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Did this hike last weekend and we were the first ones to hike all the way to the top in the new snow fall. Really soft and deep snow from second lake

Probably more on the hard side, as opposed to moderate. Sections of the trail cross marshes, you will most likely need to get wet past your ankle to get through. That all being said, it's an awesome trail, and if you can hack it you should probably go.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail but definitely not for beginners in this season, get spikes and snow gear since it's already covered by snow.

1 month ago

Did the hike joffre lake 25 years ago for 5 years in a row. Was one of my favorite. No one on the trail. Now did it on August long weekend this year. Wow so busy. But still so beautiful.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, I think it is for beginners too but just when don’t have snow. I went today and it is very slippery, spikes are highly recommended. Bring extra clothes just in case if you fall and get wet. Use gloves, scarf, hood, and nice and warm clothes. We already started the fall/winter season so you will need it because is very cold there.

2 months ago

Beautiful three lakes, and easy hike. Good for a beginner too. Parking was full.

Hiked Nov. 19: Forested trail with shading/no views throughout. Steeper sections, but not bad if you pace. Slippery tree roots throughout, so be mindful if hiking in wet weather. No snow/ice on trail so far; just frozen water at the top. Only saw 2 other groups + some bikers on a Monday.
As a spoiled Vancouverite, I’d say the summit view is pretty underwhelming (but nice, no doubt).

This is a great hike. It ranges from steady uphill to steep uphill with a few milder portions so you need to be fit. It is mostly Forested and the views are into the back country once you are there. it really is around 12km up and back we are fit hikers it took us 2 hours 15 min up and 1 hour 45 min down.

Hiked on Nov 17 - bright beautiful day in the forecast and cold. Trails are compact snow and ice in sections now: RUNNERS NOT APPROPRIATE. Allow for extra time due to slippery sections. Arrived at 945am, parking easy. Try to time it so that you are at the third lake just after noon bc before that the sun is still behind the mountain and it's shady. Most of the trail will be in the shade so dress appropriately. Highly recommend cramp-ons at this point. Beautiful way to spend the morning if you're prepared. Left at 1:30 and lot was full.

View is spectacular. Snow and ice on the trail.

Started at St Georges, took me 1h30 to get to summit. Did the loop- highly recommend it!frozen lakes up there. Beautiful views. Went down and up grouse mountain, took Gondola down. Then Badden powel trail back to car. Total time 3:30.

Completed on November 12th. Followed Vancouver Trails description and didn't get lost. It may be confusing while on the trail, but if you bring notes, there is no confusion or bushwacking needed! Out and back in 4 hours- 2 hours up, 1/2 hour break and 1.5 hours down. Once we got off the Old Mountain Hwy and on to Peer Gynt, we stayed the course till the lookout, did not do a loop. GREAT views on this clear day all the way to Garibali & Mamquam.

2 months ago

Nice views, to much foot traffic for my liking. But a decent hike to be able to do atleast once

There will be mud! Sometimes knee high if you don’t pick the right path....
All reviews hold true when it comes to the hike being very muddy. Once you leave the creepy abandoned building it’s a chose your own adventure kinda hike with lots of ribbons and ropes that may confuse you. Other than that, it was a great hike/adventure. Probably not your first date kinda hike unless you’re testing one another.
Just remember, no matter what way you go, THERE WILL BE an anonymous amount of MUD. Good luck out there!

2 months ago

Hiked to the 3rd lake today. Getting to second lake was quite crowed in the afternoon with many people that were not prepared. The trail to the second lake was slippery in some sections and muddy once it became high trafficked.
Go to the third lake, was icy in spots and there has been a dusting of snow. Very quiet at the third lake if you walk around to where the camp sites are.

2 months ago

Yup, it's hard. Like another reviewer said, the climb is relentless. There is some climbing over rocks in spots and the trail can be a bit tricky to locate when you're going up. But the views from the top make it all worthwhile.

I reached Pierce Lake in 2.5 hours (it's at 6 km). For a really beautiful view of that lake, continue just beyond it. The forest clears and it's picture worthy. I reached the upper lake in 3.5 hours (it's at 8.1 km). The summit is roughly 40 minutes from here but unfortunately, I couldn't go all the way up, as I ran out of time and water. But I don't feel like I got gyped - the views are absolutely breathtaking from here!!

On the way down, I had refill my water bottle. There's a clear, fast-moving stream about 3.5 km in from the trailhead. Good to know if anyone else finds themselves in that situation.

All total, my GPS said it was 16.7 km round trip in less than 5 hours (not including stops). This is a challenging hike, for sure, but I would do it again.

2 months ago

Get to the trailhead before 9am to secure yourself a parking spot. It was a surprisingly quiet hike on a weekend morning. But it sure does get crowded early afternoon. The viewpoint at Upper Lake is great but can get busy. We continued on towards the campsites (10 minutes) to the secluded sandy beach and took our lunch break there. The views are even more spectacular there!

amazing hike, amazing, views very steep and hard hike bit worth seeing upper pirce lake and scrambling up to macfarlene

on Joffre Lakes

3 months ago

Great hike and rewarding views of the alpine lakes. Good variety of terrain. The hike to the middle lake has hard parts (straight uphill for 1.5 miles with stairs) but you’re not just in a forest so you can focus on the view to get you through it. Downside is it’s SUPER crowded. We started around 930am and easily found a parking spot. When we got back down around 12:45 there were tons of people heading up and all the parking lots were packed. Pack some lunch for the third lake and spend some time exploring (ie finding a spot with no people.) Very memorable hike.

3 months ago

High traffic. Went there in a rainy day, super icy on the road and we can’t see the snowy mountain.

Great hike! Very moody but perfect to go to a place not so crowded!
The airplane and destination makes it a really fun hike.

3 months ago

Fairly easy hike. Only took us a little over an hour to go all the way to the top. Best bang for your buck on hikes since it’s relatively easy with amazing views you usually only get from longer hikes. Only downside is it’s a 3 hour drive from Vancouver. View isn’t as nice as garibaldi but much easier and shorter trail.

3 months ago

hard but such a beautiful hike.

Very very muddy, I went a few days ago and honestly I would wait until the trail dries out and do it next year. But the view at the end was awesome. It’s a shame for the mud, there is so many different trails because people are trying to not swim but then you get lost getting there.

Really beautiful hike, lakes are stunning! Go to the last lake. It’s stunning! The mountains are amazing. I think some parts are on the hard side with the stairs and up hill, but worth the view. I clocked 10 kms but that would have been me exploring a little more. Was stunning!! I did it today. Soo many people though!

first portion of the trail was a grind - actually called st.georges? Where the loop is supposed to start is a climbing route for bikers.

hiked this twice in two days to figure out the loop, got lost coming down both times, not a well marked trail. Quite often the trails weed out - someone also mentioned a lookout, but got lost trying to find that as well.

Conclusion: not a very simple loop, mostly a grind, lots of Bush whacking.

October 8th, thanksgiving day. Arrived at 8:30 and back in the car at 2. Billy goat style. About 5 Cm of snow from start to about km 5. Both bridges covered. 3 series of tree falls after bridge 2. Trail has been wiped out in 2 spots. but the trees served as great bridges. Followed tracks made by 4-5 people since the storm of October 2. So relatively easy going until km 6, where my trail breakers decided to stop. Since I came 3000 km to do this, carried on. 15-30 Cm of snow to the lake. Lost the trail once due to an evil larch hanging over the entry through a copse of spruce. Up in 3.5 hours even with snow. View was magic even if mostly overcast. 2 hours down.

1st bridge supposed to be removed this week - am I the last of 2018? Hard climb due to snow and tree falls but no pain, no gain. Loved it!

3 months ago

We did this hike at the end of September and it was beautiful! We are unfit so the steady and sometimes steep incline up was a challenge but the lakes and waterfall were definitely amazing enough to warrant the struggle!

We arrived at 8.45 and there were barely any cars there so we had a nice and quiet hike. It got more busy later on in the morning. The lot was full when we left around 1 pm.

Fabulous hike with beautiful turquoise lakes and mountains with glacier above them. Entire trail was VERY icy and snowy on Thursday. Ice traction (e.g., yak trax) for your shoes or boots is extremely helpful as are trekking poles. Some people were sliding down on their butts in particularly icy sections (not for fun, but for safety). Highly recommend this hike! (In my 60’s and made it all the way to Upper Joffre despite the icy conditions thanks to my ice grippers on my running shoes.)

3 months ago

Beautiful hike but very very busy - this was a Saturday afternoon. Very muddy and rocky after the middle lane and on route to the third lake.

Loved the second lake

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