremely over grown, making it hard to navigate at times. but overall this is by far one of the best and the hardest hikes I have ever been on. looking forward to doing it again some time

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This is one of the best hikes in the Wasatch. It's very strenuous but it pays off at the top. The views are incredible.

I've hiked this four times in the past and I've seen a moose every time.

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