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Very nice Trail. The only issue I had was a large sink hole along the trail (about two miles down from Farmville). Result of the recent Hurricane that came through, so no access to High Bridge from Farmville right now. Visit High Bridge State Park website for updates.

1 month ago

There were other trails I could walk down but I stuck to this particular prescribed route. This was a terrific route, very short but the history behind it could keep you here for over an hour. Can you imagine fighting in a place like this in a war that did not have the strategies like we have today. The story of this conflict, the siege at Petersburg, is an inspiring story of patriots sacrificing everything for their country, for the union as well as the confederacy. This trail is a must for anyone in the area.

Nice hike through the woods. The lake offers nice views along the way. Clearly marked the whole way through. Very nice way to get out and spend a couple of hours.

Great little detour. The bridge is amazing from both the top and bottom views. Lots of snakes and mosquitoes out and about though.

Great scenes, hard to find for us though. GPS took us to 3 wrong places before we stopped and asked a county worker for directions. We’ll definitely visit again though

real nice trail lots nice plant life it tends to have a bit too much foot traffic but other than that it's pretty good


This was the second trail we hiked in the park. It is an easy peaceful gentle walk through the forest. At one point you walk out of the forest and turn right to walk up a section of gravel access road to pick up the trail on the left. You have to watch for the mountain bike trail intersections along the way but overall a very nice walk in the woods.

First off you have to pay to park at the spot that close to the bridge it’s only $4 but still. They have a gift shop at the trail as well so make sure you bring some cash. They also have bag stations for if your dog decides to go to the bathroom. Now on to the trail. I went to the bridge gives you a nice view but that’s that. When I walked back to my truck I saw a cannon and behind that there is a trail that leads down to under the bridge. It is at a decline so if you have trouble going up and down inclines and declines I wouldn’t recommend it. However when you get down there you head to the right and when you are under it you can see a little beach that you can go and play in the rapids. It was because of this I gave it 5 stars. Feel free to walk or bike the entire trail, but this was exciting to me. The walk is about .5 miles. Well worth it.

This park has very long trails. I have run over 10 miles through these trails and didn't come close to seeing everything. It is much longer than the .7 miles that is listed. Very friendly running, hiking, walking, biking and horseback riding.

Pretty scenery. Very short. Loads of bugs. Definitely not bike friendly. Disappointed. It's more of a tourist stop than a hiking or biking trail.

Awesome trail one of the best in the Fredericksburg area. Lots of different terrain and wildlife. Would be great for mountain biking. Long enough to give you a great work out yet easy enough to keep it fun.

The signs weren’t mark clearly. It wasn’t clear when one trail ended and when the next one started. Overall it was nice. Not a lot of traffic. On the trail. I Was able to see a lot of horses on the trail. The weather was just right.

trail running
4 months ago

Ran the Night Train 50k on this trail. I normally don’t post trail running events but I’m posting this one because it is such an awesome trail for just about any activity on summer nights.

Due to I-95 bottlenecks, accidents, and vacation/holiday traffic, I toed the line 52 mins late (thanks to a cool race director who did not have to let me race, and warned me not to arrive late again). I finished at ~7:46, starting out in 96 degree heat. But, who really cares that much about run time when you come across landmarks like this! Would one run right past the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa, Italy) or Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) without stopping for a moment to take in the spectacle? I think not.

This is not as famous a landmark but is very much appreciable. Just amazing!!

4 months ago

The description should be changed. The first half is a fire road and the last Half of the trail is marked “bikes only”. It was easy enough to find alternatives close by.

Wonderful hiking. Loved going under the bridge to see the old railroad

Not bad, easy to get to, a bit of traffic noise at places

Beautiful peaceful trail

not too bad of a trail for my first hike. definitely looking forward to my next adventure

10 months ago

A great dirt trail along the river. There are a few places ideal to take a break and wade in the river or just sit on the larger rocks.

A lot of easy and flat but also some more technical sections with a couple of climbs.

mountain biking
10 months ago

What most people miss when they come to High Bridge is the Mountain Biking trails.

There are 2 loops of bike specific single track on the Rochelle tract, located half way between the Farmville Plaza and the River Road parking lot. The entrance to the Rochelle tract has a kiosk at gate and a gravel road going up a hill. Both loops come off the gravel road on the right. The Early trail is a 1.6 mile beginner loop with great flow and just enough trick to keep the interest of any advance rider. The hardest part is climbing the gravel road up to the entrance, it exits at the bottom of the hill. The Burnside Technical loop is 2.8 miles of advanced riding with a good aerobic component mixed with sweet flowing sections, roller coasters and serious drop thrus. Be cautious the first time thru, as there are a couple spots that can catch you off guard.

So, to all those people that say how boring the High Bridge trail is. All I can say is you missed one of the best parts of the park.

road biking
11 months ago

Beautiful and easy trail. The highlight is reaching the bridge with its views.

11 months ago

Easy and scenic hiking for two amateurs. Missed most of the fall foliage but still beautiful.

11 months ago

I spent about 7 hours hiking the trails here and still didn't see all of it. There is great scenery and history, but the map is inaccurate otherwise this would be a 5.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Too flat. A little boring for my taste.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Love this place!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

love walking the bridge and exploring down by the river under the bridge

Friday, October 20, 2017

I entered off River Rd. in Farmville. The trail is an easy enough hike and you can make it as long or short as you want. I hiked about 3 miles just to see the bridge and explored the city too. I was a bit disappointed due the lack of fall color during my mid-October hike and it was a bit boring being just straight path.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Great hiking trails. Flat. Good for bikes as well.

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