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Fun. Great fall hike!

Definitely nice scenery and plenty of options in terms of trails to switch around on. I wouldn't consider the trails to be hard though, maybe intermediate. overall it's a nice place.

This Park is awesome. There is more Hiking than is displayed in the description. We hiked 5 miles comprised of Hiking and biking paths. The scenery is beautiful with, what appears to be, invasive plant management. Some trails are flat, some rolling and some more steep.

The Park offers a ton of amenities - hiking, biking, volleyball, fishing and even a place to get beer and brats.

They’re restoring the creek, which was nice to see.

2 months ago

Great Kettle Moraine Trail. Mostly mixed hardwood forest. Quite a bit of up and down for Wisconsin. Narrow foot path shared with mountain bikers. Bikes go opposite direction as hikers. One of the more difficult hikes in Wisconsin.

Wonderful day hike. Wear hard sole shoes to help navigate the rocks. it's a shared path with bikers so be prepared to move out if the way.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Park at trailhead, look at the map, grab a paper map or they are empty take a cell phone picture. Trails are well marked once you find them. Only hard thing is the map doesn't mark the start and end of the trail, they are one way and would be nice to see the start marked on the map. Really fun single track, great workout. Downside is not a lot of big speed long downhill stuff.

Good hike. Lots of trails branching off the main ones. Worn paths with quite a few overgrown areas. As long as you stay on the path that looks the most worn and widest, you'll be able to complete it accurately. Took us just over an hour to do. We tracked this as just under 4 miles.

Nice steep hills. Outer loop of the trail is not maintained. I’m 5’8 and the weeds were taller than me. Easy trail for a warm up

A great hike you can enjoy getting lost on. It’s easy to find your way back and it’s got some good scenery. Especially for a flat Wisconsin area, it’s a fun trek.

3 months ago

Very nice trail. Very well maintained and marked. The hike was very buggy however because of all the rain this summer, so bring your insect repellent!

One of my favorite places to hike in the area. I try to do the blue loop at least once a year.

The trail itself is very challenging and wonderfully rustic. From an aesthetic point, it’s great! I had a hard time finding the loop and ended up turning around because the mosquitos were absolutely awful. I even sprayed myself on the trail but nothing worked. I would love to try and explore this trail some more, but the bugs might keep me away

mountain biking
4 months ago

Definitely going to give a work out of some technical skills. The ride today at 5:30am was quiet and fast. It took some doing to access the trails due to the actual park gates being closed til 7am. There were numerous tree felled that block most of the trail crosses along Pike River. But with some effort, work your way up the ravine and it’s pretty good!

Great workout. Steep hills are challenging.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Amazing and fun place to go mountain biking! A few trails available to go down that are different levels. Was a really rainy day, so it was slippery and slidey, but regardless an awesome time. OFF Deep Woods spray was not very effective, and there was no water around, so just prepare for that.


It's an amazing place with tons of different trails with different levels of difficulty. My favorite place to go by far.

Not impressed at all. Trail is not being maintained at all. Got down towards the bottom and couldn’t find the trail. Had to turn around because the mosquitoes were insane. I saw a turkey though which was cool.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great trail for biking. you need to plan on 1.5 hours going hard. Great workout.. will keep your heart rate in the red zone for 75% of the time.

This trail has so many different off the path loops that you can take, and is quiet early in the morning. Great place to hike! We started at marker 1 and walked towards Rockdale. There’s a few places with benches to stop along the way.

loved this hike!

Nice area. Trail was hard to find at times or just not there.

8 months ago

Fun/challenging hike for northern Illinois standards. Turned it into about a 5 mile trek by following a few rabbit trails. Backs up to a ski hill so there's some incline. If you live in northern Illinois and are looking for a spot to train for more strenuous hikes elsewhere this is a good spot for it

8 months ago

Unmarked trails but if you stick to the outside you will be fine on the loop. Recommend going to the top of the “mountain” great views!
Brought my pup and ran into a few other people with dogs. Very friendly.

8 months ago

Really enjoy night hiking this trail. It’s vet peaceful. Brown loop is perfect for taking my 7 year old daughter.

Went for winter hike here last week...it was a great day to be outside and recommend this trail.

Go in clockwise direction. The other direction means you climb 203 ft. at the end and it’s steep.
No trails are marked so keep to the map on All Trails if you want to do the loop. Otherwise, enjoy all the rabbit trails! There are many. It was a great winter walk. Can’t wait to see it in the Spring.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Great mostly wooded trail. Many switchbacks with some rather steep areas. I would rate if difficult for a Wisconsin trail. i did the green loop. Orange loop bypasses the most difficult part of the green loop. nice overlook about halfway through the trail.

mountain biking
Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trails were great, we went for a walk. But I'd love to mountain bike here. Perfect trails for Mtn biking.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Bring good hiking shoes. Trail is grass and was wet during out visit so shoes and socks were soaked.

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