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Amazing hike! Not terribly long and not terribly hard. GORGEOUS views the entire time!!

Beautiful trail! Very busy and populated but worth it for the breath taking views

in my opinion this is best hike in bryce... views if Hudo's is awesome. I would rate it moderately difficult hike. the elevation gain is a bit more difficult here because of altitude, but still managable if you take your time..

Longer than expected at 13km but still very cool surroundings and not too hard.

Good hike for the family.

Great hiking trail amazing scenery and views up above and below canton walls. So much to take pictures of and kids lived it. Steep in some places, shady spots and spots to rest a bit and eat too.

2 days ago

Every turn is another photo op! Horse poop is a part of the game. I didn’t mind the smell that bad. Apparently the restroom smell at the half way point was way worse. Maybe opt to go in the woods. Bugs weren’t too bad. Saw a deer and a bunch of squirrels/ chipmunks (not really sure what they were). I think this was my favorite loop in Bryce. Go early and beat the heat and traffic. Lots of up and down but not too strenuous. Go clockwise to go with the horse traffic and give them the right of way. Take Navajo back to Sunset point don’t waste your time with Queens Garden.

The missy cave isn’t the real attraction here. Right past the second bridge there is a waterfall to your right that is beautiful. But wait, there’s more!!! Take the trail to the right after the bridge and you will go above it and keep going for another half mile or so and you will be at a smaller waterfall directly below some hoodoos that is breathtaking. Just past that is a high shelf with some fast flowing water that makes for excellent picture opportunities.

Navajo to

The trails are wonderfully maintained. Shade in early morning (before 10) on the trail. Left at Queens garden path, led into beautiful hoodoos on the way. Stop to see the queen before picking up the Navajo trail. Tough going up, bring water and rest for this 55+

Beautiful sunrise hike.

Beautiful river and waterfall

3 days ago

Start early, bring lots of water, go clockwise. We headed out at 7:30am. There was no one on the trail. The sun lit up the canyon for great photos. It’s a fairly steep descent that I wouldn’t want to do at the end of the 8 mile trek but don’t be afraid to try going counterclockwise it if you want. The views are spectacular and the trail is hard packed and easy to walk on. The only downside to the clockwise direction is the LONG steady uphill climb to Sunrise point then another steady uphill climb for about 1.2 miles till you begin to descend back to Fairyland Point. I am 42 and don’t get to hike at altitude often because I am from MD but I handled this just fine. Definitely tired but I’ll be up tomorrow to do another long hike in Bryce. I’d say 5 hours max for the whole loop (breaks and lots of photos) so plan accordingly...it gets warm in the sun late morning/ early afternoon.

on Navajo Loop Trail

3 days ago

steep and hot going back up but super worth it!

Incredibly beautiful hike. Many people. Bring water

Would highly recommend this trail. Only saw one other group the whole 5 miles. I only got one shoe slightly wet when I didn’t jump far enough to the other side that was dry. At the area we ended the hike (which wasn’t part of the trail but you can look on my recording), there was a nice small (sitting) pool that was maybe 2 feet deep and looked refreshing. The majority of the hike is all canyon. This was my first canyon hike and it was perfect!

This trail was a fun loop with some great views of Bryce Canyon. However, it was not much of a hike and was pretty crowded, even at 8:30 in the morning.

Hiked with DH and 2 twenty-somethings who left us in their dust - literally and figuratively! Very nice hike. We took sunset to sunrise direction. There’s more shade on sunset side before noon. But switchbacks on that side. I’m a 50-something, so preferred the easier way back up at the end of the hike. Easier is a relative term. It’s still uphill at the end of the hike. But it was worth it. Hiking amongst the hoo-doos was a unique experience. Beautiful!

Second time doing this hike and both times it has enchanted me. I'm more of a mountains and trees kinda girl than a desert scenery kinda girl but I just LOVE this hike! highly recommend taking this loop hike in a clockwise manner. This makes the incline on the way up short and steep which I prefer over long and grueling.

This is hands down one of the most serene and unique trails we hiked in Utah. We arrived fairly late in the day and literally had the entire trail to ourselves from 5:30-7:30 pm. The temperature was comfortable and there was plenty of shade in the slot canyons. There was a small continuous stream running through the canyon but enough space on either side to avoid getting our shoes wet. The colors are beautiful and the layers in the rocks fascinating to study. The road is completely dirt after you turn off the highway and we did use our 4WD but I think most any average vehicle could negotiate this road. This is the place to go to avoid the crowds!!!

This was an exceptional hike that would I absolutely recommend to get a totally different perspective compared to standing on the rim and taking pictures of the vast views. We started at 10:00 a.m. and had no problem parking but would recommend starting earlier to enjoy this trail with less people. It is a VERY popular trail for good reason because the colors are amazing and the trail Is well maintained. We hiked the Queens trail part and had planned on the Navajo loop but the later was closed due to trail maintenance. Moderate grade coming out especially if you live at sea level as I do and are not acclimated to higher altitudes. Hot and dry as is the case this time of year in Utah so be hydrated and bring water.

6 days ago

Best hike ever!! My favorite hike at Bryce & Zion! We went clockwise & it was really beautiful & peaceful - not very many people which was awesome! I didn’t think it was very hard & it didn’t feel like 8 miles. We each had 2l of water & that was enough. We lucked out as it was overcast for our entire hike so not very hot at all. Beautiful views the entire way!! 5/5 for me!!

7 days ago

If you only have time to do one hike in Bryce do this. Very crowded with tourists, especially those unprepared for the elevation change.

Absolutely gorgeous trail. I started about 5:50a and there was plenty of light. Even better, the trail was empty and didn’t see or hear a soul until Wall Street. (The trail is moderate, but the switchbacks at the end for clockwise hikers are something serious.)

Peekaboo was great!! Wall Street was a bit busy with people doing the initial loop. The trail is really smooth with a couple tough inclines. Other than that we had a great time.

Amazing!!! We did Wall Street from Navajo Loop and Queens Garden, so it was a steep incline but absolutely amazing! Might be better to start at Wall Street and then loop into Navajo just so you can get the view of looking down into the canyon before descending.

8 days ago

lots of ups and downs but more moderate than hard. Absolutely Beautiful! Bring lots of water and sun screen if it's a sunny day. Will deffintly do it again

9 days ago

Hiked 7/11/19 appx 3-5pm. This is one of the best short hikes I’ve ever done! The top of Sunset Point was very crowded and had a lot of obnoxious kids (teenagers). I took the Wall Street route to start and there were probably 4-5 people on each level of the switchbacks going down. However, by the time I reached the bottom the crowds had thinned considerably. I accidentally took the route to Peekaboo instead of Queen’s Garden which was easily preventable if I would have seen the signs. No big deal, the whole area is cool, I just came back when I realized my mistake. I loved walking through all the hoodoos and the little tunnels in the fins. No wonder this hike is so popular, it’s super rad! There were a lot of gnats and I feel like my bug spray helped.

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