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"Stairmaster Sanitas" is a great place to get a very real workout in. We are in decent shape and climbed up Sanitas and went back around the valley loop trail within 2.5 hours. I would categorize this as "moderate to hard" given a few of the rocks you have to scramble over and how steep it is. While you can carry a child on a backpack up an down, it's not the greatest one to choose for that since you might have to shuffle a bit over rocks, etc.

Nice trail. Took me about three hours. Great views all the way throughout.

on Green Mountain Loop

2 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful view at the top.

4 days ago

Hard but the views at the top and along the way are gorgeous! Saw my first snake on the trail which was a little spooky and there's plenty of signs up warning about mountain lion and bear spotting so keep your guard up!

I started up the Sanitas Valley Loop first. Beautiful views of urban Boulder and a smattering of homes in the hills. The moderate valley trail gives way to some steep inclines as it connects with the East Ridge trail. I was visiting from Atlanta so I had to catch my breath and steady my footing as the trail ascended. Had to get used to the change in altitude. Plan to take your time navigating the rocky, sometimes not well marked East Ridge trail if your new to it and out there alone. I got out early in the am and had a few hikers help me find the trail but I can see that this trail gets very well populated after mid morning. At the top of Ridge Trail I met some nice folks who directed me to Lion’s Lair trail just beyond the summit for a good trail run. This trail was pretty smooth and the decline makes for a steady tempo run. Don’t get too comfortable because the switchbacks will keep you on your game. Overall a fun trail to test your trail speed. The locals pointed directed me on how to go from the Lion’s Lair trail to a narrow barely there trail that runs parallel to Sunshine Canyon Dr. This trail led to me the Centennial Trailhead parking lot. Overall awesome experience for a trail runner who wants to mix it up with a hike and run.

Oh boy, we saw a black bear cub on the amphitheater trail. Luckily a trail runner came through and scared it off. Other than that the trail has its difficulties in terms of large steps going up to and after the peak. It also started raining on us so i’d prefer to try again on a sunny, bear free day.

5 days ago

Beware of rattlesnakes in the summer!
It's an easy and fairly quick hike. I often do the loop clockwise so that I'm passing people rather than coming up from behind. Most of the trail is rocky/loose rock so it's not as runner friendly on the downhills.

this incline is no joke! my poor pups paws were shredded after hiking these rocks. I ended up having to carry her 2 miles to the end. It was scenic but not as great as everyone makes it out to be.

Very challenging, beautiful hike! Once you’re at the top there’s an option to hike down towards Sanitas Valley Trail via East Ridge Trail. There was a point along East Ridge Trail that we felt did not have ample signage as we ended up going down the mountain off the trail. Other than that this trail was awesome!

8 days ago

Easy hike with the dog (I have a pug and he did fine). A little more scrambling up rocks than expected but not hard at all. Perfect for something quick with the dog! This park fills up fast so go early if you want a spot. I arrived at 10am on a Sunday, the lot was already half full. I might consider going earlier next time. Not a lot of shade, so bring sunscreen and water!

Don’t make the dummy mistake that I did and pay an entrance fee! Half the “trail” is a back dirt road, with little to no shoulder to walk on, the other half is trail, with lots of smaller trails that allow you to wander. Worth a visit, definitely a decent distance walk. Lots of prairie dogs and wild flowers along the way!

Steepness was a bit more than expected. Id suggest going up the east ridge as it seems like it would be a bit treacherous to go down. Note that there are large steps that may make it hard for people who have any soreness in their knees. Great views at top!

A lot harder than expected. I would rate this as moderate to hard. I hiked this on a sunny day, which probably made it a bit more difficult. Regardless, I would do this again but counterclockwise next time.

Harder than expected but beautiful throughout the entire hike. Wore tevas and wished I had my hiking boots

You need a discover pass just FYI!

Hot. Very exposed trail with little shade. Halfway the trail dips down and it was water covered so we couldn’t do the whole thing. Pretty disappointing!

12 days ago

I love this easy trail around the lake

12 days ago

This trail is quite difficult! My husband and I wanted something hard-but man this kicked out butts! At one point you’re climbing up a ladder...so there’s that. The views were beautiful. The one thing that was a bummer-at the top there was an unusual amount of flying bugs...like a ridiculous amount. It made the summit a bummer and we didn’t spend much time there. But we would def do this hike again!

This trail was more challenging than I expected. Very glad it was an overcast day. The cloud cover kept us cool. I highly suggest taking the trail clockwise. The apoach to the summit is longer a somewhat easier that way. The decent, continuing the clockwise loop, was difficult in my opinion, and I got the impression that other hikers turn around rather than taking the steep route to the valley. I'm glad we did, however, because the valley is gorgeous and covered in wildflowers.

Great trail! Just be sure to get there early. Very crowded after 10 AM.

We really enjoyed this hike. I'd do it again. We sort of did it in reverse (instead of starting on Mount Sanitas trail we started on the other trail. I forget the name but it's the one on the right. It'll make sense when you get there). Anyway, this seemed much more gradual at first. But once we started the summit it was still a good workout. I don't know if it qualifies as "scrambling" but It gets pretty rocky at some points and it's fun to climb on all fours. I'm an animal though so YMMV. Anyone in reasonable shape could do this hike but don't kid yourself. I saw those dudes who don't wear t-shirts so they can show off their 6 pack huffing and puffing on the ascent. It's really doable though!

Easy hike with the doggo.

After applying a liberal amount of sunscreen I raced toward the trailhead with high hopes and wasn't disappointed. Ascending this natural wonder was a no joke although there was guy carrying his 4 month old baby while navigating this hike. After reaching the peak and celebrating with my gf it was time to crawl down this beautiful beast. Upon decent, I thought many times how the hell do people run down this thing and I can barely walk it, but nevertheless we made it down and finished off with an easy half mile or so walk back down to the car. Great views and kinda crowded

This is our go to hike. Easy to get to, challenging but you can be done in an hour and a half. Great views of boulder at the top!

Great views from this trail. Definitely more difficult for a “moderate” trail, especially near the top. There were rocky areas that were kind of tricky to navigate.

18 days ago

Quick and easy trail, and a great view of Boulder!

19 days ago

3.5 miles around the lake. I wanted flat .No shade but it was cloudy and breezy and pretty.

19 days ago

Dog owners please be cautious! Unfortunately last night our dog was bit by a rattlesnake in the tall grass around Coot Lake. We LOVE this area and go there 3-4 times a week and never had an issue until last night.

Great trail! We went the easier way up and took the more challenging, rocky way down! Definitely more of an adventure for us Wisconsin folks, but worth every second! Beautiful views! :)

Each year when we’re visiting Boulder we make sure that this is on our list of must do hikes and it never disappoints. We always start on the steep portion and finish on the wide path. We usually hike this at dusk. Great views of Boulder and on the return loop looking south you have wonderful views.

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