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Bryce Canyon Map

Short and sweet! Such beautiful rock formations and lovely colors.

Easy trail. Frozen waterfall.

Amazing views

scenic driving
12 days ago

It was a lovely drive with lots of viewpoints. I did every other viewpoint driving toward Rainbow Point and then the rest driving back so I wouldn’t be stopping at every single one and so I had something to do on the way back.

This was a nice trail. It was colder so there weren’t many people at all. It goes over a wash and up to a fork where you can see a waterfall (no waterfall right now) and the mossy cave. The cave is certainly mossy and there’s an info sign that says it’s covered in icicles in the winter. The trailhead is fairly easy to find. Go east on 12 and around one of the bends is a parking area with a sign and a little shack.

This trail was amazing! The Queen Victoria formation really looks like Queen Victoria. You have a choice of going up the Two Bridges trail or the Wall Street trail to finish the loop. I did Two Bridges. Wall Street is the “slot canyon.” I saw a Steller’s Jay and a chipmunk.

12 days ago

This trail is short and nice. It’s a little hard to stay on the trail sometimes because the gravel blends in with all the other gravel. Parking is at the scenic turnout just west of the Red Canyon Visitor Center.

12 days ago

This is a short trail that takes you along the walls and hoodoos. Parking is at the scenic turnout just west of the Red Canyon Visitor Center.

The view of the switchbacks looking down on Navajo is amazing!

13 days ago

Short hike with a beautifully groomed trail. Waterfall was dead when we passed through but totally worth the hike!

Beautiful hike the whole way through. It's a bit strenuous, but is most definitely worth it.

The waterfall had essentially no water in it (in late October) and the cave wasn't anything special. Easy, but extremely boring hike.

If you only have one hike to do, do this one.

Very nice very steep! Landscape is captivating! Amazing formations around every bend! A must see

Awesome trail, obvious why it’s so popular.

Easy flat and paved. Beautiful views.

26 days ago

Great way to see the canyon as a whole. Start at sunset point for a slight drop in elevation along the route


28 days ago

Low visibility throughout the canyon. Started at Bryce point. Great views when the the sun poked through!

I’m glad we came down through Wall Street on the Navajo Loop as it met up with the Queen’s Garden Loop. Others were coming from the other direction and I thought the switchbacks and entrance to Wall Street was more majestic coming down onto it instead of coming up it.

Popular trail with amazing views. Get an early start to beat the crowds!

Beautiful hike and beautiful views!

1 month ago

Did the loop counter clockwise starting at inspiration point and walking the rim to Sunset. Took Navaho's switchback decent past marvelous natural sites like three trees climbing from floor to above the HooDoos. Joined the Queens loop at the bottom and took that to sunrise point where we caught the last shuttle back to the car. Weather was perfect and the trails only crowded at the start of Navaho. After reaching the bottom the crowds were gone. This trail combination is listed as the most popular and moderate. This is mid October and while the hotels were full it looked like our trails weren't overflowing.

Perfect hike if you have a limited time in Bryce! Definitely do the connecting trails if you can! Bryce is such a special and unique National Park!

Spectacular views and a must do if you have limited time (I did it easily in 90 mins) and want to experience being down in the canyon. Unless you love switchbacks and want to maximize the climb out effort start at the Sunset Point / Navajo end!

AMAZING!! This hike is a “must do”! Takes you down to the canyon floor where you walk next to beautiful rock formations and hoodoos. It’s magical!!
Go early to avoid the crowds and so you can finish before it gets too hot. Take plenty of water and use sunscreen!! Took us 2 1/2 hours....but we stopped a LOT to take pics!!

Amazzzingggg. Well worth the effort. Overall the hike itself is pretty easy. It’s steep getting into the canyon and steep getting back out! Bring water and take your time!

I parked my car at the gravel parking lot near US-89. I walked about a mile down the sandy road and came across a Hyundai with all wheel drive that was stuck in the sand. I helped push them along with another guy and they were able to drive back up the road for maybe 0.2 miles. They got stuck in the sand again. The other guy helping was a local. He went home and got his pickup truck. He tried using a tow strap to pull the Hyundai. No luck. I walked back up to the parking lot. After eating some snacks and drinking some water I walked back down to where the stuck Hyundai was. The Hyundai and pickup truck were gone. I guess they made it out okay.

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