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My family and I have been to The Roman Lakes many times. The trails to the lakes are easy to hike to. The Upper Lake is definitely worth the hike, even to the far end and further up the mountain for a higher view. We have camped at the camp sites (3 sites + group site) no camp trailers allowed. Forestry rules state that you can pitch your tent 14 days at a time., even if it’s to hold your spot for a weekend. Fishing is not the best, but there’s easy access to the main lake for Kayaking. It’s a phenomenal place to watch meteor showers!

20 days ago

A great destination for an overnight trip.

21 days ago

October - Mid Fall

Roman Nose Lakes showcases what the Selkirk mountains have to offer but with easy access for those that aren’t prepared for more adventurous back country exploring.

Being able to drive directly to the lowest of lakes without any hiking is what makes this location popular. The first lake is also arguably the more beautiful (although I did not visit the middle lake). The other lakes are also within a few miles hiking distance, and it is fairly easy hiking to get to them.

If you’ve been to any other lakes in the Selkirks, you’ll know what to expect. Green and emerald lakes, with granite mountain backdrops.

I would advise caution if following the GPS coordinates provided by AllTrails. While they do lead directly to the trailhead, When coming from the south, mapping software might route you on heavily unmaintained roads. The main entrance to the lake seems to be Snow Creek Road.

Parking is large enough to fit several cars, and there is also a campground for those that want to spend the weekend there.

27 days ago

(10.6.18) We followed the GPS to a closed gate that we are assuming is closed do to logging in that area.

30 days ago

We did a group hike on a beautiful day. The views go on forever and the alpine lakes were gorgeous. Tail was easy to moderate and easy to follow.

1 month ago

Pros: Longer hike for those looking for a challenge, gradual incline, breathtaking rock surrounding the lake
Cons: can be tiring, many spots on upper trail and by lake are un protected, not very many potential campsites
I did an overnight trip here in early Oct 2018. I carried a full backpacking load up the (7 miles) trail to the lake. I did pretty well pace wise until the last 1.5 miles or so, when the incline increased a bit and the altitude became more of a factor. That being said, I was blown away by the scenery, especially the rock formations, surrounding this lake. Definitely in my top 3 for North Idaho alpine lake scenery. The first half of the trail is goes through lush forest, and in the fall, is awash in yellows and reds. As a backpacker, I recognized the scarcity of potential good sites by the lake, and while I was alone this time, I would be careful to get to the lake early in peak season. The lake shore is rather unprotected, and there aren't that many options for gathering deadfall for firewood. At 14 miles round trip, this trail is not for the endurance challenged, though it is achievable with proper pacing. Some of the creeks that you cross on the way up may be dry in Summer, so bring water. Overall, I highly recommend this trail for fit hikers.
At one point the road advises "high clearance vehicles only" , however this is only partially true. A cautious driver could get a van or some similar vehicle to the trailhead, in my opinion

We went there a group of 4 of us today late September. We were planning on doing the 8 mile loop but only made it to the lake and back. The hike to the lake isn’t bad just constant uphill for a few miles. We brought bear spray but didn’t see any bears. Did think we smelled them a few times though. It was a beautiful hike and worth it. Recommend going just be prepared for the wildlife. Also the drive to the hiking spot is pretty much a dirty road on the side of a mountain. My little car made it but I was afraid the rocks were gonna pop my tire a few times. No phone service.

paddle sports
1 month ago

This is not a hiking trail. This is a canoe or kayak route. Best to do this some time between late spring and late summer. I did this in mid-August, and the water level was almost too low. Be advised that the current is strong enough that you might consider having a pickup strategy downstream, rather than trying to fight the current back.

Great little hike! The bridge from Naples is open now so you can go that way. It's pretty neat because there are three lakes and one of them is handicap accessible! Very pretty drive and it's a subalpine terrain once you get up there. LOTS of huckleberries. The road is really nice for being a dirt road I think any car could get up there.

2 months ago

Did this trail as an overnight. Saw a few other hikers and Hunters. Everyone was very polite and had great trail etiquette.
The hike itself is a constant incline so if anyone you are going with isn't in decent shape it will be strenuous and potentially slow going. The views are totally worth it a highly recommend. There is a bear box provided which was very appreciated. At the lake there are limited options for pitching a tent so get there first if it's a popular weekend.

Do not take the road from Naples, go through Bonner’s Ferry.

2 months ago

Three beautiful lakes were the bonus, plus a few huckleberries, plus some bitter elderberries....

Beautiful day and a beautiful lake. Well worth the drive and well worth the hike to see the prize at the top. Kind of surprised to see so many dogs off leashes even if the sign says they should be on them

2 months ago


I couldn't help myself, the last review was a little dramatic, to say the least.

Hunt Lake is an "easy" hike in for an alpine lake. I've backpacked this spot four times now and I love it. The road is a little rough and you do need a truck or jeep to get up the last mile of washed out road.

The trail in is hard to follow as people have created multiple trails over the mix of bouldering and dirt trails. When you start out the more trail version to the lake is more north of the boulders and the "red dot" trail is right through the middle. If you do follow the red dots on the rocks be sure to head a little north when you reach the incline as the trail takes you up. I'm not sure the last review by Joshua might have been because he got lost and off trail. It really isn't that hard. I see kids out there all the time and we had a 13-year-old with us on this trip who loved it.


We camped Friday and Saturday. The wind was bad Friday night but not Saturday. Saturday night was clear and the stars were amazing but it was cold at night and there was frost in the AM.

At this point, I think it could snow up there anytime. I've gone in October and woke up to snow.

Take a real axe if you want to have a fire as all the small stuff has been picked over. Good fishing but only really at Golden hour.

Have fun and be safe!

2 months ago

Great trails around the lakes
Roads are a bit tough but doable in our minivan
Plan on an hour from Naples
Trails are in great shape and lots of huckleberries along the way

Well worth the drive from North Spokane

on Roman Nose Lakes

2 months ago

Such an amazing hike.

trail running
2 months ago

Steady grade up. Take a dip in the river at the bottom.

The road up to Roman Nose was too bad to make it to the top, so had to make a detour (thanks to Stan Peterson’s directions in another review); my sedan did make it, but I would recommend something with higher clearance. Absolutely beautiful area and one is my favorite hikes with spectacular views. Cairns lead the way once the trail gets lost in the rocks and the lakes are breathtaking. Near the trailhead on the way back, ran into a family that said they saw a bear a short ways a way and shortly after could hear it roaring nearby. Also, although it says no hunting, I do believe there were hunters getting ready to head out and did hear a few gunshots while hiking.

This was a GREAT family hike. 3.7 miles is the entire distance, 1.8 each way. Lots of scenery from overlooks of the lake to tall cedar forests, and several in between. Overall, the trail goes up and down, which makes for a nice rest period after each uphill portion. My 7 and 9 year olds had a blast and neither had any difficulty with the trail.

There is a parking lot and pit toilet at each end. There is also a really nice picnic area with tables at the North end of the trail. We will definitely be back and plan to picnic there!

2 months ago

Great trail, moderate hike but long

2 months ago

Very disappointing hike. Why did everyone love this one? First off, you should be warned that the drive is a long gravel road and hard to find. Thanks to the previous reviewer’s info about turning at the red barn, we eventually found the right road. But 2-3 miles down the road we went towards “All trails” instead of “campground”. Big mistake! Horrendous 2.5 miles of potholes!
The hike itself was okay, but should only be done on a clear sunny day. It’s very smoky right now, so no views. With no views, this hike is definitely not worth the drive.

A beautiful trail for the whole family. The views are spectacular. In late spring there are many little waterfalls along the path. Early summer has wildflowers: lupine, beargrass, monkshood. Later in summer you'll find thimbleberries and huckleberries. The description of this trail states "November through April." That's if you'll be Nordic skiing or snowshoeing. For hiking, late May through October.

2 months ago

great hike and very gradual elevation gain. there are excellent place to camp and the snow is pretty much gone. I would recommend a fly pole because there is plenty of good fishing.

2 months ago


One star for App accuracy! 5 stars for beauty!

To begin with, do not follow Google Maps to the trailhead. The road you want is the same road as the “Willow Bay Restaurant”. As of today (8/18/18) logging operations have the normal road totally closed off or dead ended. Take the road past the Willow Bay Restaurant and stay right until you see the first post labeled “Hunt Lake” and an arrow for direction. From that point you will need a fairly high clearance vehicle. (There was a Ford Escape SUV with broken rocker panels because of the depth of the washouts)

As far as this app is concerned; it’s useless. The starting point and end point for this trail is correct, but everything in between is off. Ignore the “trail line” in the app completely and just follow the markers (flags and paint marks).

The trail itself should really be updated to “hard” or “difficult”. I’ve hiked many trails in the Northwest and done my fair share of rock climbing, and this trail is tough. The ENTIRE trail is on boulders. Okay.... 90% of the “trail”. I use the term “trail” loosely here because what you’re doing is looking ahead to the next marker, and then playing a high stakes game of hopscotch for 1.5 miles.

The lake is beautiful and well worth the trip, and know you will never do another hike like this. Just read this and hopefully you won’t get misdirected and burn up most of your day looking for an actual trail.

Great hike, but the trail above the lake is a little bit overgrown (still easy to follow though).

Very mellow hike with multiple lakes and beautiful views. Highly recommend

3 months ago

Great trail, beautiful view of the lake!

3 months ago

A splendid hike with gorgeous views! It starts at the Green Bay Campground and heads northeast for about two hours worth of a hike. Keep in mind it is a climb, however the temperate forest provide a great deal of shade which facilitate a nice light breeze to cool you down.

Pros: Easy hike to lake, sheltered, surrounding mountains are accessible without too much scrambling
Cons: Lake Darling itself is, in my opinion , underwhelming, and mosquitos can be a big problem
I did this hike in 2013 Summer, for a group overnight backpacking trip. It was selected due to ease of access, but I was , overall, not impressed. The driving to the trail head took a while, and the trail was relatively easy, with gradual incline, but our stay at the lake itself was rather unpleasant. Despite being a higher elevation lake, Lake Darling is effectively a flooded meadow, and a good part of the shore is grassy and moist. Too many of the potential camp sites are in this grassy area, and we experienced a ton of Mosquitos at night, and I ended up getting Giardia from the muddy water, despite thinking it was purifed (we did run it through filters). The area also lacks some of the magnificent rock-fall that makes so many Idaho Lakes appealing, so in my opinion, there are much better options for hiking to lakes in the region. 2/5 stars.

3 months ago

This is a kayak/canoe/float - NOT A HIKE! Accessible May - Mid/Late July. At end of July expect to walk your raft through shallow/sandbar spots.

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