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beautiful and clean trail

I will forever have a special place in my heart for this mountain. In April of 2018 I started my new journey to lose weight. I am so proud to say by July 2018 I had lost 40lbs. I hiked and still hike Cowles 2-3 time a week and that was it. This hike is great for beginners and experienced hikers. Don’t give up in the hard areas you can do it! The view is worth it. I like to cut from the front trail to the back trail at the top for a nice steep incline at the top. Have fun!

nature trips
4 days ago

Great place to find some little gems such as the tree with the insanely big roots! Recommend sneakers for the actual hiking trails.

5 days ago

Took this trail from Rocky Peak Trail ... nice and awesome scenery easier than Rocky but it was cause I was going down

it was awesome

Great trail for any age group and fur babies. I'm def not in shape and was fine. Rocky ground so my hiking boots helped immensely! Hiked Saturday around 530 pm and headed down as the sun was setting, perfect weather and time. Less ppl then the last time I went on a Sunday.

12 days ago

Uneventful and busy. If you are new to hiking its good though.

Pretty good morning workout. The way up was the steepest ive veer hiked. You could probably crawl thats how steep it is. Really liked this trail, it was a major challenge getting up, but the fire road on the way way was great, i even jogged it down.

This is ones of the hardest best hiking in the valley, going all the way up to the fire department, and coming down the street. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

mountain biking
17 days ago

this trail was a blast. plenty of easy, moderate and hard portions. couple of benches to chill at and soak in the view.

The rocks were great to climb on. The trail was a little hard to follow in certain spots but it was still a good hike. Not that strenuous.

19 days ago


trail running
20 days ago

Used to run this regularly in college, did again while visiting friends due to proximity. Perpetually busy, worn out trail. Much better options out there!

21 days ago

Good little walk around some local trails. after walking the trails, I went and walked around Baloboa park

24 days ago

Excellent trail for a quick workout. Best on weekday mornings as it gets crowded. You’ll be done in about an hour. Great way to start the day

This was an awesome trail! It’s super easy to hike, but it’s the rocks that are the star of the show! Get ready for some gorgeous geology and great views! I would recommend going off the trail where permitted (there are signs in certain places saying you shouldn’t) and clambering up the boulders

Very nice hike with the hubby and dog through lovely Maple Canyon and then an little zig zagging through historic Bankers Hill.

Love this hike!
Good exercise. Great View. Close to home.

Awesome trail, we went with a gsd and a 2 year old and had the best time. Not very difficult and not very long trail

The area would be great BUT I can not understand peoples behavior - I am a dog owner but the one thing is, there is dogs poo everywhere especially at the beginning of the trail, and there IS a trash container there, the other problem is that there are tons of broken glass around so its really danger for animals too - a shame that people use beautiful nature as a trash container - really a shame :/

I love Veterans Park

this was a relatively easy hike but it was a road for the entirety of it it was a little bit smoggy from the fires otherwise the views would have been great

1 month ago

Alright but you can find better rock formations in Alabama Hills and Joshua Tree.

trail running
1 month ago

Very beautiful! Isn’t the most nature-esque trail, but it’s as good as it gets for Southern California. It does have really incredible views of downtown, the Coronado bridge and sailboats. Definitely a must-do!

1 month ago

1 month ago

Stars only for easy hike with good payoff with a nice view of San Diego, otherwise very crowded with people with horrible trail etiquette. Speakers blasting music, trash not packed out, people not staying on trail and ruining surrounding brush.

Great workout!

The back side is more preferred. Not nearly as crowded and is more demanding.

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