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Today, I randomly picked a local hike off my AllTrails Map and it happened to be Corrals-Bob’s Trail Loop. I loved it! Parking was easy; there’s street parking across from the trailhead (on Bogus Basin rd) for about 7 vehicles and more ways to access the Loop nearby. At first glance on the App, I thought the loop was short and easy. Upon starting the hike, I was pleasantly surprised at the distance (~8.5 miles) and elevation gain (~1,500 feet). I started at Bogus Basin Rd, went through two gates and took a right onto Highlands Trail, choosing the counter-clockwise path around the Loop. Highlands Trail zig-zagged down to a culdesac and took a sharp left onto Bob’s Trail. Bob’s Trail followed a dry creek bed and climbed all the way up to Corral’s Trail. Corral’s Trail provided great views of the treasure valley and continued up to over 4,200 ft elevation before descending back and around all the way to Bogus Basin Rd, passing along Jeep Trail on the way. You have to pay attention as there are several forks in the trail along the Loop. Overall I got more than I bargained for, but I’m an experienced hiker and this hike provided a good workout. The weather was Sunny, Windy, and 53 degrees; perfect for a fast hiking pace. I was hiking solo so I finished quickly in 2 hours 20 minutes. If hiking in a group and enjoying the experience, it would likely take about 4 hours. This hike would be a totally different experience if there was water flowing through the stream beds. So I’ll surely be revisiting Corrals - Bob’s Trail Loop in April. I would suggest doing this Trail in the Spring for full effect!

The trail is very well maintained and relativly easy to climb. My 4 and 6 yr old had no issues. There are some geocahes and letterboxes on the hike to make it more fun.

Great trails with a few wooden bridges and step over barriers to keep the motorized vehicles off the trail. Beautiful scenery and a lot of the trail is under trees. Sharing the trail with bicycles and hikers but most were courteous.

Very pretty!

I would recommend going south, some parts aren’t well marked had s great time. At this time of year all the creeks are completely dry.

Went in September, it was such a site to see. There is two ways in from bogus basin, left is a dirt road (faster) the other was a paved road. 4x4s can go left and don't recommend cars going left. App says kid friendly, my daughter who is 4 couldn't finish. If going in September bring cold weather clothes. Boise can be 90 and up there can be in the 5Os. 5 bucks to park your vehicle up there. Enjoy the amazing views to the north. Have fun

2 months ago

This was my first time out into the trails around Boise besides Table Rock. Loved this hike! It was shorter than I thought and might have to explore the expansion next time, but man the views at the top are unbeatable. It’s mid September so no flowers for now, but the fall colors and peaking through here and there and the weather is perfect.

Fun hike but more of a biker trail or running.

The permissible hours of the Jump Creek Recreation area are STRICTLY enforced. An Owyhee County Sheriff officer said this is because of criminal and/or dangerous incidents that have occurred here in the past: accidental death, officer impersonation, attempted kidnapping, etc. Pretty scary stuff.
The current fine for trespassing off-hours is $156 and I’ve heard the judge rarely dismisses them, regardless of the reason. Several times I’ve seen an Owyhee County Sheriff truck parked above the parking lot waiting to issue tickets to anyone who lingers beyond the closing time.
I posted a pic of the hours sign. Although it is large it can be easy to miss on the drive in if you’re not looking for it.
That being said, the area is lovely during daylight, although it is popular. A lot of families, groups of teens, and young adults frequent here. Most users leave no trace, but you will likely see some litter. It’s a short, easy hike to the falls/swimming hole. Some sections of the trail are sandy and it’s easy to slip .. watch your footing.
The drive to the area is beautiful, particularly in the Spring. The falls are bigger in the Spring as well, however the trail is likely to be wet and therefore slippery so be careful.

2 months ago

Excellent and easy trial with a beautiful waterfall and small pool at the end. Dog and kid friendly. Great for a hot summer day!

This was a beautiful loop, even in the middle of the summer. The creeks were dried up but still plenty to see. He cautious of the multitudes of bikes on the trail. But those we encountered were very friendly. There are a bunch of forks in the trail that give a lot of options, Bob's Trail was our favorite part of the loop, I recommend leaving this trail for the end of the hike for the surprise of beauty!

Very nice work out. No shade and lots and lots of bugs. Stink bugs and those big crickets. It was eerie in some areas where the trail narrowed and you had to duck to avoid the over grown branches that blocked your path. You were surrounded by the sounds of all these bugs all around you. And you had to dodge the bugs that jumped out at you. This is why the low score. Not a fan of bugs but this was a bit much. Less dogie droppings. then some ;)

Great family hike, took the 2 mile loop which has a lot of pretty flowers and views. Good to be out of the smoke and heat of Boise. It started to get hot on the back trail without a lot of trees.

Very pleasant hike. Several spots had amazing views. Good variety in the available views.

This trail is great! definitely going to do this at least once a week

Morningstar from the upper lodge to the lower lodge is now marked "Bike riders only".

What a beautiful hidden gem out in the middle of the barren high desert! I will suggest if you hike the upper trail, that takes off from the upper parking lot, understand that it dead ends at a beautiful vista which offers a photo opportunity and not to the falls. Also wear proper hiking boots as the trail is very narrow and slippery.

I ended up being the first person there at 7:45am on Saturday 6/30/18! Crowd started rolling in around 9. Stunning waterfall. Very cold, but worth the dunk

4 months ago

Loved it! My 6 year old loved it, too! It’s a beautiful small hike that leads to a gorgeous waterfall and swimming area.

Good cardio, but lots of cicadas jumping around (and at you!). Might just be the time of year. Will probably go back in the Fall!

Good, clean fun. A solid trail.

if you’re feeling up to it, take the extension! It’s about a 4 mile loop — lots of beautiful wildflowers and shade along the trail. Beware, the road up to the trailhead is closed until June 13, so until then, you’ll have to hike an extra 2 miles in each way (though if you have time, the hike in is also quite beautiful — Park at the Pioneer Condos and take some of the ski trails up to Schafer Butte.

Nice easy walk with my dad. A little busy because of Memorial Day weekend but still nice to get out...

great trail for families!

Read in the Bogus Basin Summer Activities and Trails pamphlet that MTBProject.com ranked this trail as #1 in Idaho and one of the top 40 in the nation, so I figured I’d try it out. Number 1 it is. I hike and bike trails in Boise all the time and this was by miles the best one yet. Beautiful single track for bikers and hikers. The views are those that photographers dream of. The trail itself is very well maintained. And as it says, this is a moderate trail. There’s some easy parts and some where it gets kinda technical. The climbs are excellent, not too easy but not too difficult. There’s some downhill and Bogus even threw in about a dozen berms to add more fun to the experience. The drain off from the snow flows onto the trail, but the people at Bogus are so damn smart, they decided to make rock bridges so the trail doesn’t get eroded and keeps it looking natural. Near the end when you come up to Pioneer Lodge, you can stay on this trail or go onto another. I went onto another trail which was an experience in and of itself.

If I could give 10 stars, I would do it in a heartbeat!! Great ride today. Looking forward to my next ride on this trail

Great trail..... amazing views!

Amazing family fun with the kids. There are two trails to follow. The one on the right is steep and takes you to the overlook. Be very careful if you have kids because it is difficult. Take the lower Trail on the left to get to the falls. Only a 0.6 mile hike there and back. Super easy for the kids. If you plan on going in the water I recommend bringing water shoes since the rocks under water can be jagged and sharp.

5 months ago

Great road, great views!! Saw lots of Mormon crickets and some lizards. So many beautiful wild flowers. There were these little tiny black flying bugs that swarmed us while we were trying to eat lunch, but other than that we had so much fun!

Easy family hike! My 5 year old and 2 year old walked most of it. The waterfall at the end makes it worth it!

This is not Shingle Creek, near Dry Creek. This is Bobs Trail and 8th Street.

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