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Not sure what some reviewers expect out of a hike, because this one has everything: mountain vistas, cascading stream, crystal clear waters, large wildlife (moose, bears, deer), abundant flowers, birds, and a relatively easy trail. I’ve done this hike 7-8 times and it never fails to amaze me. The trail eventually reaches the fork (south fork to Schoolroom Glacier and Hurricane Pass, north fork to Lake Solitude), which makes for a good turnaround spot. I would recommend a short hike up the north fork to see the Cathedral Group (Grand, Teewinot, and Owen) from the north. It’s an amazing view!

15 hours ago

A few too many stairs to climb for my liking but beautiful scenery.

Amazing hike, falls, and final destination at the top of the falls!

20 hours ago

First 3 miles is flat and on gravel path, the mine trail to the right about a mile in (.3 miles) is a great way to warm up for the hike to green lake. we shot over to the river for a bit too before the hike up (stunning). Green Lake is 1.8 miles and fairly steep. Ranger falls is gorgeous, we went down to the bottom of the falls and there is a path to go right up next to the falls before you even get to the ranger falls sign (a small makeshift log bench marks the trail) Green lake is just a few 100' past the log foot bridge over the river, such an amazing hike. Would recommend going early for a peaceful time at the lake lookout.

Been to 55 National parks in 6 different countries. This trail is in the top 5. Only issue was quite a bit of loose snow hiking near the end but definitely worth the effort

1 day ago

Very scenic hike. Hard due to elevation gain, uneven footing and exposed narrow trails cut into side of mountain

Great trail, if you doing a full loop it is probably too hard for younger kids and Its just over 12 miles. Make sure you have plenty of water.

An absolute must for first timers, soak your feet at the top in the ice cold water until they’re numb, it’ll make the trip down easier.

Absolutely wonderful! A little tough if you aren’t used to hiking a lot but the views are well worth it!

crouded, but good

3 days ago

Pretty. The drive up was very scenic. The fresh blue water of the river was very relaxing to sit by. I even got enough courage to soak my feet in it. Very refreshing!

An absolute must! An amazing hike to soak in the magnitude that is Yosemite. If hiking in the summer, start early to avoid the sun as well as the crowds. As others before have, I suggest taking the John Muir trail back down to avoid the crowds and the wet rock steps going back down the trail. This is one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done! .....when you do it early.

3 days ago

Starts with forest then lake views. Saw juvenile grizzly in the berry bushes. Then stunning canyon with tetons on each side. Beautiful waterfalls and river with two bull moose and lots of pikas.

Hiked this route today with my dog. big Boulder scramble in the gorge! I only helped him twice. Athletic dogs should be able to do this without issue. Counter clockwise around the loop was the best choice for me. incredible views of Cadillac cliffs from the A Murray Trail.

I feel bad giving this three stars, because I think it’s probably worth more than that, but I think it’s a little overrated personally.
I’ll start out by saying that it has some absolutely beautiful scenery, don’t get me wrong at all, but given some of the reviews, I was expecting a little more I think; I was also hoping for something at the end of the trail, but it was literally just a fork to continue onto other trails. I should have researched it better as I’m sure I could have found that myself haha but I would recommend not doing the full thing if you aren’t going to continue onto another trail, as there are no sweeping views and it’s shrouded in forest for a lot of the last part so the views are a little covered.
Another downer was the fact that there were bugs... everywhere!! Like everywhere! Definitely wear bug spray - there were more flies (and other weird black bugs that stay on your skin?!) than I’ve ever experienced on any other hike in my life! I don’t mind mosquitos and flies around as it’s obviously the wilderness and you expect that, but this was a whole new level hahah.

The first mile is tough but after that it barely climbs at all. Despite my lower rating, I think it’s a great trail people should check out - but I’d recommend only going to the first waterfall coming from the peak, or where there’s a bit of a break at the creek. Beautiful photo opportunities there. I also saw a moose in the river which was exciting :)

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Hike is good. Best part of it is the extra mile to Grinnel Glacier overview.
High traffic, start before 7:15am if you want to beat the crowd.
Not a single berry on the whole trail so bear danger is close to none.(mid July).

4 days ago

Views are outrageous, felt constantly like I was going to fall off the side of the cliff. Switchbacks were rough but doable. The end finishes with four miles of downhill and that was the worst part. We are pretty proud of ourselves for finishing

Long, exposed, dry, and, to me, outside of the views a real trudge. The views are wonderful but can be had elsewhere in the park on less gruelling hikes. Due to fire the lower half of the usual hike down to The Loop is also dry and exposed. Using the shuttles to go either way is frustrating as they are almost always full going up in the morning and full going down in the afternoon. Despite popular opinion, skip this one and hike from Siyeh Bend to Sunrift Gorge instead.

Great hike up to Cadillac Summit with beautiful views. After reaching the summit you take Gorge trail down a rocky descent along leading you to trail beside a stream in the woods. You’ll then pickup another trail that’s a steep climb which takes you back to Cadillac south ridge trail.

One of my favorite trails yet! Very well kept, challenging yet plenty of scenic flat parts. Went to the top of the cliffs and it took about 4 hours.

4 days ago

I hiked up 2 miles to Tom Creek where I was greeted by a picturesque waterfall. The trail was beautiful and shaded with a gentle climb.

This is my first time going to Nevada falls. I've done the Vernal Falls part of the trail multiple times. I loved making the entire loop. It was a beautiful hike that I can't wait to do again.

Great variety, breathtaking views and physically challenging.

Switchback, switchback, oh wait another switchback.... this is beautiful if you have the stamina to go the whole way. Got rained on but overall it’s as perfect as everyone says it is.

Amazing trail

6 days ago

Possibly top 3 hikes in the US. Wild life everywhere and not a terribly difficult hike with views every step of he way.

This hike is tougher than others make it sound. I would do this again, earlier or later. I went at 7 AM and it was still crowded. Gushing with people when we came back and tons of people who didn't pick up their dog poop! The trail even provides bags at the bottom. It was cloudy so I didn't get to experience much on top. Perfect for those who are in the city to get away, but I wouldn't drive more than 1 hour to do this hike. The bonus is that you MAY get to see paragliders.

First time to Yosemite and First hiking trail...I loved it great work out..

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