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Must take the trail to get next to the falls.

21 hours ago

The lakes are beautiful! We went up as far as the third lake, but the second lake is by far the prettiest. It is absolutely a moderate trail, but kids can totally hike it. On the second lake I found a small gold nugget! It was smaller than a grain of rice. It was very windy on the second lake, so bring warm clothes. On the hike down, I dropped a line in the water and caught my first two cutthroat trout! It was a very satisfying and enjoyable experience!

Was nice scenery trail
Started at 7:20am was perfect time to start and get front row parking in lot next to trailhead
Worth the hike to the falls and lower lake. Steep the last .5 mile to first lake.

Basically an old mining road with majestic mountain views and cool Boston camp. Visited with marmots up higher.

Question for those who have done Peaks Trail from Frisco to Breckenridge: Parking in Frisco? We will be driving into Frisco and want to park and hike to Breckenridge and then take the shuttle back. Looking for a safe place to leave the car overnight that is close enough to get on the trail. We intend to hike halfway in on a Friday, camp overnight, and then finish to Breckenridge in the morning. Anyone done this before? thoughts? Thanks in advance!

2 days ago

This trail, while hard, was one of the most rewarding ones once you got to the top. I believe for backpackers this trail should be rated hard. The trail itself is pretty easily marked and stays really busy, so if you start to get lost, you’ll run into someone that can help you. I would recommend parking and hiking the road to the trail head (it saved some distance). However you will miss some of the smaller ponds by doing so. If you want to go to the upper lake hug the trail to the left and don’t cross the river once you get to the lower lake. Going the four upper lakes is beautiful if you stay on the trail you will miss most the waterfalls as well as the river. Overall a fantastic trail and would recommend to anyone up for the challenge!

2 days ago

Really beautiful! I thought it was a tough hike up to the 2 lakes. Really worth the effort to get to upper Mohawk. We rushed to stay ahead of weather. Wish we had more time. Definitely go early...before 7.

Amazing hike!

3 days ago

Great family hike close to Breck. Not easy, not hard, just right for the the fam. It will test you in spots. Started at Spruce Creek trailhead. Round trip to lower Mohawk Lake with a lunch stop along the way took 6 hours. Had two youngsters in tow but they made it just fine. Really pretty views, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, mountain goats, you name it. Crowded but it’s like 5 minutes from Breckenridge so that’s part of the deal. Still worth it 100%. Just go early.

3 days ago

This hike is always an amazing way to start the day. Right now the wild flowers are abundant and make the hike a lot more enjoyable with the additional color. Only completed the lower lake which was a little less than 7 miles round trip. First two miles are fairly easy and then the incline at Continental Falls gets your heart rate up. Took time and relaxed at the lake.

I would recommend starting as early as possible. We started around 730am and were able to get a good parking spot in the lot. Around 9am, we noticed the amount of people on the trail increased about 5x than when we started and when we got back to the lot, it was jam packed in all directions.

went 7/5 incredibly crowded with cars by mid day but still well worth it if you get there early

Loved stopping along the trail to take breaks and enjoy skipping rocks in the stream. Wouldn’t say it’s a super hard trail, but coming back down definitely did a number on our feet because of all the rocks. Bring plenty of sunscreen though because I felt like only about 25-35% of it was shaded. Beautiful meadows and wildflowers, beautiful streams and water spots. Lots of birds to see. Also saw a moose about a minute into the hike. The trail ends when it intersects with another trail. Nothing too special at the end, but still a lot of great views throughout the hike.

Have hiked in June with lots of snow and have hiked in July with lots of wildflowers. Both great experiences. I think a lot of people only hike up to the mining ruins, but if you keep hiking past that (to the left or to the right) the trail has amazing views. There are amazing views from the ruins as well, but continuing on is well worth it. The panoramic views from the top of the trail to the right are amazing. In July we only had one patch of snow to get across. Last year we went in June and couldn’t even get past all of the snow near the top, but still managed to get high enough to see marmots and continue on. Beautiful hike both years though. Definitely a favorite.

4 days ago

The hike up to the top was took many stops to catch our breath, but was not too difficult. The views were spectacular and well worth the trip!
There were a lot of people and many dogs. For a 2000ft climb, we were surprised to see so many children. Weather was clear and normal July temps. We were comfortable in boots, shorts and short sleeves. We took long sleeves for the top and welcomed them. Sunscreen, bug spray, lots of water and some snacks are recommended.

5 days ago

Beautiful trail! Totally dry. Hiked on a Saturday. Parking lot was full by 7:45am. You are allowed to park along street so finding a spot isn’t an issue. If you enjoy a quiet trail, would recommend starting early as the trail was packed with people by the time we were coming down. Cars all over the place. Took about 4.5 hours round trip to Upper Mohawk lake including breaks for food and photos. We used hiking boots and poles — very helpful as last mile or so is steep and has lots of rocks. Lovely views and hike is very doable for all ages depending on athletic ability. Trail past Lower Mohawk lake is not well marked, so pay attention. Lovely way to spend a Saturday morning!

My boyfriend and I did this hike yesterday with more of an intention to mushroom and wildflower forage so we were off path a lot. At the very beginning on the left side of the path we went down foraging and stumbled upon a fresh deer kill. Please bring protection or be very aware that a large predator is close.

Nice hike, great workout, and not too much foot traffic! I stopped a few times along the way to enjoy the water. The trail is very dog friendly and the views of the mountains are gorgeous! Flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies are everywhere...so are amazing views!

6 days ago

Love this trail, and always hike it when I come to visit Breck. I’ve done this trail three times and have seen mountain goats every time! I always suggest making it to all seven lakes for the stunning views, but the first few lakes are gorgeous by themselves too.

7 days ago

Loved this hike. A lot of fun elevation, some difficult parts but plenty of easier sections as well, and it had a bunch of side trails to get to some amazing views. Trail was pretty well marked.

off road driving
7 days ago

Attempted it in a Ford F-250, 6 inch lift, 37 inch mud tires. A lot more rocky than I expected from the pics. None of them large or jagged, but made for a slow, rough ride in my particular truck. Switchbacks are sharp, so they took three point turns for me. Wish I could have made it to the top, but my passengers were new to off-roading and were getting motion sick and nervous. Made it to the last switchback. Great views but zero wildlife today.

Beautiful trail from start to finish. Definitely go all the way up to the old coal mines. It took us about 5 hours round trip with frequent breaks and extending the hike all the way up to the coal mines.

8 days ago

A beautiful hike for the family. Family ages 45m,44f,18f,16m&15m. We stopped at Lower Mohawk Lake and then turned back. Stunning!!

These lakes are stunning.
The parking was full so we parked about 1/2 a mile down from the trailhead.
It’s a very strenuous uphill hike up an old Jeep road to Lower Crystal Lake. There are pristine views once beyond the tree line. The lake and surrounding area are beautiful!!
The hike up to Upper Crystal Lake is VERY strenuous and long. Since we started later in the morning, we were the only ones at the lake. Gorgeous!! Yet tiring...
The trail in its entirety took us 5 hours with stops for food and pictures. Would do it again!

9 days ago

Beautiful waterfalls and scenery.

9 days ago

Absolutely amazing views and perfect level of difficulty make for an overall incredible hike! The incline was gradual and there are plenty of spots to stop for a break and enjoy the view. The beginning of the trail from the trailhead is several miles in the trees, but can drive up further to gain a better start (rocky off road). Suggest an early start to be sure to reach each lake!

Excellent trail. Wierd that you share the first couple miles to the high mountain mining camp with licensed vehicles but no bikes or offroad 4x4s. the mining camp is at tree line and then the trail rises high up to the source of the creek and a mine. The full length from trailhead park to the mountain mine is about 3 miles one way. The upper portion is very interesting with the mining ruins and fields covered in wild flowers with the cold clear running creek. Well worth it.

10 days ago

We did this hike as a preparation for a 14-er. This was the easiest trail I found that goes over 13,000. We did not expect much, especially after we understood that the first half is actually along a road. We were pleasantly surprised - the road in the forest was pretty, and the trail has just a perfect slope, very easy both on the way up and down.
There were not many people on the trail.

Awesome day Hike,saw Mt Goats at Lake 5
Lots of beautiful wildflower

Jeeped it. Nice trail, super easy for halfway then got some tight switchbacks. Hiked from where the road ended to flag on top of peak, tricky, but well worth it. Great views all around, even though it was a bit overcast. Highly recommend.

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