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1 day ago

Fantastic trail, but straight up to start. Don’t be daunted, great hiking after you get up off the canyon floor. Some great views, lots a shaded areas and very few bugs. Nice hike, but dedicate a good half day and go early in day if hiking mid-summer season.

This was a very exciting day on the trail - we saw a black bear and two snakes! The lookout/outcroppings were stunning.

My wife and I are 65 and in decent but not great shape. We loved this trail. The creek ran beside it most of the way, and most of the trail was wooded. The incline was challenging, but doable. The lake is amazing! We'll use this trail again. However, we really wish they could eliminate the horse poop.....

4 days ago

This was an ok trail. It is a wide gravel trail that is a steady up. The end is the best part when you actually get more into hiking trails and finish up at the lake. The other downside is you out in the open most of the time

definitely worth making the extra miles!

I really enjoyed this hike. Lots of places to explore off the trail, plenty of water sources along the way to cool yourself and your dogs off. I love a trail/hike that has water so I think thats why I dug this one so much.

The only downfall is the parking situation-- we got to the trailhead around 10am, and there was zero parking. We had to park about a mile away from the trailhead, and we weren't sure how to access the shuttle so we ended up walking to the trailhead. I recommend googling the free shuttle and figuring that out beforehand :)

Great hike with beautiful views! Worth it to go to the upper lake. Left at 7:30am on a Sunday morning and on the way up only ran into a few people. On the way back, once you get closer to Beaver Lake, lots more traffic. Took us about 6.5 hours starting from Beaver Creek / Five Senses Trail. Out and back was about 16 miles. Trail is easy to follow.

Not too difficult but pretty. Bring water and bug spray

Pretty mostly shaded well maintained route through aspen groves. Hiked in early August when wild thimble berries plentiful along the trail. Lovely bridge across clear stream. Enough uphill to get our hearts pounding. Downhill portion (Cinch ski trail) not exciting but pretty views of Beaver Creek resort below.

10 days ago

Good hike. Mostly old service road, so easy to walk and talk.

I and a coworker hiked up on a day off.

As previous reviews have stated, the most technically demanding portion of the hike is getting to beaver lake. The beaver lake portion is heavily trafficked, and while nice, it in no way compares to the second portion of the hike.

Once you pass Beaver lake the tourist traffic dies down immensely. It’s very serene, much less physically taxing and overall a much more enjoyable hike.
It’s another 4-5 miles to get to turquoise lakes but you cover ground much quicker and believe me, the payoff is SOOOOO worth it.
I highly recommend continuing on to the second lake as it’s very close and it sits directly under the mountain.

This next portion I highly discourage without previous experience with scrambling loose terrain, but I still want to tell about it.

I (being the adrenaline junkie I am) decided to climb straight up to the ridge-line of the mountain and the payoff was a magnificent view of the next mountain range over as well as access to the summit of Mount Jackson.
But once again, I highly discourage this unless you have experience ascending steep loose terrain as the route up needs to be carefully picked.

Not too bad of a hike. Just a scramble towards the end. The views up top are spectacular!

11 days ago

absolutely loved this hike!! one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on! Start at 5 senses trail and take that up to the beaver lake trailhead! It didn’t take too long and walking along the river was spectacular. Highly recommend.

Great short hike! Spectacular valley views, and forests terrain. I especially like how the trail is dotted with raspberry bushes. My only complaint is that it's very steep most of the way, which made it slightly more challenging than anticipated.

17 days ago

Great moderate hike. All uphill to the lake. Took our 10,9, and twin four year olds. About 2 hours from the beginning of 5 senses trailhead to the lake with a short water break every 30 minutes.

19 days ago

Took the family out early on a Sunday. We were the first on the trail about 8:30. The 3yr old, and wife (4 or 5 months preggo...idk) and myself.

Little one made it all the way to the first lookout- a couple good rest stops and some promise of a ride down helped get us there. After that it was on the shoulders. The incline after was real!!!

Aspens made the trail really cool halfway up. Lookout at the top was really cool. Windy and Sunny- it felt great after being in the shade the whole way up.

The hike down is no joke. You don’t realize how steep those runs were.
Your legs are going to talk to you :). Overall nice hike. Did it carrying 45lb toddler and didn’t feel unsafe.

We took this trail on a Saturday. The parking near the trailhead was already full by 9:30, so we took the free shuttle from Nederland. We followed the creek up to the top of the waterfalls. It was beautiful! A thunder storm blew in and it poured for about 15 minutes. Then the weather cleared, and we continued hiking. The trail was not difficult, the water features were fabulous, and there was plenty of shade. Take lots of water, light rain gear if storms are likely, and a snack.

Not your typical Colorado hike. Pretty meadows and much gentler incline than most. Lots of fresh bear poop all the way up, so be aware, especially if hiking alone. Gorgeous views.

This is a great hike if you are looking for something that is around or under three hours. As noted below, the trail is shaded most of the way to the top. The aspens about 2/3 of the way up are huge! The trail is relatively steep and a good workout. Coming down the long straight portion of the hike is the hardest and definitely tests your knees and hips! Note that the trail marker at the beginning of the hike is marked "Game Creek" and pay attention to stay right at the fork towards the the creek crossing.

21 days ago

Great hike! We did this with our 4 and 7 yr old. They are awesome hikers though bc this was tough. 9.5 miles up a mountain with ~2k elevation gain.

did this in November with my 15 and 9 year old sons. great day and just challlanging enough.

We started from Beaver Creek and hiked up to the lake. Absolutely beautiful. We then backtracked to the Royal Elk and hiked to the gondolas for a free ride down. The whole time was amazing. My only recommendation is that if you are coming from a much lower elevation (we came from Tulsa, OK) is that you might want to wait a couple of days to adjust.

28 days ago

Very easy hike-there were herds of sheep near the last half of the hike and we were with our dogs so we didn’t make it to the top. We were told by others that there’s a herding dog that isn’t friendly. This hike would be really pretty in the fall because it’s surrounded by aspens! Tons of sun and not much shade for dogs so bring extra water!

nature trips
28 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! The trail goes from flourishing raspberry fields, to scenic views all of the way to the top. Very shaded which was perfect for a hot July day. There was a fire near by which made the air a bit smoggy. Not too many people on the trail, but was probably a little busier since it was a Saturday.

29 days ago

We took the gondola up and started on Royal Elk Trail , which cuts across Grouse Mountain on a mostly downhill single track with a lot of shade. Beaver Lake is beautiful and a great place for a picnic. We went down the Beaver Lake trail and then cut across Village to Village over to Bachelor Gulch. 3.5 hours total and a great hike. Not too much uphill doing it this way but still a nice way to spend the day!

Beautiful hike, good shade, great views. The trail has a good amount of loose rock so be careful. Got to the parking around 830 and was pretty full so Id recommend getting there early.

Beautiful hike

took our 7,8,&10 yr old on this hike, they loved the lake! it is a nice incline all the way up, take a lunch and enjoy the lake.

1 month ago

Take the right at the fork (towards cougar ridge)
.8 first false summit
1.6 2nd false summit
If you’re from Oklahoma, you’ll be winded. Worth it!

The first 1.5 miles is essentially walking through the ski resort. The last push to lake is not very impressive trail. The lake though is beautiful. The trail headed to turquoise lake was spectacular. If you have the extra time would recommend.

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