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Super easy, good for kids. Amazing views

also did this via the Knox Mountain Trail. The road is sketchy for the last few hundred feet so a high-clearance vehicle is mandatory. Ran into groups of people from four different trails

great training hike.
From Chuckanut it is much more difficult than from the upper parking lot or from the parking lot at barrel springs road.
great view from the top.

6 days ago

Really nice hike and beautiful views.Easy.

7 days ago

Nice hike with a beautiful pay off.

August, 6,2018! Great hike!

13 days ago

2 bear sightings on 7/9!
Overall, wonderful hike. Slightly overgrown in some areas but easy to navigate through.
Came extremely close to two different cinnamon bears on my way down the trail and was forced to stand my ground with my dogs till they backed away.
Most bears I encounter just run away as soon as they see my dogs and I, but not these ones! Keep your eye out!

Nice hike with some climbing not too steep. Beautiful views of lake and surrounding mountains.

July 20, 2018. Road to the Twin lakes trailhead was clear and we were able to get there with a 4x4. No snow on the road but some tricky portions beyond Yellow Aster with large rocks and pot holes. You definitely want a high clearance vehicle, a spotter, and some patience to help navigate these parts. There was snow in the parking and camping area of Twin Lakes so we parked a down the road where it was clear. A couple of recently fallen trees from the winter on the trail but otherwise clear and we'll travelled. Parts of the trail are still covered in snow in the upper portions. Ice axe would be useful on the sloped portions, but we were also able to navigate these slowly and carefully with our trekking poles. The lookout was closed due to structural damage so we couldn't go in but the views are spectacular and worth trip.

No snow on the trail. They haystack at the end is pretty dangerous, but the view up top is amazing. Tons of bugs at the top and around mile 3 the bugs start to pick-up.

on Thunder Knob Trail

27 days ago

Nice hike and views but road noise from Hwy. 20 on much of the trail.

Challenging terrain but well worth the effort! 360 degree views from the top. Mt. Rainier, Lake Kachess, 3 Queens, Mt. Stuart and more. Bring bug spray!

28 days ago

My 5 stars are for the trail and spectacular views, but I agree with a previous reviewer that this is not an easy trail for everyone. I am a very fit 70-year-old and found it quite a challenge. It took me 2 hours to reach the summit and 30 min to come down.

I led a group of 5 guys up this trail 1st weekend of July 2018. The Forest Service rd was blocked just past yellow aster butte trail head do we had to hike the 2 miles up the rd to the twin lakes trail head. The trail is well maintained but had a lot of snow right from twin lakes. At least 50% of the trail was covered in ice or snow so this became an over night trip. About a mile past twin lakes the snow fields become steep & icy. Route finding & mountaineering skills are needed to cross them and there were 2 or 3 avalanche chutes to navigate around. We made camp 500 below the summit on the only snow free flat patch we could find. Amazing views from camp. Sunday morning we made our way to the summit. Breathtaking views from the top. Bugs were not too bad.
If you’re doing this trail when snow levels are down to twin lakes, you WILL need ice axes & crampons. We wouldn’t have made it without them.

Nice, simple and easy hike. Views of the lake are pretty but not as great as the lookout point just further down the highway. Trail head was tucked back in the campground so it gets a lot of traffic.

1 month ago

hard but amazing views and definitely its worth it!

1 month ago

"Easy' may be relative and needs to be qualified. For families with small kids and elders this trail may pose some challenge depending on their physical abilities. Relative to an urban park trail which most people would consider "easy", this trail is a climb and rocky/uneven all the way through. The view is worth while but the "kid friendly" tag probably best applies to elementary-school-age kids and up. May be do-able with younger kids not on a carrier, but YMMV.

Easy hike with beautiful views at the top. Did see a large black bear on the way down close to the trailhead, ran off when it saw us.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, great stop offs and candid moments. The top is silencing and you’ll wish you had a picnic dinner with you to enjoy it. Just stunning!

road is damaged, blocked off near Tomyhoi lake trailhead. About a 8-9 mile hike just to get to the trail head and the lakes, and the trail head is closed indefinitely due to damage and no funding. Thanks white house!

Heavy heavy snow at the top and the lakes are still frozen over.

1 month ago

Great hike, gorgeous views. Reasonably crowded for a Saturday. There’s another lake you can venture off to on your way down. Took about 4.5 hours, with a break at the top and detour to the other lake.

1 month ago

Many people on top today. Everyone took the rope on the 2nd gully. Snow on trail . . Some down trees over trail . . But no medium to hard hazards. Snow should be off trail by 7/14/18.

Started this hike at the base, Excellent hike to get ready for my three months of wandering around the PNW. Great hike with two spectacular views of the Sammish Bay. There is little to no water in the trail so be prepared. Lots of switchbacks and footling changing going on in the upper part of the trail. Moderate is a good rating because of the elevation gains from the start and intermittently in the trail. There was logging going on in the area so it wasn’t always quiet on this hike. Enjoyed this trail either way.

1 month ago

Perfect year-round hike on a well maintained trail!

1 month ago

It’s a training trail! Except for two hikers near the parking lot, had the entire trail to myself. A snow bridge recently collapsed about a mile from the summit. Didn’t see a way around it. Still a fab hike in dense clouds.

boring hike but great summit scramble over exposed granite steeps.... also a great trail to run down, virtually no rocks or roots.

Popular hike, busy on weekends

Great easy out and back hike. Great views! Recommended

2 months ago

We hiked from the Sammish Overlook at 11:30 the Sunday before Memorial Day. Parking of course was crowded but was blessed with a center parking spot. The trail was in excellent condition and praises to all the canine owners (a lot of dogs) the trail was spotless and I loved seeing all the different types.
AWESOME trail, AWESOME people, AWESOME view!!!

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