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6 hours ago

PSA: the trail is closed September 17th - 22nd and October 15th - 17th for routine maintenance.

I did not get a chance to hike the trail but I’ve heard nothing but good things!

The trail is (very) narrow (in some parts), the distance hiked is 6300 feet one way. With an elevation gain of 1000 feet, it puts the average grade (incline) at 16%. Due to the volume of people (500 an hour, on the trail) You'll be pulling over a lot to give others the right of way, or they'll be doing the same.

This hike consists of a trail, with a creek rushing down the mountainside. 7 Small bridges will help you zigzag your way to the top, and although the distance is short (1.2 miles) to the top, the grade makes the hike a challenge. With large rock steps, loose dirt and pebbles. It should take about an hour or two to the top, and your descent will be twice as fast. Take time to enjoy the scenery, it's not a race. Don't kid yourself, take enough water as the natural water isn't pure, bacteria thrives in it.

Many people take an extended break at the top. The water is crystal clear, but not safe to drink. The waterfall hitting Hanging Lake makes this a National Landmark and a great place to zone out. Loved it, please don't damage it with graffiti or trash.

The trail to the top is worth it, though it’s pretty short and soooo crowd. There is a few steep climbs along the way. I would go as early as possible and certainly not on the weekend. In may 2019, hikers will need a permit $ to hike this trail and moreover, they’ll have to take a shuttle to get to the trailhead.

on Blue Lakes Trail

2 days ago

Pika everywhere! Watch your footing if you decide to take a shortcut up the hill side to the dam from the upper parking lot. Lots of loose rocks. Even in good hiking boots, I was still sliding. The view from the dam is amazing! Please give the Mountain Goats their room. There were a few eople infringing on their space, chasing them. Not cool!

3 days ago

The trip to the top is worth it! The views to Spouting Rock are neat where water coming through the rocks. The Hanging Lake’s water is clear as I have every scene anything.

Bring water and a snack or two and you will be fine.

Love this hike. Arrive early to avoid the crowds. Change to reservation / shuttle system scheduled for May 2019 - limiting usage to 615 per day. A welcome change.

Check out spouting rock - unique and impressive - just a short additional distance.

Hard climb if not used to altitude. Take an oxygen can and you’ll make it. One of the most beautiful places on Earth

8 days ago

Beautiful views. Waterfalls. Mountain goats. Marmots. Aspens, wildflowers, and evergreens. Gravel rocky narrow road. Beautiful blue water. Unkept trail very hard to follow.

Pretty difficult if your not in shape, however the payoff is breath taking.

It was a tough but beautiful hike and the top was absolutely breathtaking! A must, in my opinion! The very top was the hardest part of the hike.

This is one of the most beautiful places my wife and I have ever been!

I got there at 6:40a on the holiday weekend and the lot was practically empty. Apparently it was full by 7:30 so I’d say 7a is a safe bet. They do let people in as others leave, but they seemed to be waiting a while. Make sure you do Spouting Rock. It’s SUPER short and relatively flat. I think most people were too tired to go up until they realized how short it actually is.

scenic driving
16 days ago

Very pretty view from the dam and the drive up. Not much of an actual trail, but can walk around parts of the lake and the reservoir and to the waterfall connecting the lakes. Great option if you don't have much time and want to just drive to a nice view, the road turns to gravel forward the end and can be quite bumpy, 2WD might be difficult in bad weather. There's space to park at both lakes.

19 days ago

Definitely not a “hike”, but AMAZING VIEW! Don’t miss this spot. Easily accessible for anyone to enjoy even if you don’t get out of the car or if you have a stroller or wheelchair. Follow the signs to Blue Lake and take the gravel road until you’re right near the dam. You can walk up by the dam (and there’s also some hiking if you pass the fence for the dam but we didn’t do that), or walk down along the lakes. There’s also a hike by the waterfall but we didn’t do that yet. We saw lots of marmots in the rocks, and come early to see MOUNTAIN GOATS!! We saw at least 20 of them along the rocks to the right of the dam when we got there at around 8:15am, but they started climbing higher and higher as cars arrived for the day and then they were beyond view.

Excellent! Low-Moderate difficulty in terms of elevation gain and terrain but the scenery at the top was well worth it! Hanging lake was beautiful and you can veer off once at the top to get to Spouting Rock for some additional natural beauty.

Incredible hike, and pretty easy. Took about an hour and a half, including spouting rock and about 10 minutes at the lake. The lake is awesome!

A nice, but really really busy trail. Cool pond and waterfall at top, but not sure why it’s THAT popular. People wanting to be seen in their active wear perhaps... Sprouted rock was my fav part

This trail is quite narrow for the most part, all uphill, and rocky so wear appropriate shoes. The view just right before you reach the lake for me is more amazing than the lake itself.

Wonderful hike! I would definitely say it's a Moderate hike, but I don't hike consistently. There's plenty of areas to stop for a rest, and take pictures of the lovely waterfalls along the trail. I got there at 7 am, and had no issues with parking, and the temperature was perfect outside. Lake at the top was beautiful, and well worth the hike.

Did this hike a week ago with my best friend. She is a personal trainer and I’m an athlete. We’re both in pretty good shape. We did the hike without rests and it took us around 40-45min to reach the top. Heart rate was up the entire time. The hike was pretty much steep all the way to the top. A lot of families with kids age 7-10 were on the hike. Just make sure to take enough time and water and plenty of rests. For a challenge, this is definitely a good workout. We were back within 1 hour and 15 min. The lake is really beautiful and definitely worth the hike up. You cross 7 bridges so you can pace your energy. We did it as a stop between Denver and Moab, which was a great way to break up the driving! Right off the highway too!

This was one of the hikes I planned on doing when I came here to visit. Definitely worth the 3 hour drive from Denver! For someone who doesn't hike regularly and isn't used to the altitude this hike was pretty tough. All uphill and a very steep section right before the lake. That said, it is absolutely amazing towards the top. Great scenery of the Canyon and the lake is gorgeous! I didn't do it but you can hike a bit further past the lake and go to a waterfall further up.

This was one of the hikes I planned on doing when I came here to visit. Definitely worth the 3 hour drive from Denver! For someone who doesn't hike regularly and isn't used to the altitude this hike was pretty tough. All uphill and a very steep section right before the lake. That said, it is absolutely amazing towards the top. Great scenery of the Canyon and the lake is gorgeous! I didn't do it but you can hike a bit further past the lake and go to a waterfall further up.

This made for a great break in our 14 hour drive. We got the kids out and hiked up to Doc's grave. It was a nice easy hike. the views of the red rock were amazing.

What a wonderful back-to-nature trail. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning!!

four stars means that I would do it again. I will give it three stars because I would not do it again. Too many people. I like more solitude.

Great hike! Up hill all the way but not hard. Be sure to wear shoes with good grip. Not too busy at 8 am when we started but super busy by 11:00. Totally worth it. Hanging Lake is beautiful and a "must see" +Spouting Rock. Couple people ignored the basic rules of the trail. Totally frustrating - great example of why restrictions are coming next year. Sigh. Beautiful hike, for sure!

It was confusing for me at first when I approached the National Forest trail sign by parking area and saw a path leading downhill to a creek. Fearful of getting wet I placed a log over Creek to step across. To then find there was no trail. With help of All trails map I made my way to actual trail which is a service road. The trailhead is actually left of NF sign about 30ft down the road. Easy hike, mine at end with educational plaques. For added adventure take the Creek! Lol

Hard, should have brought hiking poles. 100% worth the pain.

27 days ago

Reviews here and on other sites are all over the map so I wasn't sure what to expect. As an avid hiker, it took me just less than one hour to get to Hanging Lake (and Spouting Rock above it) and then about 30 minutes back down. (Total time includes stopping to take many photos along the way.) This hike didn't come close to many strenuous hikes I've been on, even though some reviews suggest that. I found it to be a good workout, but would definitely agree with the moderate rating. Hiking poles are a great help in the steeper places.

I was at the trailhead at 6:30 a.m. (on a Tuesday) and was the only person at the lake and Spouting Rock above it for 35 minutes or so, which was amazing. I passed many people on the way up as I was headed down. Getting there early is key.

Great hike, worth the time .

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