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Very beautiful and fun place to swim, but also very crowded with lots of families. Short and easy hike, I would not rate it as moderate.

We did this trail and absolutely loved it. My kids 10& 12 rocked it but there are places that are a little scary. During the first mile, there is a picturesque area with big rocks and and a mountain stream to take pictures and play in the water. As you wind your way up, it gets harder and becomes very steep. We climbed through rocky, dense tree areas and then reached the peak by climbing up man-made ladders onto boulders. Several trails merge so it was a bit crowded at the top. Beautiful views! One of our favorite family hikes!

Some steps, some switchbacks but generally a moderate climb. The parking lot leads down a winding trail for over a mile, so the return was a bit tougher than usual out and back climbs. Pack a jacket for the gusty stuff up top.

Diverse and beautiful hike with a glorious view at the summit. Took us 5.5 hours up and back. Not a trail for those with balance or knee issues- parts of the trail flooded very quickly in the rain, and wooden steps and rock scrambles became very slippery - but would happily do it again!

We were there all of 15 minutes. Within that time period we witnessed 2 complete dumbasses jump from the falls. One of which was covered in Swastika and white supremacy tattoos (he grazed the cliff on the way down).It was crowded with a pretty colorful array of people. We pretty much ran out of there. Skip this

First real trail we’ve hiked since moving to North Carolina. It’s definitely our new favorite hobby. We went down the lower trail first and somehow found out way back to the upper for a complete loop. It took us right about an hour. Beautiful views

Great hike with classic Appalachian beauty: big rhododendrons, views of rolling blue-green hills, ferns, a lovely creek, and large flat boulders at the top. The trail was nice in most places, with patches of slippery rocks and roots. I was visiting NC from my home in WA state and this was a great "bang-for-your-buck" hike to experience this area.

Based on other reviews I thought it would be more difficult. Although it wasn't exactly easy, I made it to the top in 2 hours, but maybe it's because I'm fortunate to be able to hike hilly trails a couple of days a week at home. When I got to the top there were patches of clouds blowing in and out, so there were only partial views, but it was still worth it to hike through the lovely green forest. All in all, maybe not for the out-of-shape or new hiker, but if you are an avid hiker, it's not too bad. :)

A beautiful trail and destination! the view of the mountains from the upper falls and the water slide at the lower falls makes for an amazing hike.

Steep and lots of roots. Beautiful scenery.

Closed due to storm damage.

Nice for a great walk or running trail. Don’t actually consider this hiking, personally. The trail is extremely wide (with horse droppings) so this fit in more as a nature walk. Pretty scenery and easy for everyone.

Very rocky. Not suitable for dogs. It was cloudy/foggy but had some amazing areas/overlook places. Overall a very amazing trail!

My wife and I are experienced hikers and do several hikes a year. That said I would rate this as a moderate to almost difficult trail. It is very poorly marked. We walked to the upper falls route going in and didn't see a blaze until we were almost down to the river. On the way out blazes were sporadic at best and many that were there were very faded. That said it was a great waterfall hike with a lot of off shoot trails that take you to several swimming holes. This is a good hike for everyone including families that are looking for some cool water swimming. We'll certainly return with our swimwear.

Water was high when we were there. Great hike . Really enjoyed the views and falls .

Easily the best trail in all of NC! From the great parking area, the first 1/4 of the trail descended along the creek through rhododendrons and creek beds. The next 1/2 is almost all switchbacks and stairs with a few opportunities for some bouldering, but is absolutely beautiful! The last 1/4 is an endurance marathon where you climb across rock formations, twisted roots, and take 3 ladders up to the top of Calloway Peak made very slippery on a rainy day! All in all....8.4 miles travelled in the rain but cannot wait to do this trail again soon!

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This was a great little trail to pick up over summer. You're well-covered most of the way under a tree canopy that sometimes closes in to be charming and cozy. The trail itself is mostly uphill and peaceful. There's camping at the end (including a rope line to put your food out of reach). My biggest complaints are the folks who hike in with four itty bittys and a 16oz bottle of water to share between the lot of them, and the utter ambiguousness of the trail ending. It ditches into a series of small campsites, but has no definite end. I ended up traipsing around the woods trying to figure out if there was a view I was somehow missing, before giving up and scrambling up a few rock faces. The views were pretty decent, though challenging to track down.

I *strongly* suggest that if you have the time (and energy, snacks, and water), that you take at least a half mile jaunt up the Cragway Trail (you can access it a little ways back from the end of the Nuwati). The Cragway is steep, narrow, and strenuous, but the views even a little ways up are fantastic. If you're feeling ambitious, you can keep going until you hit the Daniel Boone Scout Trail, take a left, and you'll loop all the way back to the start of the Nuwati (I obviously suggest looking up that route on AllTrails so you're not going in blind).

Amazing climb, my personal favorite to date. A wide variety of terrain, rock formations, and even begins next to a picturesque brook. Great rock scrambles. Difficulty level is accurate, not for beginning hikers but you also don't need to be a serious, super skilled hiker either.

Fun trail! Power hiked it with my 14 year old son. Took us about 3.5 hours for the 7.5 miles with a couple rests. It is pretty technical especially after the fresh spring. Will do again next time we are in the area.

Very dangerous! Please be careful. Multiple drowning deaths have occurred, including two in 2018 alone. Even swimming at the base is dangerous. See article:

So much fun!

Hubby and I hiked this in August, 2017. It is a tough trail, but so worth it!!
It took us around 5.5-6 hours, round trip, including a 30 minute lunch break at the top. I have back and hip issues, so that probably increased our time a bit, but I loved it!!

Tough hike with great sense of accomplishment!

Greatest trail I have yet hiked. Just do it.

A calm and peaceful place. I loved the view of Cone Manor tucked in between the mountains. The water lillies & flowers on Bass Lake were lovely.

Loved it! a beautiful trail and water. fairly rugged for us who are not regular hikers, but great fun.

fun hike. lunch on lake

This is one of our favorite hikes, perfect for a nice afternoon outing.

Best hike I’ve ever been on! Challenging and adventurous! Best payoffs at the top and so many lookout spaces that it took a whole hour longer than expected since we kept stopping to look at the views! Well worth taking a whole day to explore and enjoy! Don’t go if you are afraid of heights or if you do not feel comfortable close to edges because there are a lot on this trail!

Great trail, the views from the top are amazing.
It is not as hard as some people wrote here, the only difficult section was about 2/3 through, where you have maybe of 10 minutes of nice incline,
Love the ladders part - they were a lot of fun :)

I may have to go back and re-score all previous hikes. This is a 5 all the way - beautiful foliage, multiple stream crossings, technical climbs, gorgeous views, well-maintained trail and great parking lot amenities.

Seemed to be on the high side of 7.5 miles RT, which took right at 4 hours, 55 minutes. Great to see so many families out on this trail - even though we encountered multiple groups, the trail did not seem crowded.

Scramble up the boulder tumble takes some agility and heart, and on the way back down, it takes patience. Don't rush this hike - it's breathtaking all the way up and all the way down.

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