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it is a fun trail. lots of people. it's really only 8 miles, not 10. we did the exact trail with avanza, all trails, and a Garmin....all were slightly over 8 miles.

Good short hike with a killer view.

Easy 8.1 miles in 3.5-4 hrs

There are caves in the area, but they are not easy to find. Gotta know the history. A very large recess behind the waterfall. Most days of the year the falls are breathtaking. The trail is a bit rugged and slick here and there,but all together pleasant. As usual around water sources, watch for snakes. Caught a few cute little yellow ring necks near the falls. Seen a few guys ride their kayaks off the top of the falls once. VERY ILLEGAL!! Nobody was hurt. At least a good 100ft drop. It was awesome!!

6 days ago

This place is beautiful. It's been years since I went, but when we were there the parking area and pathways were very clear no trash ect. The walk down to the falls is easy, but getting back can be a bit of a struggle if your not used to lots of stairs. There are plenty of resting spots every so often between the staircases to rest though. Will be visiting again soon!

good hike or backpack to the top and camp overnight like we did. better be in good shape to hike this one, nice vertical ascends, some narrow areas plus a few wet areas. take emergency supplies with you if your just hiking, plenty of water, maybe some light first aid. there was only one problem we didn't have enough time to hike more. this is absolutely beautiful you have to see it for yourself. get out and enjoy our state and national parks. we are headed to Colorado next then back to the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains.

7 days ago

My son is named after this place ... will always be my serenity ...

7 days ago

Beautiful trail. Not too far and the elevation change is gradual so not bad at all. Hemlock Falls is beautiful and the hike up along Mocassin Creek is stunning. I will be hiking this trail again. We have seen dogs on some of the trails we hike and although they were dog friendly trails, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be on a leash. Other people don't know your dog and some people may be deathly afraid of dogs. Please consider other people when you bring your dogs.

Hiked these trails, and also other trails. Good hike and workout!

Selected this trail since it had waterfalls and was the shortest looking trail on the map as we passed through. Did not consult AllTrails... lady at visitor center said “you know it’s 1200 steps?” And I said to myself ...”is that a lot? I can do 12k steps in a shift at work”...
What I didn’t hear was STAIRSTEPS. Lots and lots. Thank goodness for all the little landings to wait for my heart to slow back down. Well worth the journey, though!
And I agree re dogs and the grated steps... ours would not have made it very far had we brought him.

Fun hike. Doesn’t take long and trail is well marked.

11 days ago

This is a trail that I think anyone can enjoy. I would highly suggest going in the cooler months due to the fact that the trail length can start to get to you if you aren't in the best shape. Overall the nature that will be surrounding you is some of the best in Georgia and I would highly recommend this trail to anyone seeking a good fun workout.

11 days ago

This trail has always been one of my favorites. If you need some kind of reward to get out and go hiking this trail is for you. The waterfalls that you can observe at this park are some of the best in the state. The fact that you can camp at Cloudland makes things even better. If you aren't in the best shape then fear not. The stairs in and out of the canyon are filled with rest stops and places to sit and rest while you enjoy they scenery.

11 days ago

I loved this trail, it was just spectacular and the Falls were Magnificent. I arrived after lots of rainfall in this area so the water was roaring. Great place to spend the day. Next time I will bring walking sticks to help with a little slippery and narrow paths. Put this on your list its A Winner :)

Beautiful waterfall! Highly recommend!

If you can’t do stairs, don’t do it. My dog had no problem getting down the stairs and she is a husky/German Shepherd mix. This isn’t my first time here but definitely do it during the winter months. I did it in June in 2016 and threw up from the heat, this time I had no problem at all. Had the falls to myself most of the time and loved it.


The directions off this app didn't work for us, but Google maps brought us right to it.

We went after days of heavy rain and the dirt road had some muddy spots, but my mid sized FWD SUV got thru it fine. The Trail itself was pretty wet and muddy as well.

The hike is great. Mostly easy with a few steep spots and some rocky terrain and steep steps down to the waterfalls which are beautiful. They were just roaring after all the rain.

My Fitbit clocked 9k steps and about 3.5 miles.

Beautiful and relatively easy walk across creeks with stepping stones and up n down narrow mountain trails. Soothing sound of babbling brooks and rushing creeks all around in the picturesque final descent to the breathtaking falls. Pack a snack and a towel to sit on one of the many giant rocks at the base of the falls. Please respect the beauty and tranquility of this very special place, as well as the desire of others there to do the same.

Great short hike with excellent views. Due to over 600 stairs, I would not people with bad knees or hips to complete this trail at Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Beautiful trail and falls! Family friendly.

This has lots of roots and rocks, So wear good shoes. But it’s well worth it! Lots of fun for the family and the dogs. Pack a picnic because there’s a picnic table at the beginning of the trail head.

Went in early December and loved the loop trail, we even did the creek trail that is easy to find off of this one and will lead you back to where you left off in this trail.

beautiful hike!

Long but fun!

Beautiful hike! Definitely recommend

Hiked this trail today from the bottom to the top. Absolutely one of my favorites ever. The stream and waterfalls were rushing because it has basically rained daily for a month. Highly recommend parking at the bottom and hiking up first. Enjoyed a nice lunch at Artzy Cafe after the hike.

not unhappy , just wanted to post that the access road to this hike is closed every year from January 1st till the end of winter. seems a bit under posted.

17 days ago

Giving this a 3 star because it says dogs can use but the stairs are grated. Most dogs wont walk on the grated steps. Mine would not. I did not make it to the bottom of the falls after several stair cases and carrying a 60 lb greyhound. Decided to turn back. I wish there was a trail next to the stairs even if it was a little steep to take. Falls were beautiful from the overlook due to all the rain we have been getting.

Easy short trail for a family, walk along creek whole time.

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