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1 day ago

Very fun trail with amazing views! In my groups opinion it wasn’t very hard like the reviewers say (and we aren’t in very well shape like most). Would recommend this trail to anyone.

An exciting hike! We went in November and the path was so icy we almost turned around a few times. The views were worth it! We took grandfather trail up and Underwood back down, made for a great loop!

7 days ago

It​ is​ place​ to​ visit​ for​ Fall​ season.

Pretty hike that was quick!

8 days ago

Moderate climb, muddy with some slick rocks and roots and lots of traffic but 100% worth the amazing 360 degree views of the mountains. Parking was tight, dogs were friendly and people were courteous on the trail when it got a little narrow or tricky. One of the best trails on the parkway!

8 days ago

Great Hike but very short and easy. Make sure to take a left over the bridge and not a right to get to the top.

absolutely beautiful trail. overnight tent camping at the top. make sure you wear good hiking shoes or boots the trail can get slippery. HIKE THIS TRAIL you won't regret it.

I just had surgery on my wrist from falling yesterday. I am an experienced hiker, but as we all know things happen. It was raining and I made it all the way down to the falls, but with the combination of my poncho and the slime on the rocks, I fell and I reached out with my dominant hand and I broke Both bones in my wrist and it was in little pieces. However, I don’t won’t to discourage people from not doing it. It is a hard trail so it is for the experienced hiker. I wouldn’t wear a poncho or go when it’s raining. Hiking shoes are a must. Waterfall is gorgeous. It is a fun hike as long as you don’t fall and break your wrist. ;)

Hands down the most fun trail I have ever hiked! Extremely strenuous, so be careful. My only problem is I hate that you have to pay so much to get to the main trailhead. You can access it from the parkway, but it becomes a pretty long day hike.

11 days ago

The views make this hike a really amazing one. So stellar.

14 days ago

A fair amount of climbing for a short trail but the trail condition is excellent and that makes the climb a breeze. The overviews are quite pretty and there's an excellent view of the Linn Viaduct. Not much parking so it's best to visit on weekdays.

Lots of fun. Very well marked and the ladders are a blast. The view from the top of McRae is fabulous. We went up the Grandfather trail and back down Underwood. Underwood is much more in the woods and bit more rocky/rooty. You get much better vistas from Grandfather trail, though it was fun doing both of them. The trail past McRae peak is a less travelled, as many seem to turn around at McCrae.

Loved this! I especially loved the multiple trails you can choose to go around the waterfall. Saw some really pretty spots. Recommended. Went in the morning with fresh crisp air and it was amazing.

This is my favorite trail. It is a bit treacherous, especially for an old guy like me. I don’t go on it after heavy rain as it is slippery and mistakes could be costly. But it is beautiful and dramatic and fun.

The views were nice but we didn't realize that it would be $20 PER PERSON to get in! Only go if you're planning on doing something else within the park or if you have accessibility issues (you can drive straight to the bridge and there's an elevator to circumvent the stairs). You can get views that are just as nice for free.

brought my 12, 8, and 5 yr old. we got all the way to the summit. amazing. worth it.

An excellent quick hike on the blue ridge parkway. Beautiful views.

20 days ago

Not too difficult. A lot of overlooks on the way up. Nice views of Grandfather Mtn and the Parkway going around it. Some cool rock formations throughout the hike. 2 mile round trip from the parking area.

Amazing hike! Best yet in north Carolina. Lots of ladders and hard uphills. I’m not sure going all the way to callaway peak was worth it if your in it for the views, the first peak was beautiful and stayed beautiful to the callaway peak but didn’t change. About 4-4.5 hours out and back. 40$ to get into the park for 2 people.

Short but uphill hike in the beginning!!Worth it when you get to the end!!

22 days ago

Beautiful views, but rather crowded on a Friday morning. Finished in just over an hour with multiple stops for pictures.

25 days ago

All the other reviews will tell you about the great views and they are all correct the views are wonderful. Here’s what I think might be helpful, this trail can be hiked by young and old. I saw one lady carrying an infant papoose style and I saw some people so old that I expected to see the Grim Reaper right behind them. You don’t need any special equipment or gear. It’s about 45 minutes to the peak, but it’s a steady uphill climb. taking some water would be smart but I saw lots of people without anything at all. It’s a heavily hiked trail and you'll pass people every few minutes. it’s listed on AllTrails as moderate but that is primarily because of the steady incline and the rough terrain, there are some real ankle twisters if you don’t watch where you step.

27 days ago

Great, well groomed carriage road leading up through pastures and rolling hills to the observation tower. The views to the east and north are very pretty. Perfect for solo, couples, families, children, dogs, horses, etc

Truly omg! There’s a fee but go ahead bite that bullet! There’s an animal sanctuary, a museum, an amazing gift shop, the mile high swinging bridge( it really swings) and loads of trails! Oh did I mention a portion of Forest Gump was filmed here! Plus it’s Grandfather Mountain! Just do it!

Beautiful views!

1 month ago

Awesome hike and gorgeous waterfall at the end. Great area for camping at the base and a trail to the top of the falls for a refreshing jump. Would definitely recommend!

Fairly easy well maintained trail with a
beautiful meadow part way up. All inclined up to the tower, nice views across meadow and up near top on switchbacks. Very windy, tighten your hats.

Because this hike is very popular, suggesting to hike weekdays. The views are super amazing on a clear day, but so if not clear. It is upward so just go slow and stop often if you need to. There are wooden steps and rails in some places, others are rock steps. Go completely to the top to get the best from this hike because about 3 locations you think you are to the top but you are not. My #1 favorite BRP hike.

Because this hike is very popular and parking is limited, suggested to hike week days.

This is my favorite short hike on BRP. the views are amazing. It has steps and rails in different places. a few spots with rock steps. Upward all the way, just take your time and go completely to the top because about 3 times you think it is top but it is not. A clear day is best for the most fabulous view.

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