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on Peekaboo Loop Trail

9 hours ago

Be prepared for hiking back out. The climb is very demanding.

2 days ago

Very nice landscape! Did in 2h:20 in mid-September.

Beautiful from start to finish. Truly Fairy like feeling ascending & descending around the Hoodoos!! Highly recommend!!!

FYI-This trail is currently shut down due to fires in Bryce 9/14/18. The road only allows up to natural bridge no where beyond. In fact they are discouraging the Below the rim hiking in general. Check with visitor center and rangers before making plans.

Did Bryce Pt to Sunset. Great views easy trip.

Amazing hike, dogs loved it. Great views. Not much water when we went.

on Peekaboo Loop Trail

5 days ago

Awesome hike. Not hard not easy. Lots of places for catching breathe. Go before 8am if u want it to your self.

Great drive through pristine forest and tons of deer, turkeys, and antelope! Very easy 4x4 Trail.

We made a quick stop with our group of 18 people. We spent most of our time by the waterfall. We hiked up the river to get to it. The children enjoyed it and the scenery was beautiful. Easy little walk.

I loved this Hike! It took 2 hours on Labor Day. There weren't too many other people on the trail. spectacular views descending from the highest point in the park. Nothing was flat--all up or down. One of the highlights of our trip. I would not want to take small kids on this one.

7 days ago

Hiked this on Labor Day. started at 8:00 am, 48°F, needed a jacket. Lots of steep down and up with spectacular views. Glad we didn't take the little kids with us. Hike time was 2 hours. Not a lot of other people on the trail. Definitely would recommend this hike.

9 days ago

This was an absolutely beautiful hike! It is not very steep at all, but pretty much entirely downhill for the first half and uphill for the second half, so it can be challenging in that aspect. Bring hiking boots since it’s mostly small loose rocks. There is minimal shade, but we had a nice breeze a few times.

on Peekaboo Loop Trail

11 days ago

Another beautiful trail, when done before 9am it can be very quite. I started at 8:30am, encountered about 6 other people along the way down, one hour to get from Bryce point to loop point, then about 1 hour up where aI encountered about 12 people along the ascent. Can be a huff and puff in some areas, but there is always a landing to catch your second wind. Not difficult if you are in good shape, a Sierra Club person, runner, of some CV fitness.

Fun short hike with beautiful views.

Best hike yet!!!! Unbelievable views and best scenery ever!! Catch the sunrise at Bryce Point first and then hike peekaboo and get back early! Must do hike!!!!!

Beautiful trail. Well maintained. Views are excellent. Bring plenty of water.

we did this trail together with the navajo. they were both beautiful. if you start around 8 am you can finish both in around 3 hrs.

Great family hike. Kids will love the water, just be aware with kids you might not make it very far down the slot because of the water, mud and formations. Also plan to have a change of clothes for the kids after the hike.

Amazing views the entire hike! This trail is a lot less crowded than some of the other trails in the park. There is lots of climbing and lots of sun so bring plenty of water. The hike took us about 4-5 hours with some stopping.

Great extension of the Queens/Navajo loop! The loop is 3 miles and is shared with horses so there was quite a bit of horse poop on the trail so there was lots of looking down so you didn’t step in it. The view of the windows was awesome! Bring plenty of water. Overall not tons of climbing. There is a bathroom halfway through the loop.

great trip! we started at sunset point, took the navajo loop right to get down. to get up we took peekaboo loop (right). It took us 3 1/2 hours with lots of little breaks..

16 days ago

excellent trail. it is a little tough if you are not ready for some elevation gain.

Loved this hike, absolutely beautiful! I took two o my girls with me and they actually thanked me for getting them out of bed early to do this hike.

19 days ago

One of the best trails I’ve ever done in my life! Unbelievable views, and even a really cool Native American historical drawing at the turn around point.
A tip is to bring quite a bit of water, I was told at the visitor center there was a good amount so I brought 2L pack and finished it thinking there would be a water source at the halfway point. Welp, there wasn’t, and I was pretty thirsty in the hot sun on way back! Just a lesson I guess, bring more water than you think you need!!

Great trail seldom used by tourists....seasonal monsoons can make the trail tricky to follow at times but also more fun. Watch for Rock Cairns to help in the bottoms at Sheep Creek.

for me an asthmatic it was a hard trail but I would do it again! FANTASTIC TRAIL

Wall Street is an incredible thing

Incredible! Not to be missed in Bryce.

Fun hike, we went during a thunderstorm and the river along the way looked like chocolate milk! Two adults and a 3 year old, fun and easy peasy!

scenic driving
26 days ago

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