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1 day ago

Bring fly pole for Graylings, also if want can try bottom fishing and get some cutthroats. Very fun hike and fishing!

2 days ago

This was our big hike near the end of the season and it didn’t disappoint. We had been to Hyalite Lake before, so we didn’t need to stop at the beautiful waterfalls or take a ton of pics. The weather was perfect - sunny and 34 to 70 degrees. A light rain the night before knocked some of the trail dust down. Near the saddle before the peak, the wind became quite strong. Views of the Spanish Peaks, Lone Mountain, Paradise Valley, Absaroka Mountains and Bridger Mountains were breathtaking. We were surprised the peak was grassy and fairly flat. We would’ve had our lunch there if not for the wind. Trail runners appear to really like this trail but we mid-fifties hikers took about 8 1/2 hours for the entire trip, including a break by the lake. A woman heading up the trail mentioned seeing a young black bear, so don’t forget bear spray. Bring at least two liters of water per person.

Hard but definitely worth it. The last creek crossing is a bit unnerving but the logs are rather steady. The views are spectacular! The wild flowers are everywhere, the creek and various falls are picturesque, all culminating in the two lakes at the top. However basically the whole hike is very steep once you pass Pine Creek Falls which makes both up and down tiring. But for those who are willing to put in the work, you will be glad you came! Also, if you can, bring a camera. And I was able to camp to the right of the smaller lake near the more western stream that comes from the western part of the falls coming from the top of the lakes. As I had to carry all my gear for the night and I didn't have polls and I am a fairly small person, it took me 4 1/2 hours to get to the top and 3 1/2 hours to get down, but that was going slow, carrying a lot of weight and trying to be careful. The trail is well trafficed but not crowded, so yes you'll see people but you can still enjoy the lonliness of the woods. All together definitely worth it!

4 days ago

Bring a fly rod for graylings.

4 days ago

We absolutely loved this hike. The elevation change was a challenge but the views and lakes were well worth it. What a great hike!

4 days ago

Fantastic hike. We did an overnight at Pine Creek Lake (windy and very cold at night in mid-Sept) and went up Black Mountain the first day. We went in on a Thursday and were the only ones camped at the lake. ~3.5 hours to the lake with packs, set up camp, and made our way to the summit by late afternoon. Lots of snow due to being late in the season. I would recommend having some climbing experience: parts of the ridgeline are very exposed and there is a short stretch of exposed technical climbing. The views are worth it though. For those interested, the fishing is good at Pine Creek and Jewel lakes.

Less busy trail. The portal creek road is challenging, best to have 4x4 or AWD with high clearance. Worth the drive and hike. Bring water, bear spray and your fly rod.

Beautiful views. At the right time of year, the wildflowers are amazing. Bring water and bear spray.

9 days ago

The previous reviewer is correct about the elevation. It is ALL uphill and very rocky. It was a tough hike with a backpack on. This was my first hike at this high of altitude, too, and it took a while to adjust. Once my ears popped a few times I felt so much better! Even though it was difficult, it was absolutely beautiful! Lots of amazing views and waterfalls. There's also many places you can access water along the way. A good portion of the trail is also shaded which was nice because it was a very hot day. The third bridge is still down but there are two logs set up that are easy to cross, one to walk on, and one to hold on to. Went to Blue Lake this time and will be definitely be doing this hike again to check out Twin Lakes.

Beautiful. Do it.

Great views, saw a Moose and two black bear at the lake.

Tough hike with interesting scrambling near the top

Great trail - very scenic, easy at times and hard at times. It’s worth the view at the top. Our group consisted of 4 amateur hikers ages 46-72 and we made it. We earned our beer at Moonlight Basin afterward!

16 days ago

great views at first falls and as you hit switchbacks above 7000 feet. At the top, first small lakes are beautiful. Pine Creek Lake is behind last saddle. it is larger and shoreline is large boulders and rock. nice spot for lunch before descent.

Excellent cave tour! Thanks

18 days ago

once you get past pine Creek falls it's switchbacks and uphill hiking the rest of the way. It was definitely a workout and I had to take multiple breaks along the way.

Just hiked up to the ridge line with my girlfriend and small dog. 100% breathtaking. Lakes are gorgeous, weather was perfect. No bear sightings

It was cold at the top - bring long sleeves to throw on once you’re up there! It was stunning as usual. Moderate hike with light traffic.

I found this one extremely tough yet rewarding! As it has been mentioned there is a couple of false summits which you need to prepare yourself for. When we got to the last one, we meet a young couple who had to turn back they just couldn’t go any further. They where only one last push from the top...
At the top there is a book to sign and like a geo cash where you can put something in and take something out, so fun. And the view is spectacular!!
I would encourage you to bring water, a snack and a clean pair of socks to change out at the top to help alleviate blisters. ( I didn’t and paid for it) But for all you Athletics... You’ve got this. Lol enjoy!

20 days ago

Amazing views from the top!! The reviews are right about the road to the trailhead, a larger vehicle is needed. It was pretty windy up at the top so I was happy that I brought an extra layer. Planning on doing the whole ridge of the Bridgers soon!

Awesome hike! Saw a deer and a moose. The “lake” at the top is very much a small pond, but it’s worth it to hike up to the top of the rocks at the end for the beautiful panorama! Big and beautiful blue sky yesterday (8/26) but was pretty chilly at the top, make sure to bring layers!

Nice hike. Continue on a bit further on to Heather Lake via the trail that leads right of Emerald Lake once you reach the lake. It's a bit more private and quiet for this trail which gets a ton of multi-use traffick.

Gradual grade with occasional slightly steep climbing. The views at the top are spectacular.
Small parking lot but that means it’s not terribly crowded though there are plenty of people along the trail.

This is always a great hike. Haven’t been here for several years. Beautiful lake at the top and clearly the results of a very good snow year there were still some wild flowers.

on Pine Creek Lake

25 days ago

It was a full day hike up and back. We enjoyed all the different incredible vistas on the way up and on the way back down. Hiking poles were key. Several waterfall views. Smoke in the valley hindered the long distance view, but the lake was spectacular, and worth the trip up.

Good hike! Lots of people. My fit bit tracked it at 8.75 miles round trip. BRING WIND PROOF COAT FOR SITTING AROUND LAKE IF TAKING BREAK. Saw a really Nice 4 point BUCK on way out. Others on trail reported moose but we never did see it. Wildflowers are awesome especially at the base of upper pond.

26 days ago

Great hike. Got there about 9am, there was only one other car in the parking lot. The wildflowers are still out in full force. Smoky views from the top looking toward Lone Peak due to all the wildfires.

WARNING THE ROAD IS TERRIABLE TO GET THERE. takes about 40 minutes to go 7 miles. I recommend an all wheel drive or truck. I camped at the campground then departed in darkness. I had 3.03 miles one way to the top. well worth it was an amazing view. I highly recomend it.

1 month ago

8/11/2018. Stayed at the Garnet Mountain lookout cabin for the weekend. It was a little Smokey but the 360 views were amazing. Highly recommend!

on Mount Edith

1 month ago

Big payday at the summit in form of hundred mile views in all directions. Watch the summer weather, electrical storms come up fast. Edith Lake (I think that's right) a mile or so further north and quite a drop is a good overnight. that trail has had lots of new work and is very pleasant. The FS roads to get there were in good shape, although the last mile could present a challenge for 2wd lower clearance. Lots of blue grouse at timberline.

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