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4 days ago

Beautiful! Creek was mostly frozen and Trail was icy. Worth the trek to see the ice crystals formed on all the vegetation.

Note: Don’t make the mistake I did assuming the trail begins beyond the barrier at the end of the road. My pup and I followed through the snow until it dead-ended l, leaving us in shade, ice and surrounded by what appeared to be the fresh tracks of a very large wild animal.

The actual trailhead looks almost like a game trail up the side of the hill behind all the parked cars you’ll encounter at the end of the road (be careful parking so those there before you can get by on their way back down).

Once we figured out where we were, the trail was a beautiful collection of switchbacks making for an easy hike with a HUGE reward. The views from the top were indescribable. I wish it wouldn’t have been so busy (we had to wait our turn to navigate to the top of the rocks and the cliff for the views) but everyone was incredibly friendly and patient with one another.

Be careful meandering around on the rocks! It’s a long way down!

Can’t wait to experience this one again.

Easy peasy hike with a awe inspiring, breath taking view at the end. Will do again.

A nice trail with switchbacks. You are rewarded with spectacular views when you break out of the trees and are on the ridge. There are about ten trees that have fallen across the trail, prepare to climb over or go around them.

trail running
2 months ago

really good trail running and fantastic view.

2 months ago

Great waterfall and good distance for an easy day hike.

Great hike! Wonderful scenery. Waterfall is beautiful and you are pretty much along the creek the whole time and you can hear the water. Beautiful!

3 months ago

Fantastic hike! Fairly easy hike up multiple switchbacks to the overlook. Great vistas!

Hiked this trail in mid-July. It was hot but the falls were beautiful and I loved the challenge.

I prefer snowshoeing this trail in the winter. Saw a mouse...whom I guess frequents this area often.

Breath taking views. Saw cougar scat on the trail, but my dog did not seem startled. So climbwd to the top. Worth it.

Great hike, been a couple of times and will probably return.

3 months ago

One of my favorite hikes. So beautiful.

Awesome hike. Very gentle switch backs made for a pleasant climb. If you detour to the right just before the overlook, the views are spectacular. Beginner carrying 20lb pack, took about 3hrs total including a short lunch break.

Here's the deal: the lake is actually about 8-9 miles in. The upper reaches of this trail are beautiful, but it's not a half day hike! The final ascent to the lake requires hiking through quite a bit of brushy trail, and overall, you're gaining around 2500 feet. The Montana CCC was there today, cutting deadfall. Much appreciated!

This is another misleading AllTrails intro. It says 6.6 miles out and back, but has a photo of the reservoir... if you want to go part way up and turn back I guess it could be 6.6 miles... but if you want to go all the way up to the reservoir, here’s what we found:
The dam is about 9 miles up, and the last mile is tough. We nicknamed the last bit “the Hellish Steps to Pompeii” because after 8.5 miles, ~15” backcountry “stairs” are quite trying (if not for you, you have my praise!). Campsites are further. We found ours at 10.7 miles.
The reservoir is breathtaking. The water is just pristine.
TOO MANY PEOPLE. And I wouldn’t mind that: I WANT people to enjoy the wilderness! But honestly, the amount of dirty toilet paper we came across was despicable. Please, people, if you go backpacking, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY POOP IN THE WOODS.
Thank you.

Super special!! Trail follows the creek most of the way. Extremely pleasant and scenic!! No steep drop-offs. — just easy pleasure. Enjoyed it so much that I hiked it two days in a row!

Tip: Spend the night a Blodget Campground at base. It’s free, small, and quiet! No water and you need to pack out what you pack in. Camp host, Chris, is a fascinating individual and has encyclopedic knowledge about nature and wildlife. Be sure to have a chat with him!!!

Easy to moderate, amazing views!! Hiked it July 1 and there were several trees down across the trail but nothing too big to climb over.

Gorgeous easy hike. Lots of shade. The end of this hike isn’t at a destination and it can be a bit confusing. You simply turn around at 3.3 miles and it seems so ridiculous. I am tempted to make a sign just so people know when the specified hike ends. Still a stunning hike.

For my first hike it was a amazing start . Make sure you have good shoes with plenty of traction , at one section you have to go thru a forest which is mostly made up of prickly evergreen trees . The view is amazing and totally worth the drive up . Not very much parking and kind of a narrow drive up .

The switchbacks put this hike on the easy end of moderate, and the views and opportunities for exploring at the top are a huge payoff. Absolutely beautiful.

After having done bear creek overlook this trail is not a super good view in comparison. An easy hike though for all ages young-elderly.

Gorgeous view at the top! With the switch backs this trail is easy to do. Saw a few people on the trail and a deer.

Amazing waterfall! The hike is fairly easy and the wildflowers are beautiful up near the falls!

4 months ago

The hike was beautiful - I started not too long after sunrise and was treated to four sunrises as the sun followed me back into the mountains. However, I would be interested to see a recording of somebody who hiked to the lake, and wish that were listed as an entirely separate trail. This 5.5 mile trail does *not* feature a lake. Disappointed by the misleading reviews, photos, and general info provided about this one.

4 months ago

well all trails lied I walked 9 miles to find a lake almost got stuck in the middle of the forest all night great pics 7.1 miles in trail gets sketchy you wonder if your on a trail 2 river crossings a lot of trees are down over the trail

4 months ago

Like so many Bitterroot Canyons, this is a beautiful hike to the falls, and it always feels like we cut it short by turning around!!! Keep going!

4 months ago

Such a beautiful hike, like others have said go in the morning on a cooler day. The heat can make it a pretty difficult hike. The directions it gave us on here were very wrong for finding the trailhead. Overall a beautiful hike will definitely do it again. .

Amazing overlook, surprised by the width and depth of it. Worth the drive up!

4 months ago

definitely a great hike with PHENOMENAL views. the road up is a white knuckle adventure so be careful. the directions were not accurate so check with other web sites for the correct route. short hike to the lake with incredible scenery.

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