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Blue Hills Trails Map

This is a fun and interesting, mostly well-marked trail. The Skyline trail itself has the blue blazes which are easy to follow, but there are also some criss-cross smaller trails that this follows, which were nice for feeling like you’re really in the woods.

Nice moderately difficult hiking trail. Amazing views from the top.

Really good. Easier than moderate except for a couple of steep climbs.

Great view of Boston from Elliot Tower - pretty rocky for little kids

Loved this trail. Interesting with some good rougher landscapes and inclines mixed with easy trail. I didn’t have too much time so this shorter one was great. Took about an hour stopping for pictures. Want to go back soon to try the longer loop.
Looks like there was fresh Blue paint for trail marking. One tricky spot I almost took a wrong turn but the AllTrails app actually helped me out with that.

I️ grew up right on this hill. I️ bring my dog all the time up there, and she runs freely. Just be careful because there are some horses on the trail some times.

There are two ways to go. You can take the shorter way which is a smaller loop of the hill. Or, you could continue straight down and do parallel to the road and do the bigger loop. Nice views, and I️ love being in the woods.

-Great windy trails: be alert of route crosses
-close to Boston
-High Weeds: Tick alert
-unexpected climbs and dips: good inclines
-few bike restricted rocky climbs but still bike friendly

great hike route in the blue hills!

Rattlesnake hill has a great summit with a wide open view of Boston and the Golf Course. Wampatuck is a bit higher than Rattlesnake. Best to park by St Moritz pond and take the skyline to wampatuck, then turn around and take the green trail back to the parking lot.

This is a great hike, Buck hill has several great views, including a nice one of Boston. Recommend ascending Tucker hill first and ending your hike with the red trail back; takes 1-2 hours.

I should have done it in clockwise direction. I did the trail starting at the skating rink and going counter clockwise. The first half is pretty flat, mundane. Half way through, the trail got steep and there was quite of bit of bouldering. I was pretty tired already. The trail offers little shade on the way back. Take lots of breaks! Views are pretty good, but again, this is only on the second half of the trail if going counter clockwise( lower part of loop).

A nice mix of terrain. Really relaxing and enjoyable. A few areas of moderate scrambling, but mostly an easy hike. There’s a few areas where trail markers could be better placed. The switchover from the skyline to the green dot trail is a bit vague.

Great trek. Was trying to get +1,000' elevation gain but only got +666'. Not hard to do if you want to put in a 10K or so. I will be back, this is a great section of the Blue Hills!

Would agree with Joel this trek is not well marked and without a compass and known landmarks I would have felt uncomfortable. I am however new to trekking but I do have good compass and geospatial skills. I was uncomfortable with this hike.

This is a great trail to practice some basic hiking skills (bouldering) and distance without being too far away from civilization. My 3.5 year old did his first hill summit, but it was still challenging enough to get my heart rate up in some parts. A word of caution: the back part of this trail goes through about 1/2 mile of high weeds (as of 8/26/18.) We RAN through it trying to avoid ticks. This takes you around the hills you did in the beginning of the hike, and makes for an easier finish. However when we do this again, we will make it an out and back (as opposed to a double-helix) to get some more bouldering/ hill practice in. The best part about these trails is you can truly make them your own. You can add or subtract distance or difficulty. I'm looking forward to doing this hike in the Fall when we can see better views of Boston!

park at Washington street and green street. difficult going up, nice pavilion at top with great view of boston. enjoyed it!

Great to do with your kids. Very flat with the exception of the final .2 miles up the hill. However , it is well maintained with a
Rock staircase ascending most the .2 miles.

Been awhile since I hiked this section of the Great Blue Hills. Love Hawk Hill and this entire section. I was looking to get some vertical training in and managed +900' elevation gain between peaks! Found quite a few nice vista points, really like the Hawk Hill vista. I'll be back!

Took the red trail up to the top from the Blue Hills Trailside Museum parking area, and took the blue and green trails back. Beautiful hike; really enjoyed it with the kids too.

Lots of fun to climb, really a steep start, but the views are worth it. Parking was kind of far away

6 months ago

Super rocky and not my favorite. Struggled with signage above the skyline. Narrow areas where I felt super nervous I would fall and hurt my ankles. Hiked in the late afternoon and would recommend hiking earlier so as to not feel pressured. Took a detour for an overlook and hiked over 7.6 miles. Not sure I would hike this same trail again.

I added Houghton Hill and Wolcott Hill as I was trying to max out my elevation gain. I got over 700' gain between these peaks and without doing Great Blue Hill. Sweet!

Good trail, good views even on a cloudy day. The dog and I had a blast! It is definitely rocky so be prepared, Stop by the visitors center before you start to get your bearings and advice on where to start, they were very helpful.

There are so many trails, it's hard to keep up which one you are doing. Anyway, just good if you can't get out of the city, nice little wood

Not mind blowing or remote, but honestly, this is so great considering you're still in metropolitan greater Boston. There is some great elevation change and wonderful views. And 6 miles is 6 miles.

First trail I hiked in the blue hills, good view from the observation tower!

This is an awesome not so trafficked trail, making you feel like you’re hiking in a remote area until you reach one of the small summits and see the city skyline reminding you’re not far from Boston at all.

Really nice loop early in the day. Half is pretty flat and woodsy, the other half has hills and rocks. The flat part was also nice because there was lighter traffic.

Parked on Randolph Ave and headed up Hawk Hill. Continued easterly to Barberry Bush Trail and the Great Cedar Swamp. Bushwacked a bit over to the direct route up Kitchamakin Hill. Turned westerly over Fenno Hill to Chickatawbut peak. Continued by the Education Center then headed down the Skyline Trail back to my car. This is a terrific trek and property. Just do it!

This was my first time at Blue Hills. It’s beautiful! While not all of this trail was marked great the trails were still pretty easy to follow. Only a few times did I lose the trail but easily picked it back up. My dog came with and he absolutely loves exploring! It was a pretty good hike for him too, nothing too difficult for him. He’s a small 25lb Pup that has no problem scaling large rocks. You could start to see some new life in the trees. I can’t wait to come back in a few weeks to see how much it’s grown in!

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