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17 hours ago

As of April 21, the trilium is out in great numbers. Solomon seal should start blooming in the next day or two. Iris, wild geranium, wild yam are all out in abundance. Do the trail starting at the left trailhead, away from the fish hatchery, going clockwise. On the downhill stretch, you definitely need to pay attention to avoid losing the trail.

Well worth it! It pushed me to my limit, but I would gladly do it again and again. I love this place! The beauty is unbeatable.

5 days ago

No waterfall on the trail to the top, but the view from the top is gorgeous! Looks up at the parkway and black balsom area.

Amazing view at the top. Well worth the strenuous hike up.

Great hike today. Probably the best views I’ve had at Calloway Peak. Strenuous but the views are so worth it.

What a great hike and it was a great day to boot. A tough one to be sure but well worth it when you get to the top. Around the time I reached the Profile Campsite I was thinking "what's the fuss about this trail?" but it really started to take off after that. That stretch after the spring is really tough. Once you make the Grandfather trail it just becomes fun with a couple of tough stretches. I scrambled over the ladders and onto the rocks that look back at the ridge line back to the park and had lunch there. While it took me my expected time to get up, about 3 hours, with a lot of time on the last mile, it took me quite a long time to come down. The terrain was part of it, plus the hike up wiped me out!
Saw a big pile of bear scat early on which was the topic of discussion with all of the other hikers I met. The only thing I didn't like was that they moved the trailhead and instead of cutting a new trail up the mountain, they instead went down to the old trail head. That last 200 feet of elevation was lousy after that hike!

What an incredible day. Mild temps (60-70’s) and sunny. Went during the week, so the trail was empty the majority of the way there and back. The view was remarkable and the hike was challenging in some areas but definitely doable. One of the best hikes I’ve been on.

Great short trail. Nice 90 ft waterfall at the end. I hiked it with two pregnant women

really fun trail, our 6 year old had a pretty easy time. kid friendly!

Awesome trail with a breathtaking view at the mid point. Not an easy hike but worth it.

Very fun trail, 1:15 up and and 1:10 down for two able-bodied 28 year-olds. Down took longer than expected because it was just about noon and there were more groups on the trail.

We got there at about 9:45 and there was only one other car in the parking lot. By the time we got back at 12:30, the lot was overflowing.

Very well marked trail! Great views at the top. A little tricky at times with rocks and roots, but not bad. Do not go careening off the side of the Rock and die, please.

Somehow when I was a camper we did this hike in 3 days (???).

We did this hike with our two kids, ages 8 and 11. It took about 1.5 hours to the top, views were amazing. It took a little less than an hour to return. Not an overly crowded trail.

Great trail with beautiful view at the top! We went on a weekday so it wasn’t crowded.

15 days ago

Great trail! I would strongly recommend to go clockwise and to do the John Rock side trail. The best views come from here.

Rainbow and Turtleback are gorgeous. lots of stair climbing and elevation changes (103 floors per my fitbit) but its all worth it. My 8 year old and I enjoyed the trail, waterfalls and all the cool spots to walk out on the rocks in the river.

I went on this hike with my wife and two younger daughters. We intended to take the trail to the upper falls but strayed right and had to come back after we figured we had gone the wrong way. We eventually made it to the upper falls. I have to say I’m disappointed with this hike as it wasn’t worth the view at the falls. Just our opinion. However, we did the lower falls a few days ago and that one is well worth it. Only .3 miles and the water is much better suited for kids. I’d recommend the lower falls all day any day and will definitely go back during warmer weather with my kids.

I don't think I would call this one Hard by any means.... I think moderate would be a better description. Nice fun hike that you can knock out pretty quick. Round trip was 1:50 for me, moving pretty quick though.... Approach shoes are really nice when the rock is wet.

Tough but worth it!

19 days ago

Fun hike! We went fast with no rests in between- got up in 1h 40 min and down in 1h 15 min with three kids in top shape (5, 7 & 9 year olds). Views on top are amazing! Plan your hike to stay on top longer. It's very pretty! Some spots are muddy. Kids fell a few times. :-)

This is a fun trail that gets the blood pumping. Lovely rock face and view at the top. Parking lot gets full quickly on nice days.

I love this trail. It has lots of pretty streams with little bridges over them. Those were slightly challenging for our dogs, but definitely doable. There are clean bathrooms at the entrance. The forest is beautiful and this trail doesn’t seem as crowded as some others in the area. The view at the top was pretty.

This is vigorous hike with a great reward!!

Windy trail up the mountain - take plenty of water! Really beautiful views up top. I started at 9:30 AM on a weekday and was one of three people on the trail. Coming back down around 11:30 AM, there was much heavier foot traffic.

Beautiful, well-maintained trail. Loved hiking it, but VERY high traffic. I must have passed 15-20 groups of hikers on the way up and again on the way down — but they were all very pleasant and everyone was eager and willing to let me pass as an excuse to take a breather! Iconic views at the top. A little muddy, but not bothersome at all, and worth the payoff at the end. Probably less traffic in the early AM or later in the day.

Fantastic trail, well marked, moderate/strenuous. Incredible views. However, if the weather is nice and it’s a weekend day, it is heavily—HEAVILY—trafficked. Would recommend a weekday hike if possible. Lots of people and groups at the top talking loudly which put a damper on what should have been peace & solitude with beautiful scenery.

20 days ago

Very kid/ family friendly to the bottom of the falls. Hike up to the top is pretty difficult, but definitely worth it.

21 days ago

Easy trail up to the cascades. Last 1/2 mile to the upper falls is killer but well worth the effort!

This trail was perfectly fine. You have to choose which direction to take several times while signs are there to help about twice. It’s annoying, but not too bad. The upper falls were pretty, but nothing exciting. I would not recommend this because you could find better trails to use your energy on.

Nice trail, lots of up hill & steps, but pretty waterfalls at the end. ~4 miles, 1.5 hours

wow! what a great experience. the trail went from mud to snow to icy. what fun. Calloway Peak offers a nice challenging climb and an amazing foggy howling windy view. can't wait to experience it all again on a sunny morning.

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