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well marked, heavily trafficked. only forest views. pretty easy trail.

5 days ago

Mostly flat trail. Easy-moderate. ~2.5 hr hike.

10 days ago

Cute hike! There were a few nice views that broke up the hike nicely. We ran into a lot of fat bikers along the way. They pack the snow down nicely so you don’t really need snowshoes at the moment. It was well marked and fun to navigate at each map post. This hike was on the easy side of moderate, not too much uphill climbing but the length might make it more challenging for some. We were able to do it in less than 4 hours with some breaks.

Lovely wide and easy trail with nice views. There were
about 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground. We wore micro spikes but could have been done without them.

12 days ago

Great views, easy trail to follow. Ran into deeper snow at the final approach to the summit lookout. No problem with spikes. Good hike if you want a mix of terrain and a hike in the 4 to 5 hour range.

Nice and relaxing hike, definitely recommend doing it counter clockwise. You can enjoy the views from the ridge more. Was a bit slippery in places, we wore yaktrax, as there was a bit of ice in spots. It was quite beautiful with the light snow falling. Loved how wide the trail was, made it nice for conversation.

little to no wildlife....cows...cow patties ....not even a squirrel...lots of wild flowers kid friendly

really great trail. set out by myself and didn't see anyone else the whole day. lots of sharp rocks and lots of ice. views from the top were worth the trip. yaktracs and trekking poles definitely recommend. even though mine broke on the way up. I imagine that it only gets harder from here on out and soon a 4x4 will be need to get to the trail head safely. Great day.

Easy, not views but mild for all skill levels, we did it counterclockwise to add a little challenge, so instead of tons of downhill we climbed them! kid friendly trail!

19 days ago

Great trail!

Went October 27th. Took 3 kids 2.5 and under in tow. 3 downed trees we had to navigate around with them, was do able but not expected. on the route back a medium sized black bear ran across the trail in front of us. so do have bear spray available and not just in your back pack!

1 month ago

Fun hike! Trail was well marked. Did it Nov 13, 2018 (counter-clockwise) and didn’t need our Yak Trax. Went early in the morning and only saw a couple of bikers and one other hiker.

Well that was a hell of a hike. Beautiful day. My dog and I set out, microspikes and Ruffwear boots. Took a few breaks for food and water for my dog. So windy at the false summit and didn’t think I would even try to make it to the lookout tower but some awesome ladies with dogs who were experienced hikers ventured up there so we followed. Worth the views. Would have stayed up there longer but the windy was terribly cold so we trekked back down. Road up was very slippery so keep that in mind at this time of year. A lot harder than I expected. If you bring a dog make sure they have boots if you go to the top. Very sharp rocks.

more snow than we expected on the top portion moving toward valley trail. without snow tires it was impossible to make it up moose mountain road in a little car, so we walked it. it was a good thing it was at the start of the day, because I don't think we would have made it at the end. nice winter hike.

Was a great time, took our dog out on leash and she met a few other dogs along the way. If you have dog boots, take them with, although it wasn't muddy theres definitely some wet spots. We loved the trail, especially if you take it counter clockwise, some great view/easier to hike near the last quarter of the hike. Enjoy.

Enjoyed the hike. Went on Oct 28, weather was perfect for a hike, sunny with temperatures around 8 degrees. Some elevation to climb but gradual, would consider it to be an easy to moderate hike. We started at Paddy’s flats and hiked towards the river, poor signage - difficult to find the start of the trail. Nice views of river at beginning of hike. After crossing hwy there is a climb that brings you to an opening with great view of mountains - good spot to break for a snack/lunch. Lots of mountain bikers and they don’t have bells to warn you they are near. Some call out to warn you, some do not. Our group had a near miss with a young mountain biker who didn’t have good control when riding down a hill. Pointing it out to keep an eye out for bikers coming behind you. Overall, hike was great!

Stunning day. False summit today. Too slippery to progress to the peak without cleats. Lots of slippery stuff under fresh snow.

Took the dogs here. Was a quiet, peaceful hike good for all ages. Despite other reviews we found the trails too be pretty well marked. Although we didn’t run into any it was very evident that the free range cattle are out and around!

1 month ago

Great hike! Almost at the point of needing crampons. Slick at spots but able to walk just off trail in the snow to avoid. Hiked to top of ranger summit, continued on strange brew for a loop. Absolutely beautiful sitting area for lunch with a view.

It’s a great little hike to do in a couple of hours. Keep your dogs leashed however. We have 3 dogs and I turned around today to see one of them being pinned down and clawed at by a cougar. Thankfully we screamed and the cat retreated back in to the woods. Very scary experience!

New hiker here! This was close to Calgary, and a quick hike, didn't feel long at all. There are some steep uphill sections that can leave ya a bit breathless, but still totally manageable. Lots of muddy sections and a bit of hard-packed ice. A few nice views, but mostly forested. Lots of friendly people and dogs on the trail!

Easier to climb upwards on the right side

I went today with a group of kids (9-11 y/o) so didn’t do the whole trail with the wind, but it was good! Pretty slippery in some areas and a bit wet/muddy in others.

She was a leg burner today with the snow and wind but I finally made it to the real summit! Amazing views, great exercise and so much fun! would definately do again in the summer!

Did this hike on 10/21. Spectacular weather (and views). Trail is nice and wide/visible. We only made it to the false summit as the snow was quite deep in spots or icy and my 6 y/o only had trail runners on so we played it safe and didn’t go to lookout tower. Definitely will do again early summer!

beautiful trail, easy enough to complete it with young children

Great two hour hike. Snowy and muddy for most of the trail.

I did this trail today just to get out for a while. Fall colors were really nice and there are some views. The trail was a bit muddy and snowy today but nothing major. Easy quick hike.

2 months ago

Though many hike Moose Mt from the top parking spot, it can be hiked from Bragg Creek parking following the gravel road. After about 6-7 km the gravel road that is an access to a pipeline valve facility ends and trails goes up toward Moose Mt. It joins the main trails after about 5 km. The total hike from Bragg Creek parking is about 30 km. We started at 5:30 a.m . and finished at 2:00 p.m. with 3 stops for snack/lunch.
Though I ranked this hike 3 that I wish I could rank 3.5, it is still good to hike. I give 5 stars to trails such as Skoki Loop, Paradise to Giant Steps, ...

3 months ago

We love doing this hike at least once a year. Its fairly easy and has some pretty views. Nothing spectacular but its a lovely half day hike!

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