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Nice hike, great views at the top!!

We hiked this trail on the way to Andrews Creek campsite and it was awesome. We caught some nice sized rainbow trout that we cooked up for dinner. You need a permit if you are staying overnight and the campsites are by reservation only.

Great hike, a few steeper spots but generally easy. We saw almost no people on the trail which is increasingly difficult in the front range.

off road driving
4 days ago

I did it with stock new Silverado. it was brutal for this kind of car, though it has 4x4 low and all that crap, this trail is not for stock SUV like KIA sportage or so, because it is really rocky and you dont enjoy the drive.
I would recommend a jeep or something like Expedition for this.

other than that, lake is nice and all, but not breathtaking.

Tough trail for someone who is not used to hiking but worth the view at the end!

Loved! Hiked up past Alberta Falls, which is where the trail gets more difficult. Definitely doable, though, and not busy at all on a Friday. Absolutely beautiful.

10 days ago

Hiked it on 08/01/18. Beautiful trail with great views. I recommend it

“Not the size that counts but the motion of the ocean” lmao...ok ok but its perfect for this trail. Super short but alot of motion. Bout an hour drive from denver w construction traffic so bring lunch and enjoy it with the misty roar from the falls.

One of my favorite lakes in RMNP. Relatively easy to get up to and stunning once there.

11 days ago

Very busy for first 1/2 of trail. But, no where near as busy as the Bear Lake area. Plenty of scenery with river next to trail. Loch Lake is very beautiful. Strongly recommend you don’t stop at Loch and plan to go all the way up to Sky Pond.

Well maintained trail, beautiful scenery!

14 days ago

Did this hike on the way to Sky Pond. A really nice stopping point at halfway to sky pond. The lake is beautiful, the fish are awesome looking and the water is so clean and clear. I believe it was around 2.6 miles to the Lake. Go to the north end for bigger views of the lake.

Beautiful day
Beautiful hike

Other than walking across a busy road for parking this is a fun short walk and a beautiful sight to see.

Beautiful views!

20 days ago

Good trail for a quick hike! With minimal stopping it took about 35-40 minutes to get up. Since the area at the top is closed, I didn’t go all the way to the cave. Hardly anyone was on the trail once I got past the intersection with the Table Mesa trail (probably due to the fact that the cave is closed for the summer). The trail leading up to that intersection has several offshoots but they seem to all lead back to the main route or they dead-end quickly so you know to turn around. After the intersection the Mallory Cave trail is well marked. Just keep an eye out for the markers. There is a marker where you turn up the hill to get to the final stretch. I saw a couple of hikers turn early, so just a warning- keep going till you see the sign! I’ll probably try trail running this one next time around.

Loved this hike! Moderate elevation gain with lots of waterfalls, wildlife and wildflowers along the way. Breathtaking scenery and views once you arrive at The Loch. It was about 6.5 miles which included some wandering around the lake itself and took us 4 hours because of all the stops for pictures!

More of an attraction that an actual trail. But we enjoyed it, despite being very busy the Sunday we went. Beautiful scenery.

I will definitely be returning to Loch Lake. I took the Bear Lake trailhead and exited at the Glacier Gorge trailhead. So many streams of running water and tons of shade along the path. Loch Lake was the most private lake destination along the way. Bear, Nymph, Dream and Emerald were packed so it was nice to get away from all of the people and get to enjoy the serenity of being by the water. Truly breathtaking. Highly recommend this.

26 days ago

Did this hike on Friday morning. We arrived via shuttle at the park. It was pretty busy, but thinned out as we got further along. The view at the lake is breathtaking.

A great, easy trail with a gradual, gentle elevation gain and beautiful views. It is a multi-use trail shared with mountain bikers and horseback riders. If you are a hiker or walker, be prepared to yield for them. At times the trail is narrow, so passing one another can get tricky. I'd recommend forgoing the headphones so that you can hear bikers coming behind you. The day I went everyone was polite and respectful while navigating the shared trail.

First time doing this trail and I loved it. I left a little late in the day around 1:30 and I was back down by 4pm (hung out at the lake for at 45 mins). Traffic is bad down at the bottom but once we got onto the loch trail it thinned out a lot. Bits of sun and bits a shade, gorgeous waterfall views. When you finally arrive to Loch it is sooo rewarding and SO beautiful. Amazing hike for it only being 5 1/2 - 6 miles long!

1 month ago

Parking is close on the side of a big bend in the road making it a pretty dangerous spot with cars flying by so be careful. Short easy walk to a roaring falls!

nature trips
1 month ago

not challenging but a nice little meander and pretty views, nice place for a quiet afternoon or lunch, fine for kids and dogs.

1 month ago

If you’re a true hiker, definitely hike to Loch Vale. The view is absolutely stunning and worth every minute.

Great trail with some awesome views! Decent elevation gain. Get there early!

This was a great hike! Closer to 6 miles round trip. We enjoyed it and there was some nice views along the way.

Done this hike on the way to sky pond. Beautiful hike.

Cave was closed for the bats but worth the views and hike anyways. We went from Mesa trail then followed the cave signs

1 month ago

Went backpacking with my 14 year old son. Camped down by the creek, had a great time. not too hard. We actually took a detour and hiked down to R.P. reservoir. very nice extra hike, but too bad we could not camp there. disappointed that there was a fire ban. we were also able to shoot our 22 before and after our hike at the open range at the trailhead.

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