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We enjoyed this beautiful place last weekend.

Skip this trail if you want to go hiking in the woods. The only walking trails are really paved beside the river. Once you’re in the woods, it’s a constant barrage of mountain bikes speeding toward you and then getting upset if you don’t see them in time.

Nice and very scenic. Loved this park! Will be back soon!

23 days ago

So much to do at this park. You can hike, you can walk, run, mountain bike, even horse ride. And you have miles and miles to do it all. Love it

We followed the Yellow trail markings which is not exactly The Fort Yargo Lake Loop on AllTrails, but it's close; following the Yellow trail cuts off a small portion next to the lake. Our GPS said 6.2 miles. Easy trail, very well marked, not terribly crowded particularly on the opposite side of the lake. Very minor ups and downs. Pretty.

road biking
1 month ago

Great ride!

lost the trail twice, but mostly our easy distraction.

Nice paved walk. Alot of bikes on this trail. Take my dog for walks on this trail but don't get much of a friendly response from the bikers. Been told by many of them no dog should be allowed.

I enjoy the trails. Walkers need to be mindful of those on bikes. The scenery is heavenly.

Well maintained by SORBA. Diverse terrain of deciduous and pine trees, rises and falls, straightaways and switchbacks. Must stay alert for bikes AND roots/rocks. Avalanche loop 1 & 2 take you above the Little River at a dam and another white water spot. You can hear I-575 traffic, especially in winter. Avalanche loop 3 escapes car noise.

piece a cake trail. got a bit lost once I hit road area but I have to rate this trail as easy...

Easy hike around a shallow lake. No hills to speak of. At points the trail was difficult to follow, especially when the trail hit roads or the campground.

go to for long distance runs

trail running
4 months ago

Beautiful this time of year. Moderate amount of people, but worth the time. Wonderfully maintained so us out of towners enjoyed it thoroughly. Ran 8.5 mi

4 months ago

Great for the family

mountain biking
4 months ago

The trailhead location is accurate on this site and easy to find. It has a detailed map, parking and even a porta-potty.

The trails have a good mix of downhill sections, climbs and flowy single track. There is probably 50miles of riding out there.

I like to think I'm in good shape but haven't been on my bike in a long time. Even riding a heavier bike (trek remedy 8) I was able to ride continuously and had a good time.

I will definitely return and met some locals who say they ride there nearly every weekend without getting bored of it.

4 months ago

Great Autumn hike. The Jake Mountain Trail Loop has moderate downhills and uphills. Nothing too strenuous. We encounters two Jones Creeks crossings, One was mid shin (we removed our hiking boots to cross) and the other we used rocks to cross.

The map for this trail is not accurate. We had to go cross country a couple of times to get back to the trail head. In addition, the millage is also incorrect. Instead of being 2.9 miles, we hiked 4.2 miles and would have been longer if we had not gone cross country.
Not much to see on this trail. In a few places one can see the lake but besides that it is just a trail through the woods shared by hikers and bikers.
I will not return here again.

road biking
5 months ago

Clean and beautiful. Will be back.

5 months ago

Did the whole loop, and it was nice hiking, well used trail and pretty views of the lake. But this was the worst marked trail I've ever hiked. I'm a good navigator and am a very experiences hiker and I got lost twice in the campgrounds because there aren't signs at proper intervals and the trail goes in a couple circles. Also, all the maps showed "you are here" in the wrong place.

There were also several intersections of trails that had no markings or labels whatsoever, so we had to guess. Every intersection should have a label!

very co did I g with bikers

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great trail. With many ride options.

nice easy trail. took my 2 little dogs and they loved it!

5 months ago

Great greenway/trail. Trail extends further north so trail needs to be updated

I just loved.

Very disappointed. My 12 year old son and I drove 1:15 each way to get to the Trail head and only had time to bike a couple of miles. I wasn't expecting to have to cross 4 lane roads and ride along with the traffic in the heavily populated area. It was not very safe. Where is the best place to get on so you see scenery instead of dirty city streets while fearing you will be run over by cars?

6 months ago

I was first unimpressed at the start. But the more I walked, the more I became pleasantly surprised with the scenery changes. The concrete walk changed to a boardwalk through wetlands and then back to a concrete walk along Big Creek. I also admired the beauty of the marsh area. Dog friendly. Benches and Poop Bags are available.


It's ok - trails need work and you have to dodge bikes that you often don't see in time

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