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Black Hills SD Map

Very easy. Breathtaking. Connects to other trails for more of a challenge :) don’t forget $20 for the entry fee!

2 days ago

Been hitting it hard last few days. Haven’t been up with my dog since coyote sightings. Beautiful this morning. All fog covered when you hit BR

Sylvan Lake is such a pretty lake, and this is a nice trail for a walk/short workout. The back side of the trail has some light rocky parts so you don’t feel like you’re just walking an urban trail. After hiking Black Elk Peak yesterday, my muscles needed some easy work, and twice around the trail was perfect. There’s a scenic lookout on the north end of the lake where you can take photos, and if you’re a rock climber, there’s a nice one back there.

Love it

nice trail with the falls on one end and a fish hatchery on the other end.


this is four trails, with varying levels of difficulty, that originate and end at Buzzard's Roost. Beautiful view at the end.

Easy trail just outside of Rapid City. Great payoff at the end with expansive views. I have done this trail many times and have always had it to myself. If you can catch it on the right days you will be able to watch hot air balloons take off.

on Buzzards Roost

10 days ago

Great hike with lots of trail options for different difficulty levels. We were on a new trail that they were still working on and it was fantastic. View from the top is spectacular!

11 days ago

Interesting to walk through base of towering spires. Top/end of trail anticlimactic. Journey through spires best part of trail.

11 days ago

Pretty man-made lake with dam. Gravel trail well maintained. Crowded with vacationing tourists.

11 days ago

Great hike with some great views. It really puts the CSP Fire into perspective as you can’t see the effects much from the road. I recommend doing the trail clockwise.

12 days ago

Combined this trail with the b loop on the flume trail. Very nice scenery with great views from the summit.

14 days ago

Really nice hike through some different terrain. Took this trail counterclockwise and glad we did started with some and and downs and some even ground along a creek and yellowing aspens, very pretty. Outlook was about a mile from the end of our hike and was a great view. Climb the rocks and you will be rewarded with a lovely 360 view.

Great Hike following the steam. There are 13 steam crossing (one way) and some waterfalls. We really enjoyed the hike and scenery. Lots of poison ivy so keep an eye out for it.

17 days ago

Hiked this with my husband, mom and three boys (9, 5, & 2). Easy walking, a little section of going through rocks. Really neat to see the spires as it’s not our usual scenery. Definitely a must do hike in Custer State Park. I would not considerate it to be a strenuous hike as many of the literature states.

18 days ago

Parts of the trail aren't all that interesting and I had to ask where to find the trailhead, but the view at the top was enjoyable.

19 days ago

This hike is a moderate to difficult hike depending on your adventure level. It would be a full five stars if there wasn’t trash and graffiti that ruins the natural setting. The view is spectacular! I went early morning to watch the sun rise.

Paved, very accessible and very easy. The falls are beautiful and this is a great place to get out and stretch your legs even if you are just passing through.

Definitely a favorite!

Very fun rocky hike with gorgeous South Dakota views. The spires are unlike anything I've seen, and there's plenty of places to rock climb, even for the not-so-experienced rock climbers like myself. I did split open my knee on the way back down the trail to the parking lot so be sure to watch your step and take your time maneuvering the rocks along the way. Overall an extremely fun trip and I highly recommend it!

29 days ago

nice trail, gradual elevation

fun fun fun, for little kids also safe

Really great, varied hike BUT be prepared for POISON IVY. If you travel the loop clockwise you will start with a steep ascent and then for the rest of the trail you'll be level, with occasional ups and downs, and gradual descent. During the second part of the hike, you cross a stream several times and in these low lying areas, poison ivy is everywhere and the trail is not well maintained so the ivy encroaches on the trail. Wear pants or at least gators. Also - note that the blue diamond blazes as you approach the main road (clockwise) do not match the marked trail on All Trails layer. The trail on the map appears to go towards the road and then you travel on a path along the road. However the blue diamond blazes follow a path farther from the road and a bit uphill. Just be aware of the discrepancy.

This is scenic. But it is NOT a strenuous hike. The trail is wide and flat for all ages and abilities.

1 month ago

A mixture of everything including POISON IVY.. Trail really WELL MARKED. Continuing along the creek with crossovers. Fun to see the fresh Buffalo tracks and droppings on the trail and where I might see him. I very much enjoyed walking along and looking down at different fragments of stone catching the morning sun. I met a fewfolks out later in the am, including a older guy ( guessing 70 ) from Rapid City out for a run on the trail with his dog. I’ve never gotten poison ivy before and as I was wearing shorts and low cut socks I really was wondering if my time had finally come as it really was unavoidable. Happy to report I didnt. I would like to take my dogs next time! August 12, 2018

on Cathedral Spires Trail

1 month ago

So beautiful!! Even the drive to get there is worth it.

1 month ago

The best part of lovers leap trail was the views from the top. Wow!!!! If you want to shorten your hike, when you get to the split go left. When you get to the viewpoint turn and go back. By going right you will see a cool stream, perfect for dipping your toes. We saw a deer in this portion. There is a lot of poison ivy on the stream side of the trail. Wear long socks.

The views of the needles were stunning on this hike. Wildflowers, stream crossing and spots to climb rocks on your way up a moderate hike. Lined with wild raspberries, it made it easy to stop and take a look around you. When you get to the trail signs, you are surrounded by granite needles. Meandering is highly recommended.

Beautiful Scenery!

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