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Took the dog with us, nice view, peaceful, and a must do!

on Sunday Gulch Trail

11 hours ago

One of my favorite black hills hikes. Not too long, but easy to get to TH, beautiful scenery, a bit of bouldering, family can handle it, AND who doesn't like waterfalls

Did this trail in 3 1/2 hours. Amazing views from the top. Bring sun screen!

Great hike not hard ! Short and sweet. Parking was a little hard to find. Rock Climbers were amazing to watch

Nice easy walking trail. Up and back in under 2.5 hours. Beautiful view from the Harney Peak lookout, worth the trek utilizing trail 9

I thought this was a very challenging hike for the first mile. I started at the gulch with the water running over the steps and big boulders. I am glad they put the handrails, they sure came in handy. I truly enjoyed this hike and the challenges it provided, once you get through the water streams it gets easier.

Definitely recommend this trail, it’s a perfect day hike. Bring plenty of water as it is very exposed to the sun.

Great hike and we had fun keeping track of where we were in relation to the top of the mountain. I believe we took trail 9 and it was less busy but still passing people on the trail. Worth it for the view!Bring lots of water and a nice snack to munch on at the top - lots of places to sit and eat. Also I had 4 bars of service! Guess no obstruction to the towers.

took cathedral spires up to black elk peak. AMAZING!

Great views the whole trip. Make the loop to check out the needles. Bring plenty water in the summer, it’s hot. Some views look similar to Yosemite based on pictures. Bring a swimsuit to swim at top

Nice trail that is well marked!

Awesome hike, slightly overcrowded but I’ve been on much worse. Went up trail #9 and down #4, I think #9 had better scenery and a more gradual incline. If I was to do it again, I’d go up and back down trail #9. But if you want to avoid crowds, #4 had far less people. Bring more water than you think you need.

This is a unique hike. In hiking terms it would be strenuous. There is significant "scrambling" at the end. The trail itself has some areas of scree and loose rocks.
The only disappointment is the destruction caused by the pine beetle. I've heard stories of the gorgeous hike through the canopy, but the hike is very exposed due to the devestating loss of trees.
Still, this is an amazing hike with awesome views of the cathedral spires and the central Black Hills.

We started early for a couple of reasons. It was going to be a hot day and we wanted to do multiple hikes in one. It is a solid hike on relatively well marked tails. As with any hike it makes sense to have a map with you. Even the final turn at the peak isn't obvious. In fact, we built a cairn on that corner to create another obvious clue.
It is beautiful and the structure at the top is unique.
We watched a mountain goat graze at the top. The ghost later took a nap in the shade in spite of the hikers.
It did start to get crowded at the top after we had spent over an hour up there. My guess is that many hikers are in the trail by 8 or 9. At 7, we had the trail to ourselves.

Was a great hike very challenging for a newbie like myself but once at the top it was worth it!

10 days ago

This was the wife's and my first hike of the year, and it was GORGEOUS. We decided to take our time and enjoy the hike, and brought our 4 year old shepherd lab mix. We made it up in an hour and thirty eight minutes, taking 3 short tests along the way. the views are amazing, and the vegetation is lush in many places. we're not extremely fit, but fairly active and we found this hike, at our leisurely pace, to be between easy and moderate. after a brief lunch at the top, we made it down in and hour and ten minutes, essentially letting our hips and gravity set the pace. The trail itself is very well maintained and easy to follow. This is a must do for a short half day hike or if you're in the area.

Great trail, definitely worth it. We hiked it with a 3 year old and a 5 year old. The 3 year old needed to be carried a good bit but the 5 year old made it to the top without any problems. One of the best endings to a trail in the hills. It's like a shorter, easier Harney (black elk). Highly recommended!

on Crow Peak Trail

16 days ago

Not a fair review, cause we didn’t make it to the top, so no views. Hiking along in the lush forest was pretty. Lots of wildflowers. A consistent uphill hike, but not too difficult, we were worried about the weather coming in.

16 days ago

Hiked this yesterday - 6-28-18. Best hike I’ve done in a long time! This felt like the longest 4 miles I’ve done in a while (I mean that in the best way possible). About half of the trail is maneuvering over rocks, crossing streams and going up and down hills. I managed to complete the whole trail without getting my feet wet, woo! There are some muddy patches of the trail that were a little difficult to go around without stepping in it but I did it. I did see a snake. It was probably about an inch in diameter and maybe 2 feet long. It was all black and it slithered into the bushes so fast I wasn’t able to identify it. Almost completely certain it wasn’t a rattlesnake. Other than that, I didn’t see any wildlife. The trail gets close to the highway in a few spots. Beautiful trail. I highly recommend starting the trail on the west side of the lake so you can save what I think is the most beautiful part of the trail for last. The last part of the trail is a lot of crossing streams and jumping over big boulders while being surrounded on all sides of some towering rocks. Extremely beautiful. Bring lots of water and enjoy!

Challenging for novice hiker, but well-worth it. Take lots of water! Spectacular views. Very crowded on the whole trail.

Super awesome trail. Did this last week with my family and only took us about 1.5 hrs up and maybe an hour to get back. Really unfortunate we did this right when the area got its first rain in months, so it was POURING, and the view at the top was blocked by fog. I give it 4 stars though because the hike was still fun and I’m definitely gonna need to get back here so I can witness the view I’ve heard about!

One of the most breathtaking trails I've ever done! I'm going back (two days in a row)!

What a great hike. Challenging, but doable & we are in our mid 60s! Good photo ops, too.

Living in Colorado, I’ve done a lot of great hikes and don’t through 5 stars out easily but this is a great hike.

The trail condition is quite good, and it combines all the things that make hikes special. Some beautiful creeks down low, a beautiful summit destination, views of the Needles with mountain goat cameos coming down # 4.

Even for a Saturday in the heart of tourist season I did not find the trail overcrowded other than in the final mile to the summit (because you’ve got two-way traffic from three different access trails converging there. We started at 9 am and the parking lot wasn’t filled yet (not something you’d see in Colorado!)

My GPS showed closer to 7.4 miles for distance (we went up 9 and down 4) and about 1550 total climbing. Who knows!

A really beautiful area and I think this is a classic example of a hike that I’d rate moderate (for active adults ... neither monster mountaineers or couch potatoes).

My favorite hike in the hills!

This was just simply amazing! Good hiking shoes and moderate fitness required*
Just climbing the gulch up and down would be a great shorter version, to the right on the trail. We were beat after doing the whole loop.

Great hike with stunning views even if it’s cloudy and rainy! The Spires are a must see and will literally make you feel you are in another world. We took our 3 kids (10-13) and they enjoyed it very much. I would rate this hike moderate but be prepared for much cooler temps and wind at the top of Little Devils tower.

Well worth the trek to the top!!!!

Give yourself plenty of time to finish this trail, it is quite an adventure, with lots of climbing threw rocks, the trail itself is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, with waterfalls, nature and flowers. This is as good as it gets!

Long hike and friendly people.

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