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Giving this one a three star rating because after doing some research and learning about the $20 per person admission we decided to hike up profile trail rather than pay $100 for a day hike. The problem with this is that once you get up you have to hike the entire mountain then hike back down the profile trail in decent timing because if someone comes to pick you up they also have to pay $20. This led to a major time crunch for my group because we did not expect this trail to be as physically challenging as it was. It is a very fun trail with ladders and ropes and bouldering but it is a full day event especially if you hike the profile trail up to Grandfather. I would highly recommend doing your research before taking this mountain on.

$20 per person to get in. Ridiculous! Would never pay that!!

This hike is definitely not for those with physical impairments. I was a bit sore the next day and consider myself athletic. Climbing the boulders was the most challenging but the Views are So worth it....

Sunny and 75 on a mid April Wednesday. I think everyone with dogs had the same idea. Nice trail and not to difficult. I wasn't aware there would be that many stream crossings but my Oboz B-Dry hiking shoes did the trick. Will definitely do it again. Maybe come at it from the Rich Mountain trail.

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6 days ago

Beautiful waterfall!

Included in my first hike up the mountain. Started at Profile Trail and then journeyed down this one after Calloway Peak. Definitely much more difficult than the walk from the parking garage to the office. Do not attempt if you are overweight, have knee problems, or back issues.

We almost made it to the summit. We are experienced hikers but some rocks were covered with ice right at the .2 mile mark so we had to turn around. It was a challenging hike and worth it

8 days ago

Loved this trail!!!!. Very pretty but also great workout. I would say is moderate with a few challenging spots. I had waterproof hiking boots so highly recommend you wear them.

8 days ago

People should not bring dogs on this trail!. Some paths were very narrow and easy to fall. I have hiked in Oregon, California, Arizona, Australia, and New Zealand. I think this trail was moderate. Watch out for hidden stumps!!!

by far one of the most difficult and challenging hikes I've done. this is not for inexperienced hikers, start early and bring plenty of water and food.

What an adventure! We started at Mile High Bridge parking area and took Grandfather trail up to Calloway Peak. Returned via Underwood. Ladders and cables were a challenge but worth it! McRae Peak was the best view.

19 days ago

Seemed to us that the trail ended at the waterfall after a little over a mile. The falls and hike in general were pretty scenic. We were disappointed that at the falls there was no where to really have a seat and relax/ enjoy the view. Basically got there and turned right back around.

amazing time. did the ladders and cables up, took Underwood trail back. would do it again 10/10

Family and I are on a road trip and decided to stop and do this trail. It was challenging for the whole family and a huge accomplishment when we finished. Great fun and a good work out!

20 days ago

the trail is " closed" due to a bridge outing. there are rocks and a piece of wood in its place to hop across. two down trees to go over/under. 3 nice waterfalls and good incline. worth it

21 days ago

drove 7 hours to get here, was a great first hike of the week to introduce me to the area. smooth track majority of the way, small scrambles, a ladder, few bridges and stream crossings make up for the lack of " mountain views ". great views within the trail didn't walk down to Hebron falls due to lack of sunlight. highly recommended

23 days ago

This trail is one of my favorites! We love hiking it counter clock wise! I really wouldn’t consider this a hard trail....definitely moderate...maybe hard for those inexperienced with hiking but I’ve seen people of all ages and weights hiking this just fine. Beautiful waterfalls, streams, views and forests.

The app says it’s lightly trafficked, well it was doggone busy on the beautiful Saturday we went. And by doggone, I mean the dog hiker to human hiker ratio was almost even.
We loved the trail, this was the first time for us. Varied terrain meant varied challenges, while never becoming repetitive or monotonous. I think the hard rating is appropriate, however the trail never becomes too daunting. We definitely will be back!

23 days ago

What a great day for a hike. The portion through the campground should be better signed. That was for sure the worst part of the trail. I’m not sure what could be done to improve it other than better signage since it is what it is but there’s room for improvement for sure. Plan on taking your time to enjoy the hidden water falls. Take time to explore some of the meadows. Have fun.

What a great hike .. can't wait to go back and hike another trail

wow! what a great trail run. creek crossings, constant rushing sound from streams and beautiful views. Hebron falls is a must see. can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

This hike was beyond great. Not for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights, ladders or cables on the ascent or descent. One of the best trails I’ve ever done anywhere in the world. Incredible experience and amazing views

Drove to trailhead only to find a closed sign!

cant wait to come back this summer!

1 month ago

Hummmmm. I have a lot of thoughts about this trail. It does have a little bit of everything. The Hebron Falls were very pretty - although difficult to get to. I like a little of a challenge, but oh the MUD!!! This trail needs some major improvements. If they could “raise” the trail with gravel that would be a huge bonus. The ladder climbs are fun and different from most trails I have done. However the multiple stream crossings need (at least) a small bridge. The local scout troop could do that in a few weekends.
Overall okay trail. I was tired after I finished - although the day before I did Cone Manor (also ~6 miles) which is a much easier trail.

So lovely. Childhood favorite.

Long and at times fairly steep but well worth it. Great views!

1 month ago

Nice Trail....It was a little busy but nothing too unexpected for an easier trail. Well maintained and easy to follow.

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