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5 minutes ago

This was a rather easy hike, but was very beautiful! It took me about an hour and a half there and back but I spent a while at the mine. I didn’t go inside but sat there and enjoyed the view. I also took my 40lb bully and he was fine the whole way. Didn’t seem tired at any point through the hike. They do charge for parking so make sure to buy a pass. I made the mistake of not buying a pass and received a ticket, however the fee was only what the pass would’ve cost ($5).

It is a good hike overall, but not great. The length is recorded more of a 3.8 mile hike.

Initial descent is steep and on a road for the first 3/4 mile. From there it’s dirt roads/trails.

Several other hikers along the trail, one of which warned of a rattle snake ahead on the trail.

Unfortunately we got to the end and there was no water at the falls. Definitely a disappointment, but just no rain recently to provide the spectacle.

Not a fun off-road trail/road, but destination is awesome! Road is just bumpy and rocky and dusty. Trail 1-2 stars, destination 5

3 days ago

This is your go-to family friendly hike. Be sure to arrive early as parking spots fill up quickly. (I suggest arriving around 8 am unless you want to hike to the trailhead) You will need an Adventure pass. You could purchase a day permit near the trailhead for 5 dollars, make sure you have it in cash. Have fun!

We did it Friday, 9/21 after winning the lottery permit drawing. It was bit cold and challenging but rewarding. Beautiful landscapes inside the canyons.

Did this in one day and was amazing. However I recommend taking your time and doing it in two days.

off road driving
16 days ago

The first 2.5 miles are a little rough, then the last 3 are nice and smooth. Made it threw without 4wd most of the trail in a stock 4Runner. Fun trail with awesome views, even saw a double rainbow!

16 days ago

I take everyone here!!!
It has it all! The drive to the parking lots has spectacular views as well! The hike is dog and family friendly and is @ 3 miles. The trail is an ADVENTURE! Starts on pavement and views of the hills and valley then heads into the woods! Lots of cover and the trail moves along the waterway and crosses it a few times, so be careful with your footing over wet rocks! And the payoff is a gorgeous WATERFALL!!!!!
And now that we're getting some rain, finally, even better!
This hike never gets old!!!

Amazing trail! As others have mentioned, bring water shoes - the whole section from the red falls to the subway is best done in the river itself instead of climbing boulders on the side. Make sure to swim at the end of the subway for an unforgettable section behind the waterfall! The permit is not that hard to get through the last minute lottery mid-week.

21 days ago

Amazing trail but challenging!! The hardest part is finding the trail and staying on it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the downloaded map from All Trails. Getting down to the valley floor is steep so I would recommend poles (although we did it without them, slowly). Once you get to the valley floor it’s pretty flat with several river crossings (wish we had worn water shoes with neoprene socks to change into). The last 1/3, after the dinosaur tracks, is basically boulder climbing. The last 10 minutes is walking up the creek to the subway. It’s beautiful!! A great place to have a snack. We did see 2 snakes (one rattlesnake sunning on a rock and one king snake going into a whole). We started at 11, a bit late, and ended at 6:15, with a 30 minute stop at the subway. Don’t forget you need a permit!

21 days ago

Beautiful from start to finish! We were lucky and won the “lottery” and was able to get a last minute permit! We got to the trail head about 7:45 and there were only a few people there. I think it took about 6 hours to complete but we stopped for pictures many times. We definitely saw more people on our hike back. Make sure you don’t miss the dinosaur tracks on the left side of the trail when headed to the subway. It was very amazing!

home to the mine is beautiful, however it's what lies within the mine that is truly amazing, I spent about 2 hours inside the mine checking every end of every outcrop, VERY DARK, VERY DAMP, VERY SPOOKY, however with the proper lighting it isn't too bad, would definitely recommend scouting out the inside if youre up for it!

Busy trail for weekend warriors looking for a nice climb. Parking lot gets full by 7am so you will see cars parked on the road on the way up. Trail is easy to follow and the falls are underwhelming thanks to the dry So Cal summer.

We stayed in camp site 12 and took the last shuttle in. We started around 11am and made it to the campsite at dusk. Long day. To many people the second day. We used 2mm neoperene socks in Sept and it was perfect. Make sure you have your pass we got it checked by the rangers. The hike is amzing. A 40 liter bag is big enough for this over nighter. Have fun.

27 days ago

This is more of a moderate hike. Not easy especially with little ones but doable.

It gets hot, limited shade and trail can get difficult to track at times. Pro is this trail is before the entrance of the state park even though they maintain it..no fee.

This is one of our major hikes here in the Angeles national forest, I went to the mine to evaluate the trail, and am dismayed at the abuses our historical places have suffered in this ‘ new age’.
And now, In the last week the cabin has been paintballed. Please, this is my home. I would not follow you home (as much as I want to) and tag and paintball your home! And this is why I don’t go down ‘there’. The National forest is everyone’s, why would you destroy it? Please have respect for my home.

The best hike I’ve ever done in my life!

I love this hike. I been here many times just because its such a beautiful hike.
First off, The parking is great with lots of space. Bathrooms are a bit dirty. Bring your own toilet paper!. the hike to the mine over the white gate beginning point is moderate. 2 miles of beautiful scenery and nature. At points a bit slippery so hold on to your kids and dogs. Once you make it to the Mine, the views are amazing for pictures and sunsets. when you enter the mine. bring flashlights
i.g Skyhighhiking

1 month ago

Totally worth the extra leg work to get there. (Meaning permit and drive). Being a solo I lucked out and walked up to the Wilderness desk and got a permit for following day. I’ve got good luck!

The trail was what I’d consider moderate and only so bc of the trail navigation skills required. I found it to be beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard not to feel special connection with so few people out there.

The potholes were Fantastic! The morning was perfect weather and by noon when I finished- the sun hit the incline part of the trail. That’s was great motivation to finish that last mile quickly.

I did this over Labor Day weekend with my sister — This is an amazing hike and a MUST do!! We received advice from our rappelling guide the day before to go as early as possible and take the first shuttle (you have to take a shuttle to the trailhead) to avoid crowds and FYI you will get best pictures in the am of water etc. BEST ADVICE EVER shout up around 6:30 am but beware the water is cold—-and you are in it the whole time so bring a jacket. They try to rent out water shoes but we wore our trailing running shoes and were just fine and opted for no poles and while slippery in places if you are atheistic and have strong legs you’ll be golden. We went about 5- 6 Miles in (until it got up to our shoulders then turned and did the 5-6 miles back out...don’t miss the bonus canyon!!! At the fork make a right and jump up over the little fall and go back a few miles — can’t remember what this one is called but we did it again on the the advice of our rappelling guide the day before and it was so cool and not very many people doing it. HAVE FUN and do this!! Can’t wait to go back and do the subway if I can get a permit or angel landing which was closed while we were there! Loooove southern Utah and Zion!!

1 month ago

This trail was unforgettable and hands-down the best hike of my trip to Zion. We started the hike around 7:20 AM and finished around 2:00 PM. We had the trail to ourselves the majority of the time.

The slot canyons are absolutely breathtaking and worth the trek. The only strenuous portions of the trail are the descent and ascent to the river. Otherwise it’s quite a pleasant and easy trail. The terrain is mostly sand, so it’s similar to walking on a beach in hiking shoes.

- Start early in the day because the climb in and out of the canyon is quite steep and strenuous; you won’t want to do that in full sun.
- Pay attention for snakes, spiders, and poison ivy on the social trails out of the river.
- The water in the slot canyons is COLD, so brace yourself.
- Bring some sandwiches to enjoy once you’re out of the subway. There’s a nice flat rock to sit on and relax. You’ll be surrounded by a waterfall and butterflies.

Currently my favorite trail, however it becomes very busy during the week ends. I would suggest to arrive super early or car pool.

Hiking the Narrows Top-Down and is definitely more enjoyable than Bottom-Up (way less crowded for most of the hike). We took a shuttle up to the Ranch and started the hike around 815. The 12 campsites available are nicely spaced and above the water. We landed campsite 10 so we got the bulk of our hiking done the first day. I highly recommend bringing/renting canyoneering boots or at least using neoprene socks with waterproof shoes. Also, a trekking pole or walking stick will make hiking through the rocks and river easier. As you reach the last 6 miles of the hiking you’ll start to notice all the crowds for those starting bottom up.

Great hike, gives you a good workout and beautiful views. I took my kids and our dog and they had no problem getting to the mine. My kids loved exploring in the mine it was fun... just take flash lights and you'll be ok. I would of given this trail 5 stars, but there is way too much graffiti and trash everywhere.

I've been to almost every national park in the lower 48 and this is definitely the most variety and most fun of them all. We're two females who brought climing rope and harnesses (well worth the extra weight carry, plus its mandatory to get out of upper Subway). The first portion climbing/skidding/sliding down an intensely HUGE rock mesa is breathtaking. We said over and over that we'd happily just do that hike anytime! Then you get into the deep canyons and just when you're tired of walking, you rappel, then you swim (ALL your gear will be in water and there are many places you can't touch), then you emerge in one of countless amazing tunnel and slot canyons, then you do it all over again. Swimming through the narrowest slot canyon after rappelling down the entrance was my favorite. There's a wide, soft sand beach in the sun where you can dry out a bit before exploring the open-ceiling tunnel housing the famous log that everyone takes pics of. This is truly a bucket list experience and I'm thrilled to have done it. NOTE: the last 2 hours are GRUELING...bring some electrolyte chews for this and just keep going.

Loved this trail! Nobody in our group had to use trekking poles. This is a rocky trail! I wish someone would have posted that! This is a dog friendly trail. There are nice spots with shade to rest. Lots of bees at the mine! Nobody got stung but they were annoying. Many places for photo opportunities. Please take your trash with you leave no trace! Great hike for children’s 8 and up. Keep your dogs on a leash. Have fun!

Once in a lifetime experience; however, I'm returning for another viewing of this sensational place.

We visited today at around 7:30 am and finding parking was a hassle! Overall getting to the waterfall wasn’t overly difficult however save the energy for the way back, its much more difficult. Overall this is a beautiful trail and is very tranquil. Definitely would recommend it.

Hot today!! A bit crowded and parking was difficult.
Great hike though.

This isn't a long hike, but it is difficult. Straight up the mountain on switchbacks. The views are great, but if you don't have a lot of time, and can handle a little harder hike, do the Noah's Ark, it's views are much better.

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