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Great hike and beautiful falls. Well worth it.

This is a gorgeous trail, but the red loop shown on the map is misleading. In order to complete the loop you have to climb a ridge/cliff, unless there's something I missed.

Nice, scenic route. One of my favorite parks in TN and a great escape from the heat in summer months.

on Point Trail

2 days ago

great trail! not to hard, I'd say low moderate level. great views! we did it for a sunrise hike with #hikemoco and it was great! I've done this trail in 3/4 seasons now and it never disappoints.

Super easy 40 min each way to the falls. Went with two boys 7 & 10 yrs of age

There are no views.... only cell towers.

This was such a beautiful trail! The first mile or so was fairly moderate, with only a slight incline. After Arch Rock, however, the trail definitely becomes steeper and more strenuous. I would recommend starting the hike early. We started at 9am, and we encountered a few groups on our way up to the bluffs, but it was very busy on our way down the trail! There was a lot of cloud cover at the top of the bluffs, but thankfully some of it cleared off by the time we headed back down the mountain, so we were able to experience both the “smokiness” and great views the Smoky Mountains have to offer!

7 days ago

Nice hike to attractive 65 foot waterfall. Marked with blue i-shaped paint blazes. Mostly flat and easy on wide trail until you reach the stone steps down to the base of the falls at the very end. Go after a good rain for best waterfall viewing. Overall, best short hike at Chilhowee Recreation Area.

A great easy walk. There was enough water over the falls to make it beautiful.

10 days ago

We took our 3 dogs through the “harder” hike and it was beautiful. However the Ridge Overlook we didn’t see an overlook at all. Gorgeous views and not rough at all! 2 overlooks we’re closed temporarily so I’ll definitely be going back to see the those at some point. Took us about an hour to go through the whole thing, but our dogs walked ya so faster than it would’ve been without him. Also very clean!

One of my favorite hikes. The waterfalls are AMAZING. So worth it.

13 days ago

Eagle trail is a beautiful trail but not much to see as far as sights go. I would rate it as a moderate trail. Blue Hole is at the end of the Eagle Trail and is a trail of its own. I would rate this as a difficult trail with lots of stairs that stop about half way through the trail. The trail is not very clean and is very wet. However it has some of the prettiest waterfalls you will see in this area. You will definitely need shoes you can get wet in.

13 days ago

This is a great trail. As another reviewer noted, the start of the "mapped" trail on this site is the gravel drive in from the main road. I clocked this at 1.5 miles. If you zoom in on the trail, you can see gravel "road".
This is a loop, but the best part of the trail is all on the southern part of the loop and follows Turtletown Creek. You will hit the double waterfall shortly after the fork in the trail. You can then continue along the "creek" to the second waterfall, which is at the very "top" of the loop. We came back on the northern part of the loop and would not do that again. You move far enough away from the water that you no longer hear or see it. There is more elevation on this side, and therefore a bit tougher hike, but it is not as scenic. Plus, on this side we had to avoid a three foot long copperhead snake.

Great hike up and down to the falls. Super crowded. Way too many people for my taste, not to mention the abundance of empty water bottles, cigarette butts, and the occasional diaper thrown in for good measure. Just a matter of time before the state shuts it down.

Going clockwise the first half parallels the river and the second half climbs a ridge. I imagine the latter is very pretty in early November.

Saw just a few other hikers on a Sunday in October. Both falls were beautiful- the second definitely worth the extra hike.

Don’t be fooled by false trails. The path described is on well travelled trails although not always clearly marked.

15 days ago

fairly easy trail with a few sections that get the heart rate up. lots of side trails with some stunning views. fairly crowded on a Saturday.

Great trail to day hike. About 5 hours return, up the Fiery Gizzard and down the Dog Hole. Lots of rock scrambling which made it fun and a good steep climb out of the gulch (but it’s not too long a climb). Beautiful scenery walking alongside the stream. Nice views from Ravens Point. Interesting how much the temp changes from down by the stream to up on the ridge. Loved it.

Exhausting but beautiful!

Lovely trail.

17 days ago

Walking by the river and suddenly you are on the side of a mountain will tall trees. The walk down to the falls is a bit hard on your legs but it is worth it. You can go real close to the falls. Bear in mind that this trail has lot of fallen tress so be ready to climb under or jump over one. It's an adventure!! Loved it.

It was a beautiful day on this trail, wasn’t too muddy after all the rain. The hike down to double waterfall was awesome, our dog did great. Continuing on the loop I felt the trail could have better markings as there are other paths. We followed our gut and did see blazes further on trails but sparse. Overall loved it and great workout for us 60 year olds!

Enjoyed going after strong rain. Powerful falls. Would prefer a little longer hike.

This was a great trail! The last part of it was pretty uphill, definitely gives you a burn in your legs and gets that heart rate up! The views at the top are amazing. Photos can’t even do the cave bluffs justice!

I went after several inches of rain. The amount of water was amazing! There are areas where the railing is missing along the trail. Repairs still need to be made to areas that have been closed for a few years.

Trail wasn’t too busy, until we got close to the waterfall. Once we reached the stream, it was much more crowded. But very much worth our time!

Great little hike and the waterfall is small but pretty. Go early so you can enjoy it alone for a while. Hike was a good change overall. I think maybe a lot of folks here didn’t do the hike noted here. This takes you through the climbers access trail which is semi well marked. I went down and around climbers at one point so I didn’t disrupt them.

Was well-maintained and easy to follow, fairly difficult at times although the waterfall was beautiful.

28 days ago

We loved this area. Ran into the dog mentioned in another review. He was super friendly and hiked about 3 miles with us until we passed another hiker and he turned around and went with him. He’s a beautiful dog. Hope nobody ever tries to take him home. Those woods are his home and he would be so miserable if someone took him away from there. He showed us little overlooks that we would’ve just walked right past without him! We didn’t think the signage was great but we made it. We did some of the other little trails before finding point trail. The ending overlook is anticlimactic, but there are some beautiful spots along the way, especially if you do a little exploring off the beaten path.

29 days ago

Great walk in the woods. A little difficult at some areas but take your time and you can get through the challenging spots. Slight uphill going towards the falls, but easy downhill walk back to the car. Plenty of parking if not crowded. Great views.

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