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Perfect hike to take anyone on. So easy and ridiculously scenic. You could easily spend an hour or more enjoying the views, eating a meal, or watching the outdoor weddings that seem to happen all day long.

The highlight for my four kids was feeding the chipmunks. The views were also spectacular! Next time I’m bringing lunch as there are picnic tables at the top. We went on a Sunday so there was a lot of traffic and a lot of kids feeding the chipmunks. Please remember to approach the chipmunks quietly as to not scare them all away from others who are enjoying the chipmunks. This was a favorite and highly recommend for families.

Great hike!!!

on Blue Lakes Trail

9 days ago

Pika everywhere! Watch your footing if you decide to take a shortcut up the hill side to the dam from the upper parking lot. Lots of loose rocks. Even in good hiking boots, I was still sliding. The view from the dam is amazing! Please give the Mountain Goats their room. There were a few eople infringing on their space, chasing them. Not cool!

Nice, well maintained trail with some great views near the top. Great for beginners or children.

A couple good lookout points and overall great hike. Went with 5 children (15,13,10, 2 and 6 months old).

A good light hike to get acclimated! Pretty views and lots of adorable chipmunks.

16 days ago

Beautiful views. Waterfalls. Mountain goats. Marmots. Aspens, wildflowers, and evergreens. Gravel rocky narrow road. Beautiful blue water. Unkept trail very hard to follow.

Easy hike, great views! Fed chipmunks and found geocache.

16 days ago

Cute little loop. As other have mentioned, it’s a nice stop&go walk with kids on the interpretive trail but the signage can get confusing. As long as you’re not in a rush and up for a little exploring, you can take a look down each trail offshoot... most have a neat learning board and mining artifact.

nature trips
16 days ago

simple and beautiful!

Nice walk and picnic

19 days ago

super easy trail with great view of Dillon lake. took my dog up and had a great time. aspens are slowly changing right now which makes it even more beautiful.

This is one of those great hikes that requires minimal effort for maximum views and is great for tourists. I genuinely love love love this hike and love sitting on the bench just staring up at the mountains.

Although there is almost no vertical, the trail is narrow and very muddy, with multiple small creek crossings. I managed with tennis shoes but I’ll definitely wear waterproof boots next time.

The first snow was breathtaking too.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Would rate the trail as more moderate than easy thought. I lot of rocks and narrow trails

All above treeline tundra. Pikas, marmots, chipmunks. Cool 50F and no snow yet on September 4. Clear sky. No people on the trail contrary to Sniktau trail.

Amazing views of the mountains and the reservoir. The 360 from the top is breath taking.

Gorgeous views without roads or towns.

Easy, even if you are out of shape. Beautiful views, but they all have towns and/or roads in them.

scenic driving
23 days ago

Very pretty view from the dam and the drive up. Not much of an actual trail, but can walk around parts of the lake and the reservoir and to the waterfall connecting the lakes. Great option if you don't have much time and want to just drive to a nice view, the road turns to gravel forward the end and can be quite bumpy, 2WD might be difficult in bad weather. There's space to park at both lakes.

Favorite place ever!!!

Loved it. Great for kids (ours are 15 months to 12 yrs and all completed it), pretty views, and lots of fun. We saw a lady with a broken ankle doing the trail, so this is a great trail for anyone. Have fun and enjoy the view of the lake!

26 days ago

Definitely not a “hike”, but AMAZING VIEW! Don’t miss this spot. Easily accessible for anyone to enjoy even if you don’t get out of the car or if you have a stroller or wheelchair. Follow the signs to Blue Lake and take the gravel road until you’re right near the dam. You can walk up by the dam (and there’s also some hiking if you pass the fence for the dam but we didn’t do that), or walk down along the lakes. There’s also a hike by the waterfall but we didn’t do that yet. We saw lots of marmots in the rocks, and come early to see MOUNTAIN GOATS!! We saw at least 20 of them along the rocks to the right of the dam when we got there at around 8:15am, but they started climbing higher and higher as cars arrived for the day and then they were beyond view.

5 stars for the chipmunks and the view at the lookout. Other than that, this is just a short walk around a loop and lots of dead trees. I’d be worried taking a smaller child due to the drop offs. The lookout and chipmunks are closest if you go to the left from the parking lot.

short and easy.

29 days ago


Short loop with beautiful views.

I would agree this is a moderately hard hike especially if you’re flatlanders. Otherwise it’s fairly moderate. Some rock clambering and crossing over brooks. Some steep descents but we saw mountain goats (in the parking lot haha) pikas and some awesome vistas. We stopped at the beginning of the loop because we had to get back to catch a flight. Excellent hike.

1 month ago

the trail map makes no sense when you get to the site. it has you park on the side of the road and then hike up the same road until you get to the dam. lots of back and fourth to get to that 3.3 miles. there were a lot of campers in the area so it was a lot like just wondering around a strangers campsite. the old homes were cool but despite a sign begging people to tread lightly and treat the places with respect, people were smashing glass and behaving awfully. lots of out of towners and litter.

Great trail for sight seeing. Not a hard trail at all; nice and short. Beautiful views. This trail is busy.

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