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9 hours ago

Trail was incredible; amazing views and easy to navigate. Rate moderate to hard (mainly because I am grossly out of shape). Finished in 3.5 hours. Trail was pretty populated, but there was plenty of solitude as well.

This was awesome! I started around 8:00am and only saw a few groups on the way back. I went probably about 2.5-2.75 miles into the canyon as I wasn't sure about where the end of the "trail" was. I checked my guide book eventually and realized I had already passed the "end" - considered where you see a another Creek intersect Willis Creek at about 2.2 miles. Such a cool slot canyon with varying wall heights. Wear hiking sandals. I just walked in the creek the whole way. Dogs would love it, too.

Good little stroll for those with young kids that want to start the feeling of walking to a ‘reward’. The waterfall trail portion was CLOSED. The cave is probably best seen in winter - nothing special in summer but feels air conditioned in the heat !!

Amazing hike with so much interest. I would suggest that if people leave out the side track to Bryce Point then this is a fairly comfortable hike and certainly not hard. Would be a shame if this trail was missed because of concern over hard grading. The East Rim to Observation Point in Zion was much tougher and that was graded Moderate. Overall Bryce is a unique place and this loop with the Navajo and Queens Garden will deliver most of the top sites in Bryce in my opinion.

Super easy hike. The cave was beautiful. There was very small stream at the waterfall in August

4 days ago

Easy for kids and beautiful. I didn’t love the dirt road to get there.

One, not what i thought it would be. Two don’t go in august, barely seeping water.

A small cave and a small waterfall. Interesting but not must go.

10 days ago

Gorgeous trail. It takes you down, so you can walk among the hoodoos.

Not really worth the hike in the summer...there was a trickle though. The mossy cave was still mossy. The best part was dipping our feet in the cold water.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail every step of the way. Definitely a moderate to hard hike due to elevation loss and gain but worth it. Going clockwise will give you a better view.

Awesome trail beautiful views and not to bad of a hike

Awesome views.

17 days ago

Go as early in the morning as possible to avoid the heat in midsummer. Watching the morning light fill the canyon is a treat.

18 days ago

Beautiful hike! Did it with my 60 year old mother in about an hour and 15 minutes. Absolutely stunning.

20 days ago

Hiked only a section of this wonderful trail

Great hike! It seemed like every turn made was another amazing view. We got going later than we wanted, but still had the hike mostly to ourselves. Highly recommended!

21 days ago

We began around 7:30 am, and were able to park at Fairyland Point. This was an ideal starting point because it broke up some of the more intense climbing, and also provided us an opportunity to pause at the General Store 2.5 miles into the loop traveling counter-clockwise. We chose counter-clockwise based on recommendations we read here and that is sound advice! Starting early as we did, we were able to watch the sunrise as we worked the Rim trail portion of the Loop, and it is truly other-worldly! Spectacular views of the hoodoos and canyons on one side, forests and what almost feels like plains on the right for several miles before you descend into the canyon. Though the trail is rated 'hard', it was our experience as women of varied average to above average levels of fitness within our trio, that the most difficult section was mile 6.5-8 but was otherwise very accessible. Be ready for that serious climb in full sun around mile 6! Also, even subtracting our .25 side trip to the General Store, we felt this trail was longer than the 7.4 miles listed. We were able to complete the full loop, including the General Store break, in just over 4 hours. There was also a small stretch around mile 5-6 where you will experience drop-offs on both sides of the trail, nothing razor thin like an Angel's Landing, but if heights are a problem for you, I'm not suggesting you avoid it, but be ready to do some mental work and power stepping for about twenty feet!

This is a must-see if you need a slot canyon fix or want to get off the beaten path! There is no cell service, so make sure you have driving directions, inform your people of your plans, and have checked the weather before you leave the highway. The road to the trail head is an adventure in and of itself; a couple creek crossings, some soft steep climbs, gravel/sand/mud the entire way. We started around 8 am, walked out 2.2 miles and then turned back, seeing only two other hiking parties during the 2 hours we spent on the trail. Incredible photo opportunities, beautiful icy cold water, and every slot is a little different than the one that came before. Easily done with families, I would recommend a water resistant shoe; some sucking mud and clay, and a couple of deeper spots to cross. Water was just a few inches in most places on the day of our visit.

Long, but very manageable. And the views are a constant wonder.

25 days ago

Easy trail suitable for families. Not as much shade as you might think, especially at midday. Wear your water shoes and enjoy!

26 days ago


Easy trail for small children. Approximately one mile round trip. The waterfall is worth it.

The trail to the waterfall is not actually closed: there are two « closed » signs, but on the older versions of the trail that got eroded. There is a new one with a tiny wooden bridge on the left of the older ones. That said, be careful, erosion is still at work, and the new trail will be closed one day too...

on Navajo Loop Trail

27 days ago

Amazing views for a short hike! Took us less than an hour, but we did break a sweat on the way up.

on Fairyland Loop Trail

27 days ago

If you hike counter-clockwise from Sunset Point, you will begin by descending into the amphitheater. Once in the amphitheater the trail is mostly gentle slopes and is well defined, though rough at times. Depending on the season, there are several places you may need to ford moving water. You can take a brief detour to the Tower Bridge formation if you like. Eventually you will find yourself on a moderate-strenuous climb to Fairyland Point on the rim, and will continue on the Rim Trail, which is mostly gentle but has a couple more moderate-strenuous climbs and then descents. The views are spectacular! You get up close and personal with beautiful hoodoos and the most incredible vistas you could ask for!

Very fun hike my 8 yr old enjoyed every bit of it the drive is a 6 mile dirt road not a bad drive though fun slot canyon the slot canyon is relative short but fun ....

Nice short hike. But the trail to the waterfall is currently closed.

Great hike! Showed up fairly early at 7 and didn't feel it was too crowded yet. Combined with parts of the Queen's Garden. By the time we reached the switchbacks by Wall Street, around 9:30, it was packed going up the switchbacks. Probably best to get there by 6 AM.

1 month ago

Great short trail for a closer look at the canyon and hoodoos. Very busy - highly recommend this isn't your only trail in the park, so you can take a moment to appreciate the place without the crowds. It's a five star short trail, but the crowds knock it down a bit.

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