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The road getting to the trail was a little rough. You drive over two creeks. The trail is beautiful. The waterfalls are clean and flowing strong.

4 days ago

I found this trail to be easy going down and hiking along the paths at the bottoms of the canyon. Coming up provided a first class workout as you climb up 600 stairs. But the beautiful views, the scenic river, the gorgeous waterfalls made it all worthwhile. The sights and sounds were amazing and beyond what I was hoping to find there. Loved it and will be taking friends back to visit this trail again.

Beautiful waterfall! There are a few places that you have to cross the creek on rocks. Not a huge deal but something that would be better in warm weather. The falls were absolutely beautiful. The trail was clean and marked. We will definitely be headed to see them in the summer!

Beautiful waterfalls

Long and at times fairly steep but well worth it. Great views!

The trail hasn't been taken care of from what I could see. Used the recorded trail map given and it was difficult to follow due to no cell service (you have to buy pro to use offline). Got lost a few times due to the lack of upkeep (fallen trees) on the trail and there were multiple pathways from the main trail. There is also a Ranger area that was restricted near the trail. Also, if you're okay with your shoes getting wet or taking off your shoes, you cross the river on this hike. Didn't get to complete the entire trail due to the sun setting and it raining on us halfway. Aside from that, it was beautiful and would definitely go back to clear up the trail and try again.

It’s a paved greenway near a river for running, biking, walking, or playing. The one mile section has a small park for the kids and a dog park but be careful crossing the road during our construction time going the other direction.

27 days ago

This trail is wonderful because you can turn left and go see the Cherokee Falls and then come back up and go right to see the Hemlock Falls. Just keep in mind, all those stairs feel easy to walk down, but at some point you have to come back up!

Definitely a tough challenge! Worth the experience especially at the top!

on Hemlock Falls Trail

28 days ago

Beautiful trail

Great falls!

spectacular views of rushing and falling water!... BEWARE the climb back up the stairs is INTENSE. *This location should come with a health warning... if you're not in at least "decent" cardio health... enjoy the view from the top of the canyon and don't go down to the bottom of the steps!

We added this hike to our days mileage after hiking down the 600 stairs to Hemlock Falls from Cloudland Canyon State Park. We hiked about half way on this trail to grab a few geocaches that were hidden along the way. We took many pictures and were in awe of the many incredibly beautiful views of the creeks, the waterfalls and the canyon walls. We definetly got a great lung burning, butt burning workout on the return. ♡♡♡

1 month ago

Cloudland Canyon State Park has been on our bucket list for awhile. We chose the Hemlock Falls trail first and were not disappointed. The canyon walls were covered in icicles and the views from many stops on the stairs of the canyon walls were incredibly beautiful. The waterfall was well worth the hundreds of steps we hiked on the stairs. ♡♡♡

Beautiful waterfall! Fun trail to run.

Love doing this trail starting at 105 or the brp then going up and to the bridge then back down

worth the hike.

wonderful cold weather hike. snow and ice galore

Really enjoyed the trail. Couple of really narrow spots made it a little more challenging with our dogs. Only downside was people walking with their dogs without a leash or collar at times and would run up on our dogs which made our dogs a little nervous.

great trail with 2 nice but not high falls. could use better signs, but we manage to figure out where the loop went afyer reaching far falls, to return after hiking the wide and easy outbound path. but found the more traditional narrow trail splitting from main path on the right after hiking back up, away from the falls.

1 month ago

very crowded,NARROW trails no passing room,trees down across trail needs maintenance. the destination was nice but the jouney was bad.

Great length hike for me with a great waterfall.

I hiked this in October 2017.. I am also afraid heights. I was ok with the climb and elevation just rest if you need to but the ladders were a big challenge for me considering they are on the edge of the mountain. but I am so glad I did it. It is beautiful at the top . McRaes peak and attic window are amazing views.. lots of great hiking here.

Just a paved Greenway. Fine place for locals to get exercise, nothing for sight seeing. Don't drive to Franklin just to see this.

Turtle town is a great day hike spot. We loved the falls, the trail was easy to follow and a good place to take people just getting into hiking.

1 month ago

This is a forest service road, not a hiking trail.

Sutton’s Gulch is a hidden gem in Cloudland Canyon. Begins in a Trenton neighborhood and finishes as Hemlock Falls in the middle of the park. Our family favorite

1 month ago

One of the most rewarding trails I’ve hiked. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, and wanted a challenge. This trail didn’t disappoint! The pictures of the ladders don’t do them justice, they’re straight up and down at points- a few in a row with only a tiny ledge to stand on in between and a straight drop down. Not for the faint of heart. I saw a few people try to attempt this with dogs, would not recommend doing that. Beautiful views, would go back in a heartbeat.

Hard and rewarding hike. It keeps things interesting with the ladders and cables, definitely would not recommend to someone who is not experienced.

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