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Just as good at 5 DegF!!!

10 days ago

Nice trek, even in winter. Some ice but plenty of rocks and roots to keep traction. The Pine Hill Trail up was great and is a work of art!! Wish I had some skis for the way down.

amazing scenic view when you make it to the top

Nice range of inclines. Roller coaster hills make it “uphill both ways”. You can make this trail a really rigorous hike or at a slow pace still gives a good legs (and heart) workout. Nice range of pine and deciduous, and vistas. Now if they could just relocate Logan airport (flight noise) and Rte 128 it would be perfect.

13 days ago

Use it for training for summit ridge hiking. Too many dogs and cyclists, though.

trail running
20 days ago

Rugged challenging traverse, akin to some trails you might find in the Whites

Agree very rocky. Must wear sturdy shoes with good grip. A great workout though I love the varied up and down. Great hike to keep in shape for summer hikes in the Whites. Love that it’s so close. I’m 59 and not an athlete by any stretch. You can do this.

Markings could be better and trails maps located in the parking lot would be helpful. Trail contained some nice views.

Great hike and views. Very rocky and steep. Coming down treacherous if you are not sure footed.

Fun trail! The start from Bellevue pond could use better signage...

1 month ago

Easy to moderate well marked mostly smooth trails.

This trail is beautiful but it is definitely challenging!

2 months ago

Middlesex fells is super convenient to the city and is very beautiful.

great place to get out and enjoy nature and great views

Markings could be better.

2 months ago

A very good hike. Very wet and muddy but I found it more a moderate hike rather than hard

Excellent trail. Well marked with some nice views along the way. Might be better suited as an Easy than Moderate, but a really enjoyable walk and hike. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area.

This one is a more challenging hike (but I am a beginner) at points it gets very steep but the views at the end make it worth it

Nice hike close to Boston. There's a surprising variation of terrain and the trails are pretty easy to follow. The summit is a bit disappointing, as its usually crowded and loud, and the views are just so-so. I'd say this is more of a moderate to easy hike. It's a great warm up mountain for hiking season.

Gorgeous, well marked

Perfect for what we needed - an easy hike with pretty foliage.

This is an awesome trail that will push you to your limits. There is multiple routes to explore that accommodate your level. Make sure to bring plenty of water.

Easy trail! love the company!!

Grew up hiking these trails with my family!!!

4 months ago

I love the Blue Hills. As a Boston resident, the Skyline trail at BH provides a nice challenging alternative to driving the distance to NH for more challenging hikes. I disagree that this is a moderate hike because the terrain is very rocky, one needs to be prepared to climb and descend jagged stairs at regular intervals on this trail. I would recommend bringing a Gatorade (or similar drink) because depending on where you end your hike, you are walking 9 to 11miles. I also recommend an early start (especially during the warmer months of the year).

I completed this hike by myself in 5 hours (from Quincy to Trailside Museum off 138) and in 6 hours when accompanied by a friend who is fit but is not a hiker.

Very good place near Boston for a 3 hour hike, especially when you walk around the lakes closer to the water. The only issue was that we had to check with map literally every 5 minutes as this trail is a mix of various other trails and routes. This was a little inconvenient and did not allow us to completely relax and enjoy the hike. We even got lost a couple of times, so pay attention to the trail that you follow. . Honestly I have no idea how people can hike here without a map or app with tracker, it’s very easy to get lost:)

mountain biking
4 months ago

Not too challenging, but uphill for the first half mile or so. Trails are very well marked. Maps along the way. Some traffic.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Mountain biking trails aren’t marked too well. A good ride with some challenges. Will definitely do it again.

Good place for hiking, but it’s never considered as Hard, Moderate at most.

4 months ago

Nice loop trail. First part (when doing the loop counter-clock wise) is a steep climb and scramble to the summit. After a nearly equally steep decline, the middle part of the hike then consists mostly of flat or slowly descending trails through the forest.
The very last part (again, when going counter-clock wise) - quite close to the trail head, but before the fork to the summit ascend - involves scrambling over a boulder field with lots of big, sharp-edged rocks ... a nice challenge, but I wouldn’t recommend that part for hiking with kids.

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