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Good hike but of the 10 views I only really thought one was worth stopping for and the final loop around the lake is a little boring.

Went up today April 22 in crampons. Not busy at all, surprisingly for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had the peaks all to ourselves, saw a dozen people earlier in the trail and a couple people during the later parts of the trail. Gorgeous views, good workout but not super challenging, and very fun and safe slideable parts where I used a durable jacket as a sled.

April 21. From first and furthest overflow parking lot to top and back to car in exactly 3 hours. Very rocky (dry river bed). Going up is ok, it’s like an easier and longer Grouse Grind. Coming down sucks as you have to really watch your step as to not fall on the lose rocks. The view up top is pretty, nothing special though in my opinion so wasn’t worth the climb for me. Usually don’t hike around Vancouver because too many people but not a lot of people were on this one so that was nice. Lots of snow up top still but had no problem in my hiking boots.

5 days ago

Good workout hiking. Very nice surroundings.
Dont go here cause I like it more quiet lol

So beautiful! Did this trail in 6 nights, 7 days. Appropriate time for an average hiker. We did the trail end of September. It got a bit chilly at night but with layers it was fine.
Also did the trail starting from Port Refrenew. Highly recommend this, the trail is hardest to easiest. Might as well get the hard part over with!

Great workout but dont have high expectation for the waterfall. Can do the lynn loop instead if you want something shorter.

Once in a lifetime experience! Mainly because it takes so much planning and logistics to get out on this trail! But also because of the amazing isolation of the wilderness you're immersed in. Saw sea lions, seals, whales, and a bear. Hiking on the beach is magical. Tip: bring your own bear cans, as the bear lockers set up at each campsite get crammed with everyone's leftover food and were a little bit of a mess, I was glad I didn't have to store my food in a heap with everyone else's. When I was there, a small cardboard sign on the trail directed us out to the beach, where a native was cooking fresh caught fish and baked potatoes on a fire. Paid her $20 cash and she cooked us a meal right there. Lots of hidden gems like this to be had- so keep your eyes open!

Decent trail with good views but too crowded plus teens blasting music.. probably not going to go back.

22 days ago

Ran out of Battery before recording 2nd half. Great hike! Felt intermediate with a challenging incline. Stopping alone the way for water breaks made it very manageable. Some rocky paths, snow at the top. Crampons were a huge help, not required but definitely made ascending and descending on packed snow. Great view!

22 days ago

Hiked from Sasimat lake as butzen didnt open that early. Hiked to second view and returned taking the buntzen side of the small loop. Trail is dry and still well marked. Five ish hours at a moderate pace. Nice morning hike alittle tough on the knees.

24 days ago

As of March 31 there is still a large amount of snow on this trail, largely concentrated between about the 3-5km mark. It's hard pack and was passable while moving carefully in normal hiking boots (had to slide a couple of short sections) but would recommend spikes if you have them. Quite a lot of melt run off in the area as well so waterproof boots are a must.
Surprising past the 5km mark the snow pretty much entirely cleared up all the way until the falls.

Not nearly as difficult as people made it out to be, if you’re in decent shape. We wore 30lb packs for training and while it was tough it wasn’t so difficult that I wanted to quit at any point. Micro spikes were helpful in the winter; be careful if it’s wet - the mossy rock at the top is quite slippery (and steep).

I don't recommend. Views are not more than OK and the path is full of rocks and roots. You will see nothing except trees for 99% of your hike. You can find way better hikes in the area.

Amazing view and the hike was difficult but I loved it!

W.C.T. Is a rewarding and challenging trek that you'll never forget. Live your life around your tide-tables and you won't be forced to stay inland. Walk the beach, catch some whales playing in the distance and enjoy the sometimes desolate but always humbling beauty of western Canada's most famous backpacking gem. Oh, I almost forgot, TAKE MORE TIME than you think. Some folks only get to do this once in a lifetime. Tack on an extra day or two to your plan if you can spare the time. You'll enjoy the whole trip infinitely more when there's no rush and all the time in the world for pictures and trail-side stops. Remember to look up and around. Due to this trail's degree of difficulty, one can get into the habit of always looking at where you'll step next, missing out on everything that's cool. Hike with caution but try to break the habit of always staring at your feet early-on in the hike, get on out there, and make some life changing memories.

1 month ago

challenging..proper footwear is a must in snow..well worth the climb

Almost didn’t go because we thought it was one of Cypress’s paid snowshoe trails. Luckily an employee directed us to the correct trailhead which was a little further down the road from the ticket and rental area.

Great 360 view from the top. Did Feb 18 and it was chilly and beautiful, with mostly packed snow on the trail. Used microspikes. There are some steep sections where it would also help to have poles, but not required. Snowshoes were not necessary and many snowshoers were sliding on their butts down steep sections.

2 months ago

Great hike, would recommend

Tough terrain at times. Great views!

3 months ago

This thing kicked my ass. Legs feeling it a few days after still. Did it quickly. Just to second peak and back. But should not have done it quickly. Definitely a good challenge and beautiful views to see

Favourite hike to do every year

Mid January 2018 trail is good shape no snow very enjoyable

3 months ago

Left the Lynn Headwaters at noon and made it to Norvan falls by 1:45. Easy hike with lots of little streams to cross. Had lunch at the falls and started heading back at 3 PM. It was a little tight, but we made it back to the headwaters by 5 PM. We took the easier low trail on the way in and the more difficult high trail on the way back. I would recommend doing it the other way around.

Little bit of everything

3 months ago

Hiked trail today for the first time found it to be in good shape views were great.
The trail was well marked with steep vertical at the start,sure footing required
Note this route is harder than the lake trail,the post that sugested to do the lake trail a couple of times first is good advice

3 months ago

Nice views. Great wildlife.

I’ve done this a lot in the summer. Does anyone know the current conditions of this trail?

3 months ago

4 months ago

One of my favourite hikes in Vancouver so far - although I've only been here 3 months.
Tough but not difficult. Steep steps to start and some moderate climbing (chain assisted) between 1st and 2nd peaks. We didn't go to 1st peak, but 2nd and third are definitely worth the effort and a little quieter than leading up to 1st.

Did the loop back from 3rd peak, but this was very strenuous on our knees after the climb and would probably have preferred to return the same way (even with the chain assisted decent)

Definitely recommend this walk, giving 3 - 4 hours not to be rushed.

Can't say enough about this trail. While it is arguably not perfectly maintained, that adds to the excitement and challenge. The physical challenge of this trail is insane, ranging from pulling your boots out of knee-deep mud, to climbing a set of 5 ladders in a row -- all in the same km of hiking! The views have to be some of the most amazing coastal views in the the world. DO IT! It changed me as a person -- I did this trail and now I can do anything!

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