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Great hike!! Definitely prepare to sweat but was well worth the views!

12 hours ago

Great hike! Beautiful waterfall at the end

Super fun hike! However, if you do plan on going off the Woodland Loop trail and go to see the Sawblade Falls, the water level is quite low around this time of year so the falls will be quite small. Still a beautiful spot, and a beautiful hike!

2 days ago

If you like a physical challenge, you'll enjoy the Grouse Grind Trail. If you like to appreciate the scenery while you're hiking, you may not. Hiking the trail is as strenuous as advertised, the footing is tricky enough that you have to watch where you're walking nearly the entire time, and the trail is narrow enough and busy enough that it's not always easy to just stop and look around. The nearby BCMC trail provides an easier, if slightly longer, hike up the side of Grouse Mountain.

All of that said, this is one of the most fun hikes I've done in a while. Having a cold Molson (or other adult beverage) at the top of the mountain while taking in the views of Vancouver is a nice bonus, too!

3 days ago

It's a rite of passage for anyone who likes hiking, took us 2 hours with lots of stops. Beautiful trail though. Very busy

Pure Hell wasn't far from the truth. Although I wasn't feeling the best we all powered through it. Amazing waterfalls all along the way and the lake was stunning, a few of us even went for a swim. I thought the first half was hard enough.. and then you start the second half

Nike, challenging day hike. Very foggy up top so will be doing this again on a clear day. Took our group just a bit under 5 hours to get from parking lot to summit with a few water and picture breaks. Puppy made it to emergency shelter with ease but I backpacked her up to the peak and down. Crossing snowfield was not necessary as we could easily go around what was left of it. Pretty easy up to Alder Flats and getting steeper after that. I drank almost 5 liters of water and it wasn’t that hot so bring lots of water.

Love Rolley Lake trail we go every week, it is pretty easy and a nice hike, there is some rocks, tree roots and logs to walk over but nothing much at all.

The Rolley lake falls however is not easy at all. the trail its self is difficult to find and there are areas that you are not even sure your on the right path.

I go hiking with my mom and my 8 year old son and our dogs and this trail was a little difficult.

Beaware it takes a longer then expected time and where you have to go down you have to come back up again.

There are many big rocks, logs, roots and fallen trees to climb over and at one time it looks like there were stairs but they are all worn away now.

There should be two different entrys on this page about the two different trails and different ratings.

Nice hike when the clouds are too low for viewpoints. This trail is on the lower end of Moderate closer to easy. The trail is pretty well marked and if you have Alltrails ap with you its really not that complicated. There were markers big signs saying falls this way etc. So not sure if this is new, but we found it pretty easy to navigate and only checked Alltrails maps a few times. Falls are beautiful and if it was hot ( not today) some nice none dangerous pools to cool off in.

The grouse grind redefines swamp ass. It’s just you against yourself in this race against your own heart beat and heavy breathing....and sweat drenched attire. Enjoy!

Overall good trail, some areas could have been marked better. It can be difficult I’m certain areas of up hills and down hills but overall not a super challenging trail. Good for a nice hike !

Beautiful and if you go to the falls the scenery is great.

Did it! A little longer than it took me 5 years ago. But I did it.

One of the best hikes!!!

12 days ago

Great and hard workout. Perfect view from the top!

15 days ago

Loved it! All trails tell you to park in residential area but there’s a nice picnic area parking closer to the trail head. Starts out quite easy for the first 4K then gets more difficult but still moderate. It’s about 7k each way to the falls but we recorded 17 after the extra walk to the car. If you want to swim in the falls there’s some tricky rock spots so just be careful overall wonderful hike with gorgeous changing scenery. Note ***Once you reach the small suspension bridge follow the stream up to the falls.

15 days ago

Went on a weekday and it wasn't very crowded. Really likes the woods and the view from the top. Went at a slow pace and didn't find it hard.

16 days ago

definitely a longer hike about 13 miles roundtrip, the 2nd part is quite rocky with somewhat difficult sections. the views of the tree covered mountains and clouds resting on them is quite magnificent, and it's pretty much a rainforest throughout the hike. the waterfall was cool. dog friendly trail. overall was a great day, great workout! it took about 4-5 hrs.

16 days ago

done this trail 1/2 dozen times. pays to be in shape. it's a slog of not. the elevation gain is pretty steady after Alder Flats. make it an overnight at the top because you simply cant beat the views. I've done it I as fast as 8 hours return and as a two night trip. would recommend this to anyone wanting a challenge. love this park!

trail running
17 days ago

Perfect for workout at the end of the day ! Best is to cycle to go up there

17 days ago

Hardest 1.9 miles I've ever done.

Great workout!!! It was pretty hard for me!
But still fun!

Easy “hike” with many viewpoints...almost too easy for all the amazing lookouts you are rewarded with!

Only downside to me was the bugs in the summer cause it's a swamp.

Loved the hike, does fall into the hard category for couple of steep and rocky spots. Beautiful view from the top, don’t miss it. A bit confusing to keep track of the whole loop, got lost a couple of times but nothing too bad.

22 days ago

Great workout! Did it yesterday.

on Eaton Lake

24 days ago

whopping 961m elevation gain in such a short time was intense at times but totally manageable.

flies were a bit crazy but they weren't biting just landing on us, was driving me nuts having them in my hair and around my ears so threw on my buff and problem solved.

lake was...gorgeous, deep, and chilly. exactly what you need after hiking in 32 degree weather.

lounged about on the first rocks you hit when you get there. initially we attempted to find somewhere a little more secluded around the right side of the lake but there's no real trail and bushwacking was needed which isn't really good for the plants or for our legs covered only by shorts. that being said there was maybe four people there at two different times so it felt private enough

took about three hours up and two down but we definitely took our time and didn't rush

25 days ago

Probably my favourite park around Vancouver. Here you get to enjoy both the majestic west coast forest in its original state and beautiful ocean vistas. Highly recommended,

One day hike, very hard but the view is worth of the pain

Do it for the workout, not the views. This trail cannot be called 'hard' unless you try to get a good time. I'm not in great hiking condition at the moment and I did it in less than an hour.

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