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Beautiful falls but park is trashed. Litter and graffiti abounds. Sad to see such local disrespect for such a treasure.

17 days ago

Awesome views. Lots of history took place along these paths. Great hike!

24 days ago

Beautiful scenery, tons of history, love it.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Allows to go to Kensico dam, but is almost all along the parkway.

Pleasant river walk. Eat at the Upper Nyack Grill after, great bbq, cole slaw and m&c.

1 month ago

Park in small lot for Paterson Falls. This park is under renovation and is only partly open. This is an easy hike. There was no wind so it was going to get hot there in afternoon except near the falls. This is a great hike to start out your day. The more history you know the more fun this hike is.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


Easy trail, lot of shadow, perfect for a summer day

This is a nice easy walk. The path is paved so if you are pushing a stroller its very easy. The terrain is rolling so it's easy on the knees and feet. Part of it does go along the Saw Mill River Parkway so its a little loud and not relaxing. But once you get to the east side its a very nice view and good for bird watching along the lake. There are some nice bridges and creeks which must be beautiful in the winter. You can have a picnic on many of the large open fields. It is free to park after Labor Day.

It’s all alongside the highway, if you were able to see the view more it would be nice. The coolest part about the hike was that I ran into a snake

best trail

great for kids

Beautiful views definitely reccomend.

Beautiful trail which can get very intensive. Lots of incline and decline along the way but very worth it. Nothing challenging in terms of climbing or anything like that. Fun and great hike.

road biking
3 months ago

Not good for road biking. Partially gravel roads.

Great trail but heavily trafficked on weekends. Lots of wildlife.

great place to walk with your dog. very dog friendly

Bob Klein Field to get in for free

4 months ago

Nice trail to walk on; swampy & creepy; strange during certain times of the day

beautiful trial

Nice trial for hiking with kids. No pets allowed.

it barely splits off from the road. it's hard to enjoy a hike when you can see and hear the traffic only a dozen or so feet away from you. if that bothers you, you may not enjoy it. however, there were a couple of good views.

It’s a nice park for a leisurely walk. There’s also a picnic spot and a playground for some wholesome family fun. And the location is great!
The reason I’m rating this 3 stars is because besides the play ground/picnic area being a little crowded. There are a lot of bees around.

4 months ago

Went for a walk along paved bike path (was not equipped to go hiking). Started in Bethpage and headed north. Path was well kept and was moderately trafficked--there were stretches of solitude. People (bikers, walkers, joggers, and people with leashed dogs) seemed to share the path well--one or two people on their phone, but otherwise a pleasant walk. Path does cross a few major roads, but they are well marked an have traffic signals. At times the path skirts along suburbia.

It was mostly flat in this direction, with a moderate hill at about mile 1. Parts were pleasantly shaded, but the more north (closer to LIE, which is where I turned around), it was open.

Bethpage State Park charges $8 to park, they have a map of hiking trails which appears to be somewhat reliable, if not terrifically detailed. Where the hiking paths cross the bike path, the blazes appear to be intact and highly visible. I plan on returning to explore more!

road biking
4 months ago

Just did the 12.5 mile ride from Woodbury to Massapequa. Tons of windy and narrow paths, populated on the weekends with joggers, dog walkers, and bikers. There are several road crossings (including some highway ramps near the beginning and middle).

The 12.5 mile path starts in Woodbury, heads along the highway in Trailview State Park, into Bethpage State Park, then along the highway to Massapequa Preserve. Crossing a road brings you to the southern part of the Preserve, until you hit Massapequa / Biltmore Shores.

As far as the content, there are several climbs, most notably at the beginning (with 20+ mph sections), including along the highway, and before road crossings. Many bikers of all skill levels are on this path, so stay in your lane and call when you need to pass.

Being not in the best condition myself, the climbs were difficult, but rewarding with the downhill sections, and overall was a great experience, though I wouldn’t put this as my first time trail if I knew there were some intense climb sections.

The souther you go, the more windy the paths get, perfect for single-gear riders, with some tiny dips and climbs. The Massapequa Preserve part has some good scenery with plenty of people near the lake, with less bikers and more pedestrians here than Bethpage State Park. All three areas (Trailview, Bethpage, Massapequa) offer some off-road sections, but not for the inexperienced biker.

I have yet to do this opposite (south to north end), and it’s perfectly fine if you start from different points on the bike way; there are plenty of drop-in and drop-off spots. I would recommend this if you got a few hours to spare.

road biking
5 months ago

went with my wife and kids biking I have a trailer for the bike so I can take the kids, the whole path is dirt and mostly in the shade bc of the tall trees, there's a really nice breeze from the lake and the scenery is gorgeous, mostly flat so it's easy. I won't advise to go after the rain bc it's really muddy, and b on the look out for horse dropping, wear bug repellent!
u can also have a really relaxing walk, and there are places where you could go down to the Lakeshore, which is really really nice!

Hard to navigate , one end runs out into no where, hard to loop through the woods as overgrown and no distinct path to really follow . You can’t get near the lake due to the reservoir fence, overall average walk along the fence from car park and back.

Great easy relaxing ride, flat , not demanding . Good for families with young children

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