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Started hiking this around 1:30pm and the trail was almost all in the shade. Not the easiest hike but I’d do it again with some hiking poles.

Nice walk through the woods along the creek. Aspens were changing but not peak yet. Well maintained trail with lots of spots to sit and enjoy nature. Easy to find.

Love this hike. It’s so close to town, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s not easy and definitely not the best for old dogs or little kids, but it’s fun to get a little more extreme with ledges and scrambles. **if you hike it in the winter, bring spikes! Without them the trail isn’t fun or safe.

awesome trail. along ariver for most of it. great in winter too!

Great trail. It took my dogs and I about an hour and a half to complete from the campground. will definitely do it again. It's a plus that the aspens are changing right now!!

This was the first hike I’ve done in Colorado. Wanted to do something easier as I am trying to get used to the elevation. I personally loved the trail. Very shady, several places to stop and climb some rocks for some great views. We took it counterclockwise and went downhill most of the time which was nice. Well maintained and easy to find trail. The bottom is awesome as the trail goes right next to a little creek in which you can see some fish. Took us about 3 hours due to several stops and lunch. Traffic on the trail was not too bad. I’d recommend this trail.

4 days ago

Great trail - well maintained and clearly marked. I got there at 6:50 on Tuesday and didn’t see a single other person the whole hike. Sunrise was technically at 6:45, but since the trail is in a valley I walked in shade almost the entire time. The aspens are beautiful right now! I took another hiker’s advice and went clockwise. It was nice to get the short, rocky uphill bursts out of the way at the beginning. There a really gorgeous spot where the trail opens to a panoramic view just before you get to the actual “Panorama Point.” Other than that there’s not many views, but the hike was still lovely.

5 days ago

nice day hike.

beautiful hike. once your at the bottom it's nice and cool following the stream for a while.. I would rate as hard, but able to do it with my baby in my pack. glad we took the advice of others and did clockwise, down the brook trail and up Chavez.. nice challenging hike

6 days ago

Good hike...go early as it gets busy with hikers. make sure you wear your hiking boots. it's a bit rocky in places.

6 days ago

Enjoyed the views at Panorama Point. Also, there were some golden aspens which is why we went. Beautiful location and a good loop.
Some inclines may slow down the pace but overall a manageable hike (even for a four year old) in its entirety.
I recommend going clockwise so that you have dirt instead of big gravel when going downhill.

A great hike just a drive out of the city and the trail is defiantly moderate or more. There are rocky terrain along the Chavez trail and so I appreciated someone’s tip about taking the trail up rather than down the sliding rock terrains. Thank you and hopefully others will do so too. Enjoy!

7 days ago

Beautiful and easy trail with lots of golden aspens and pine trees. Panoramic Point has two lovely photo opportunities and a great view! Perfect for a quick hike when you don’t want to drive super far from Denver. Not much elevation gain and the trail is well marked. We did a late Saturday afternoon hike and found parking easily. Trail not overly crowded. We brought our Great Dane and it was a perfect amount of walking and tree cover for him.

20 small water crossings on the trail loop.

7 days ago

Decent hike, nice views but not much of a creek during the summer. Fairly good inclines, brought a toddler and had to carry her a good amount.

Hiked Sep 2018
I’m not sure if we just got lucky and hiked on a day that the trail was pretty calm, or if this is always a pretty calm trail to hike but Pu’u Ma was definitely a nice stroll through the woods. It’s a nice tame walk through the Forrest and seemingly ideal for a hot or humid day since you’re surrounded by trees the entire way up. It’s also a great hike to take your dogs on.
There isn’t much of a view of anything but woods on the way up so it’s definitely a time to just be in the moment. Three fourths of the way up you’ll see a root pathway that actually looks like something you would find in an enchanted forest and that’s when you know you’re almost there. After the sign on the top, the view opens up to...
Well, I have to leave something to the imagination don’t I? Check it out.

Leaves are turning! Lots of families on the trail. Started at panorama point and went counter clockwise, best views at the start and finish.

7 days ago

Did this hike with my 9 year old dog on a Friday. I was surprised there wasn't a lot of traffic on the trail. The leaves are changing so it's a beautiful time of year to go. A couple uphills but a fairly easy hike. The trail is well marked with lots of areas where you have to decide where to turn.

8 days ago

Great views. Moderately difficult hike.

I started hiking around 2 PM and the trail was almost completely in the shade. Loved that I could stop pretty much anywhere along the way to get wet.

Very rocky but great trill

10 days ago

The aspen a currently turning, still a few more weeks left to enjoy a h colors. The tall upper canopy are already golden, while lower groves are still green. The vistas, once reached are stunning.

Not a technically difficult hike, but anticipate intermittently steep climbs which may leave you winded.

Hiked this trail on 9/12 from Panorama Point with a 4 month old puppy. We decided to go counter clockwise which meant some really challenging hiking down the mountain. We completed the hike in just under 1.5 hours. The leaves are turning and have about another week before they are completely gone. Pay close attention to the signs on trail as there are several offshoots Great little mid-week trail!

Lovely little trail, lots of fall color right now. Saw a few people but mostly had the trail to myself. Easy enough for my short-legged dog to tag along. I didn't see a lot of poop bags like others have complained about and found this trail to be very enjoyable. Will definitely be coming back and would bring out of state friends!

12 days ago

Beautiful trail! As a lot of the reviews mention, go all the way to Lost Lake! It’s a half mile up after the end of the Hessie Trail.

Huge tip to not get lost: Download the map if you have Premium version of All Trails. If you just have the free version, keep the app open on your phone. When you get there, go to the trail on All Trails and click on the trail map. When you’re in the area, your phone will show a blue dot with your location on the map. Just follow the red line to stay on the trail. When you reach the end of the Hessie Trail, follow the dotted lines to Lost Lake.

When you get to the fork where you can either go left to go to Lost Lake, or go right to go on a different trail, make sure to take a right first, walk about a quarter mile til you get to a wooden bridge that goes across a stream. That valley over the bridge is gorgeous! We were originally going to just take a left to Lost Lake, but another hiker recommend we walk down to the valley first. After you check out the valley, turn around, go back the way you came, then go left when you get back to the fork to go to Lost Lake.

The hike itself isn’t hard, but it does get rocky after the Hessie Trail ends. The elevation is the only thing that makes it somewhat difficult, it’s at 9k feet. Other reviews said it’s probably not a good hike for out of towners, but I disagree. There were 6 year old kids on the trail and they were making it just fine. Just make sure to bring lots of water.

Also, about a quarter mile before you get to the end of the Hessie Trail you’ll hear a waterfall. Follow the sound, and it will take you to the beautiful stream that turns into a waterfall. It’s where the pictures of people in the water were taken on this trail description. Must see! Water is freezing, but very refreshing on a hot day.

Gorgeous scenery on this hike and so close!! We hiked early on a Sunday, before the Bronco game, and it was not busy at all! You get a little of everything on this hike. Shaded forest, river crossings, narrow cliff paths, sunny hot patches with cactus all in one hike.

12 days ago

This trail is a very well marked and well kept trail. It has a wide variety of different landscapes to see along the way. And an amazing panoramic halfway through the hike. If you are looking for a nice couple hour hike this one is great.

12 days ago

A beautiful walk through the forest with minimal elevation gain, but some areas of moderately rocky/uneven footing. Shade is plentiful throughout.

13 days ago

I hiked this trail alone on a day when it was not highly trafficked. It was gorgeous and very rewarding with a lovely creek running through the bottom of the valley. Beware coming with kids, the Chavez Trail side has cliffs and steep parts, and I dropped my phone off of one of the cliffs and had to venture down to get it. Overall very rewarding trail system and would love to try the longer version of the trail.

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