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Very hard when you do the loop clockwise. 1 mile of non stop steep climbing. Rest of loop is much easier. The view from the top is worth the effort.

Awesome trail!

Enjoyable, short, and a good exercise. Close to the road in Gregory canyon, but pretty scenery.

Great and challenging hike. Good elevation gain. Was able to do in about 3 hours. Quite a few trail runners, decent amount of wildlife too. Awesome views! You do have to pay for parking on the weekends, fyi.

Fabulous hike. Sturdy views, etc. highly recommended.

Great trail!

This is a short but challenging hike. Great views along the way and at the top. The hike up will get your heart going. The hike down seemed almost as hard, especially on the knees. There are lots of trails in this area. Pay careful attention to your route to the base of this trailhead as there are several that will bring you here.

This trail is rated difficult for a reason. Tons of large rocks and quick elevation gain. If you have balance issues or are afraid of heights I would say don’t do. The views at the end are fabulous though, great workout! Beware of small area that would almost qualify as rock climbing and not hiking although once you got up wasn’t that bad because of the hand and foot holds they added. Fairly heavily trafficked trail also..

4 days ago

An amazing view of what Boulder Colorado has to offer. A must see hike!

9 days ago

Nice trail. Took me about three hours. Great views all the way throughout.

on Green Mountain Loop

10 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful view at the top.

12 days ago

Hard but the views at the top and along the way are gorgeous! Saw my first snake on the trail which was a little spooky and there's plenty of signs up warning about mountain lion and bear spotting so keep your guard up!

13 days ago

Oh boy, we saw a black bear cub on the amphitheater trail. Luckily a trail runner came through and scared it off. Other than that the trail has its difficulties in terms of large steps going up to and after the peak. It also started raining on us so i’d prefer to try again on a sunny, bear free day.

Gorgeous trail; good variety of strong incline, walking through forest, and climbing over some cool rock runs.

A couple clarifications - this one seems to be a loop as opposed to another one on the list that’s just an out an back (confused me for a little bit as I was researching). Second the trails closed 8-4:30 Monday - Thursday but climbers are allowed to climb up the First and then take the trail down. Looked beautiful but unfortunately misread the climbing exception.

Definitely a solid hike. The trail itself seemed a bit less scenic than the trail to Royal Arch but the view at the end is much more stunning. You get a clear view of the Rockies from the top of the first flatiron and it makes the trek up worth it. For most people trying to enjoy themselves and appreciate the surrounds give it anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. But if you've got something to prove I'm sure you could do it faster.

One of my go-to faves, especially when preparing for the next 14er.

This was a quick 45 minute hike up for someone that is athletic. I really enjoyed it, but it was a little too short for me.

great views throughout, tough with some tricky rock spots, have good shoes/boots

Went counter clockwise and boy it was tough. Trails are not well marked and accidentally went halfway up Gregory canyon again before realizing it. At least it was a nice scramble down. Overgrown with poison ivy everywhere. Long sleeves and pants are a good idea.

You need a discover pass just FYI!

20 days ago

This trail is quite difficult! My husband and I wanted something hard-but man this kicked out butts! At one point you’re climbing up a ladder...so there’s that. The views were beautiful. The one thing that was a bummer-at the top there was an unusual amount of flying bugs...like a ridiculous amount. It made the summit a bummer and we didn’t spend much time there. But we would def do this hike again!

This was a tough but worthwhile trail. The most taxing part was the first part up to the tree line/base of the mountain. There are a few tricky places to get up so make sure you have good shoes. The view from the top of the first flatiron is gorgeous though and makes it worth the trek! We went after work around 5pm and it was not very crowded and parking was free.

Absolutely beautiful views at the top make this difficult hike worth it. The trail is rocky terrain the whole way to the top (so wear good shoes or be cautious of where you place your feet) and some areas require a short scramble up rock faces (thankfully, with divots for your feet). I’d recommend that each person on the hike take a full water bottle and a snack, as my group (not acclimated to the elevation and generally unfit) took about 5 hours with a 1 hour at the top to take in the views and a well-deserved break. If you have poor knees, wear a brace as the steep decline is rough on knees.

24 days ago

Good and strenuous hike. The 3/4 mile steep section was fun and tough up and down (recommend hiking poles). Enjoyed the shade during that section. Exactly two hours from tail head to peak (with several photo stops) and about 1:45 down. Nice 360 views from the peak.

I read some reviews before hiking and saw that some had rated this as "moderate".... I'd say the first half of the hike is moderate and then there is some scrambling that I was not expecting that definitely made it more difficult. That being said this was only my 3rd Colorado hike, so it is still doable and has some great views on both sides!

good hike great view of boulder at the top of bear mountain

I won’t lie this hike is pretty legit! Easy and enjoyable walk the first couple miles and then it gets gnarly!! Totally awesome, only made it to the saddle and got turned around due to weather. Super cool trail and I’ll definitely be back to finish it! Check out my photos to see where it gets tough!

We managed to find parking just a little before 8AM; the trail was already crowded, but completely mobbed by the time we were headed down around 11AM. We also got ticketed for parking despite having paid. A strenuous hike, mostly uphill. Wear closed-toe shoes or hiking boots -- it's rocky.

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