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Love taking my kiddo here. Beautiful scenery and so much wildlife.

Very scenic trail. Lots of cool birds! It’s a nice walk.

Badly marked thought I was lost! But it is pretty. This trail is on JBLM, not near, like the description said.

Cold in the winter, lots of shade, as you are walking down a gully to the sound. But nice wide trail more of a road. Lot of dogs. Beautiful views at the water.

Am I the only one who thinks this a little more difficult than “moderate”? Lol
All in all, a great little mountain to get in a quick workout. There are a number of ways to get to the “summit”. I found the Cal Magnusson trail to be the most challenging. Going up from the lot on Mud Mt. road will give you a little bit more distance.

A wonderful place of natural beauty hidden in the city. A very healthy walk on a very well maintained trail.

trail running
15 days ago

Rained some pooled water - otherwise groomed trail with nice views of sound

This a great trail for a family walk with the dog. It’s 1.5 miles from the trailhead to the shores of Puget Sound with a gradual downhill. Partly paved and partly stones, the trail is easy to follow and well traveled. Spectacular scenery as you are surrounded by trees and trickling water.

Easy, pretty well maintained hiking trail. I went with my 60+ year old parents (who are relatively healthy but certainly not big adventurers) and they were okay. Overall an enjoyable experience

Nice walk for bird watching.

Great place to view wildlife... bring your binoculars to view all the different birds

We hiked the road up and the trails down. There was a decent view along the way since the leaves are sparse on the trees. Mount Rainier is in the distance. There are benches at the top but not a view because of dense trees. This would be a good jogging trail. It’s steep and rocky towards the top. Really nice, clean and new trailhead with two bathrooms.

This was a nice local hike. Not much in the way of views for water, but nice trees and clean air. This time of year most of the trees are off of the leaves so you can see into the forest. I would suggest taking any of the trails off to the left of the gravel road – they all lead to the same place at the top. We clocked 3.6 miles round trip with 1560 elevation gain.

It's a pretty walk!

25 days ago

Excellent views during the hike. The hike itself was confusing, we kept going back and forth with the map instructions matching with the sign posts. i gave a 4* cause the restrooms were locked! Overall, we enjoyed but I would definitely advise hikers to plan the route.

We walked this trail on Monday. It was a clean trail with nice scenery, but darkness crept up on us and we ended up getting lost, so we had to go back the way we came. There are a lot of different marked trails so don’t be afraid to go off the trail marked by GPS. It’s definitely getting more and more muddy so be careful!

25 days ago

It was a beautiful fall walk through the woods! We explored through a couple unofficial trails, met some nice dogs, and generally enjoyed the fall colors! The main trail was well maintained and there wasn’t any trash around, so altogether good walking up, down and trough the hills.

One of my favorite places to go for great bird watching year-round.

28 days ago

Incredibly simple trail down to a beautiful waterfall. A bit crowded due to the ease, but would still highly recommend because the waterfall it’s an atypical one.

28 days ago

Did this first thing in the morning so it was very quiet and secluded. Informative signage explaining how the rain forest worked and why it was there.

This portion of the trail was an easy stride and full of autumn beauty! Great year round trail.

Cal Magnus trail - is a good conditioning hike for other hikes. It is frequently used and everyone is very friendly. However, another hiker told me a while back a cougar was spoted. Some parts of the trail are very narrow. One area is a little tricky and a cable is provided.

Great short hike with the dogs. gorgeous old growth and vegetat.

Nice easy trail. Loved the waterfall. Seeing it up close lets your really feel the magnitude of it.

Part of the trail was closed. But I will delve going back. My 7 & 6 year old boys loved it. They were amazed by a wood pecker and they didn’t want to leave. Great if you want to look for animals. Bring your binoculars

easy walking trail

Easy walking trail.

Awesome hike, and well marked, with great signage

1 month ago

The first half of this hike was a 2-mile dirt path through the forest. It was a bit muddy at times, but not too bad. The second half was a comfortable 2.5-mile walk on a sandy beach to Point of the Arches. This stretch was breathtakingly beautiful.

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