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The trail in many areas needs repair attention. The bright orange markings provide a good warning to bike riders. Beware of cinders and rough gravel at some road crossings. We will definitely ride this trail again.

If anything, this is more of a nature walk than a hike, but well worth it. If you do the round trip, it's about 6 miles, which is a decent calorie burner even without any noticeable elevation gain. But if you were coming here, it wouldn't be for that, it'd be for the wonderful walk or bike ride on a paved trail that parallels the path of Salmon Creek. While you're not directly alongside the river at all times, it's always within earshot and accessed by walking a few yards down one of the dozens of side trails that offshoot from the main trail. You'll walk through forest, field and everything in between. Great way and place to relax amongst the elements. I'll be back.

mountain biking
20 days ago

It was challenging, but not highly strenuous. I started at the Banks trailhead. The ride starts out easy then slowly transitions to a continuous uphill grade till the trail ends in Vernonia. The ride back is a blast. It's all downhill and smooth riding. Twenty miles each way. I highly recommend it if your looking for day ride in the country.

24 days ago

Nice evening with the family. We all made it down and back :-)

great walk, lots of shade

1 month ago

Great paved trail for an afternoon stretch with kids, elderly, wheelchair bound, trail running. There are a lot of side trails to get peeks of the creek. Because of the general east-to-west orientation of the creek the early morning /late afternoon are the most dramatic “golden hours” of shadow and light.

Too close to the road.

1 month ago

This is a nice hike that isn't too strenuous.

Nice and easy blacktop great for family and elders...

It was a great day for the pup and I to hit the trail. We enjoyed it but found problems with the lack of clear/consistent signs, poor maintenance of the trail in some areas and the amount of time we had to walk on the road. Not all areas were marked as closed so we did a lot of back tracking which added an additional 3 MILES that day. The mileage wasn’t bad, but I can’t deny that it was frustrating when trying to enjoy the day. For dog owners- please bring pepper spray. We were chased by two different dogs and it took the owners took little regard to our concerns when their dogs were lunging at us. My dog is 65 lbs and looked like a wimp compared to these dogs!
We enjoyed the hike and found it easy to take a break on the waterside. Be sure to bring some extra water while repairs are being made. By the end of the day, we hiked 16 miles and climbed 120 floors.

2 months ago

It’s a wonderful light elevation hike. You still get a decent workout because of the ups and downs. Gorgeous views.

Minus one star for trash on the trail where it gets close to the road.

Have a great walk with my dog

3 months ago

It’s a nice walk, I prefer a trail that is more out in nature.

Good for a simple stroll with my dog but there are not enough restrooms. Good for walking, running and biking. I went early so the trail was pretty empty. Not strenuous but nice enough.

Beautiful year round hiking area.

Nice walk along the creek.

Today I went 2.5 miles out and back from the starting point and really enjoyed the trail. It was really muddy at some points (which I was really looking forward to testing my new boots through). Looking forward to going further next time or completing the full loop.

busy but beautiful park like setting. shallow swimming and wading pools that are great in the summer

trail running
5 months ago

Great paved road for running.

6 months ago

This is not a trail and not a loop. This is just a paved straight flat path 3.1 miles long. So 6 miles is back and forth. This is basically a city park. The trail also doesn't follow the creek and strays quite far away from it. I frankly don't understand why is it even listed here.

Thought I would love it, but it’s chock-full of ups and downs, and not just the trails. You get kicked out onto a road at least a half-dozen times. The lake has many inlets which are lovely but also defy your expectations and progress. A number of sections of the trail needed repair, but plenty of signage. The scenery is beautiful and mutable. Not many other people, but the omnipresent road violates the stillness.
My rating might have been slightly higher if I had hiked rather than ran.
I might go back in the summer on a hot day, but would only do part of it.
Very muddy in January.

6 months ago

Nice, wide open scenery with a grey view along the water! Just a little crowded and not much room for exploration.

7 months ago

I love how green it is here. Lost of moss & some cool looking trees.

7 months ago

This trail is cool year round.

fun with 6 of my friends

Nice trail. If you do all the loops and wander a bit beyond the trail I stretched it into a nice 8 mile walk.

It is well maintained with great scenery the whole trail.

Part of the issue might have been that I went in the fall, but this trail was not very good for hiking... it was unmarked, parts were closed, and the trail was way more cut out for mountain biking. We ended up giving up on the tail after a while and walked the last few miles on the road just to get back.

Nice stroll with my kids and dog.

9 months ago

Nice hike with my small dog. Cover from the trees makes it a little less wet. Good hills on one side, and the river rushing is wonderful to hear. During the summer, step in and get wet! Huge pro: bathrooms, and quite a few of them!

An easy, flat trail that goes through beautiful farmland. We usually start at the Manning trailhead. Love that we can take our daughter in the jogger stroller since it's paved. Only downside for hiking with little ones is that there are some very serious bike riders who use this trail and whiz by very fast.

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