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Just stunning. Not too bad snow wise but there was a storm coming in after we left so it might’ve all changed. A must do if you’re in Bryce.

If you follow the saying, " The point of the journey is not to arrive", you will find this hike charming. If you go with only the goal if seeing a cool cave, you will not be thrilled with this hike. If you go to enjoy the hike itself you will find it is a treasure. There are stunning arches up high if you just look up. There are pictureques spots all over. If you go between April and Sept you might see the Tropic dam running, and it can be spectacular. The Tropic Dam was built by pioneers using natural water routes for irrigation of crops, so when they are letting water down the route it is beautiful. Like all hikes in Bryce, if you are visiting and there is a chance you might see snow here a good pair or Spikes/ Crampons is super smart. The trails are often icy in Bryce and these thrown over your shoes makes it safe and not stressful. Here is my blog post if you want to see a 360 connected sphere pictures.http://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/01/mossy-cave-bryce-canyon.html?m=1


First time here. Loved it. Gotta be prepared in all ways possible though, specially on this kind of weather (cloudy partially flakey).

Fun little none-strenuous hike with an amazing view by a storm shelter.

Close your eyes and take in the sounds of the wind at the lookout into the canyon and you might hear something beautiful like I did!!

Keep an eye out for diving birds in the canyon.

The ancient bristlecone pine is worth the hike!

Did this hike march 14... crampons for the boots were a good idea, however the hike is do able without.

Would be great for kids!

Great hike. Not that many people for it being Spring Break so a lot of the trail was just myself and the kids. Feels like being on another planet.

Hiked this trail as part of the Figure 8 trail (7-mile) in the Park brochure. We hiked in March so there was still plenty of ice, snow and later in the morning mud on the ground We generally hike about 2.5-miles per hour but the scenery on this trail will slow you up for the photos. Although I would regard this trail as moderate the climb back up to the top past two bridges (Wall street side of Navajo is closed in the winter) is a little strenuous and will raise the heart rate. We did not need micro-spikes like on the peekaboo side of the figure 8

Hiked 02/20/18. Really pretty hike. There was a lot of snow on the trail and it was pretty chilly so make sure to bundle up this time of year & where proper hiking shoes!

Great trail that offers a variety of views. In the winter (I completed this hike in December), the Wall Street side of Navajo Loop is closed by the park, so I finished the loop on the Two Bridges side. I was sad to not see Wall Street, but was not at all disappointed by the Two Bridges side. This hike was not too difficult and worth every second.

Quick little hike. The kids enjoyed it...that’s all that matters.

A most beautiful view from every angle

Beautiful hike! Very muddy/slushy/icy/snowy trail especially on the Navajo Loop side...but still hikeable! All three of my boys did the whole thing (10, 6, almost 3). Amazing views every step of the way! Great way to see Bryce!

1 month ago

We hiked this trail back in 2009 and I still remember it so vividly. I was not in that good of shape then (not that I can't get better now), but wasn't at all used to the ups and downs of a hiking trail, but remember I could do this with relative ease. We were with a group, two adults were about 60 years old, and they also enjoyed this trail, with what seemed like more ease than me (being their kid's age)! The other thing I remember about visiting Bryce, Zion and Arches during this Labor Day week(end) was that it was not hardly as crowded then as it is now.

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1 month ago

If the weather doesn't suit hiking or you are not much of a hiker, it is possible to see a lot of the park and view points either from your car, or short, pretty flat walks of less than a mile. See video: https://youtu.be/t2eGMqjHVRA

1 month ago

This is a short jaunt on a paved path to an impressive viewpoint. If you want an easy walk, this is a pleasant one.

This trail starts off of route 12, so many mistake it as not being a part of the Bryce Canyon National Park. The trail has a waterfall, a cave (with icicles, at least when we were there) and a large rock structure with arches and windows in it. When we were there, there was not much of a waterfall, just a trickle of water was coming down it, though you could hear water in the stream. I enjoyed this trail and recommend it if you want a quick hike. Keep in mind that it can be a little steep in some places if you aren't used to it, but they have tried to make this trail as user friendly as possible, with man made bridges (so you don't have to wade through the stream). There is also a pit toilet at the trail head. Be careful when pulling in and out as the parking lot is right on the road and people tend to drive fast. Video: https://youtu.be/DNxJmF2YQ1A

Awesome hike! Can’t wait to bring my kids here. Feels like I’m in line for Thunder Mountain at Disneyland!

Wall Street currently closed thru the spring

Icy in some spots (hiked it 2/7) but it’s a nice stroll through the canyon.

1 month ago

It was beautiful and once you get down in the canyon, you ditch most of the people on the trail, at least during this time of the year.

Beautiful hike. Combined with Peek-a-Boo Loop to make a 6 mile figure 8. Navajo Loop was a little muddy. Some snow on the trails but overall great weather and great experience- good way to experience the hoodoos up close!

easy trail. beautiful around every corner. mind blowing scenery. no steep drops. one of my top 3 fav trails Ive been lucky enough to do. wall st section is closed rn - January 2018

There was some mud and a little snow & ice on the switchbacks but nothing dangerous & as long as you watch your footing & have proper footwear, you’ll be fine.

Definitely a must do. There's a couple slick spots on the some of the switchbacks so watch your footing to make sure you don't slip and fall. Otherwise it's a fairly easy hike if you take your time and stop to rest and enjoy the views

beautiful hike!!

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2 months ago

Unique park! Interesting rock formations and neat viewpoints.

Spectacular, other-worldly beautiful landscape. Walked the whole loop - Navajo & Queens Garden (3.3 miles recorded) in 1:45. January 5, 2017. Trails clear. Temps upper 30's.

What an amazing hike. Relatively easy and short. The views are breathtaking. Definitely a must!

Wow....what can be said? Its breath taking....you have to see it to really enjoy the beauty and this was the perfect time....light dusting of snow, sunshine and very very few people!!

Worth a day trip if your in the Zion region hiking.

Everything in Bryce is so beautiful! This was a great hike as it’s the easiest one to get down into the canyon a bit, without having a lot of time. Only did the hike down and back to Queen’s Garden- about 1.8 miles round trip. Highly trafficked but totally worth it! Super beautiful views!!! Have fun :)

2 months ago

Really fantastic trail with amazing sites!

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