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Good short easy hike.

12 days ago

Trail is OUT: rockslide/tree slide has taken out much of the switchback section. (Took it to shortcut out of Under the Rim, ended up scrambling:/.). Was able to get up today, but this could change.

Great hike for kids :-) the waterfall was rushing, but there was no icicles in the cave.

It is a nice hike away from the crowd. We didn't run into a single person but this also made sense because it was nothing in comparison to the other Bryce hikes.

A quick little walk, not sure it even qualifies as a hike. There was no water coming over the falls so that part was a little anticlimactic. Turret arch was nice to see and photograph. Mossy cave had big icicles in it still. Glad we did it, but if you have limited time there are better trails at Bryce Canyon.

If you follow the saying, " The point of the journey is not to arrive", you will find this hike charming. If you go with only the goal if seeing a cool cave, you will not be thrilled with this hike. If you go to enjoy the hike itself you will find it is a treasure. There are stunning arches up high if you just look up. There are pictureques spots all over. If you go between April and Sept you might see the Tropic dam running, and it can be spectacular. The Tropic Dam was built by pioneers using natural water routes for irrigation of crops, so when they are letting water down the route it is beautiful. Like all hikes in Bryce, if you are visiting and there is a chance you might see snow here a good pair or Spikes/ Crampons is super smart. The trails are often icy in Bryce and these thrown over your shoes makes it safe and not stressful. Here is my blog post if you want to see a 360 connected sphere pictures.http://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/01/mossy-cave-bryce-canyon.html?m=1


Beautiful way to explore Bryce Canyon in a half day! Wall Street was closed when we went, but the rest of Figure 8 was a wonder to behold! Felt like walking through a Dr. Seuss book. Didn’t find it particularly strenuous, but there’s a little elevation. Super fun to do in the snow!

Fun little none-strenuous hike with an amazing view by a storm shelter.

Close your eyes and take in the sounds of the wind at the lookout into the canyon and you might hear something beautiful like I did!!

Keep an eye out for diving birds in the canyon.

The ancient bristlecone pine is worth the hike!

Did this hike march 14... crampons for the boots were a good idea, however the hike is do able without.

Would be great for kids!

Quick little hike. The kids enjoyed it...that’s all that matters.

2 months ago

This is a short jaunt on a paved path to an impressive viewpoint. If you want an easy walk, this is a pleasant one.

This trail starts off of route 12, so many mistake it as not being a part of the Bryce Canyon National Park. The trail has a waterfall, a cave (with icicles, at least when we were there) and a large rock structure with arches and windows in it. When we were there, there was not much of a waterfall, just a trickle of water was coming down it, though you could hear water in the stream. I enjoyed this trail and recommend it if you want a quick hike. Keep in mind that it can be a little steep in some places if you aren't used to it, but they have tried to make this trail as user friendly as possible, with man made bridges (so you don't have to wade through the stream). There is also a pit toilet at the trail head. Be careful when pulling in and out as the parking lot is right on the road and people tend to drive fast. Video: https://youtu.be/DNxJmF2YQ1A

3 months ago

The trail was short and easy, still covered in snow during late April. It was very windy and cold, snowed on and off. You get some stunning view during the loop. Love all the resilient, tall bristlecone pine trees. Very little people here. Perhaps it was the combination of cold and altitude, I saw the most amazing sunset at Yovimpa point.

this is the connector to the Under the Rim Trail for people getting a late start - I have no idea why anyone would do this trail unless they were late and making their way towards Right Fork Sheep Creek to camp?

4 months ago

hands down the second best, underrated viewpoint in Bryce Canyon NP, after Paria View - visitors often miss Yovimpa in a rush to see Rainbow Point, but they're BOTH great

nice going down, STEEP on the way back out - it's fun to go part ways but doing the whole thing is a drag - if you want a less travelled trail which won't kill you on the uphill try the Riggs Spring Loop instead

4 months ago

excellent easy trail, suitable for almost everyone (though buried with snow in winter) - park in the Rainbow Point Parking lot, walk to Yovimpa, then counterclockwise along the Bristlecone Trail, to Rainbow Point, then back to your vehicle

commonly known as The Figure 8 Trail, and hands down the best strenuous trail in Bryce that doesn't involve a shuttle - park near Sunrise Point, walk the Rim Trail, descend on Wall Street (or Navajo if Wall Street is closed due to rockfall danger), hike Peek-A-Boo in the clockwise direction (same direction as the horses), then ascend via the less strenuous Queens Garden Trail, finishing with ice cream at the General Store

this would be an excellent woodland trail, if a controlled burn hadn't gotten out of control and burned about a third of it in 2010, along with much of the Whitman Bench area - as it is, it's partially burned and exposed, with limited views of the hoodoos that visitors come to Bryce to see. also, for whatever reason, visitors tend to get lost on this loop? given the choice, parking at Fairyland and walking out and back, or taking the Fairyland Trail from Sunset Point to Tower Bridge and back, offer better scenery (though this trail is a good way to escape the crowds)

the easiest trail in the park, the only one with a waterfall, and the best way to see the hoodoos from below without first hiking down into the Amphitheater, thus suitable for those with infants in arms or severe acrophobia - this is an excellent, easy trail to finish off the day especially with children as the stream (actually a pioneer diversion of the East Fork of the Sevier River, which provides water for Tropic, Utah) is suitable for wading except for the areas immediately above and below the waterfall (please use caution near the waterfall, which while not tall flows rapidly in season - wade downstream instead)

4 months ago

Accessible to anyone. Great view of the canyon!

Cool to see the cave and the icicles inside. Unfortunately, in November the waterfall was dried up. If you go in the spring/ early summer you have a good chance of seeing the waterfall. Nice easy hike.

4 months ago

newly renovated in 2017, now with a wheelchair ramp and better safety fencing - may be closed in winter due to icy conditions, generally open from April to November

5 months ago

Short, paved trail to Yovimpa Point. Great views and easy hike for all ages.

Easy trail that is crushed gravel and has terrific views from Rainbow Point and toward the south. Available for all ages.

5 months ago

Easy out and back trail that is completely paved with amazing views of the Bryce Amphitheater and beyond. The trail is very short and doable by all ages.

Quick and to the point. Easy trail, well maintained.

Easy hike. A few different look off points. Mostly flat Less crowded that other hikes.

Short hike, easy grade with steep sections to the waterfall and "cave." The waterfall is unique in that the water looks gray from clay deposits. The side trail takes you right to the top of the waterfall (which isn't large at all, maybe 15 feet or so). The cave is more of a disappointing rock overhang with moss along the sides and slight water trickles down. The trail takes you under the overhang but above the floor of the cave. Not much of a view and very small. The views looking up at the hoodoos in the beginning of the trail are likely the best part of the trail, but views like this can be had along any other trail in the park. Save your time and hike anywhere else!

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