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Love this trail I do it often. Lots of people come here but it’s still pretty peaceful with great views.

Great trail for families. Watch out for the bicycles though.

This is a great trail for walking, running, biking and strollers. The main path is pathed and easy to pass others. It’s a nice stroll and we even ran into 2 young deer on the path.

off road driving
10 days ago

My wife and I just went here last weekend with our stock 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. According to the signs we saw the Overland Loop Trail is NOT for 4x4's. It is only passable with atv's, dirt bikes, etc. However the Elfendahl Pass, which is located off of NE Elfendahl Pass Rd has a fairly large off road area for 4x4's. There are two entrances to the area. The first entrance has some big hills that may look intimidating but very easy. The second entrance which is the next left turn(when coming from Belfair) down a service road, then on your left hand side. This entrance has a rock garden for about 30 ft or so. Once in the park there are several different trails. My wife and I did 84S and Riff Raff with no real trouble. Trail 55 has some SERIOUS obstacles! NOT FOR STOCK 4x4's. This was our very first time off roading and I would definitely recommend this place for first timers, beginners, or people with stock 4x4's. Just be cautious that they are starting to increase the difficulty of some of the trails so I would recommend walking them for a couple hundred yards or so to make sure you are comfortable with it before getting into it.

Really beautiful! The bridge is amazing in itself! Gorgeous out there today.

Went here on 2/24/18 it was a chilly day with on and off snow. Firstly park close to the bridge, which is a one lane, secondly walk to the start of the bridge go over the side by guard rails. there is a little path down to the trail, it's a cable and can be slippery in snow if you're now wearing correct shoes. We went left and saw the car and some building structure, but it's a beautiful view of the river! Loved it!

Nice cool day for quick 30 minute walk

14 days ago

Have never done the full loop but it’s within walking distance of my parents house so I try to walk parts often. Never crowded, wide, well maintained path. Surrounded by woods.

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails. Awesome views. Lots of wild berries. Over nighter with the place all to my self! Hiked years ago so late post. Just digging up old pics. August 2012

We walk here almost daily. Easy, paved trails, kids love to bike while I walk/run.

The trail was very well maintained. The area around the trail head was a little run down but once you get past it the scenery was nice. Took my 6 year old for a 3 mile walk. Easy road.

Good walk, quiet and well maintained. It was cold and a little bit of ice on the two bridges but a good day out none the less.

Can you take four wheelers on this trail?

road biking
1 month ago

confusing in places, but overall nice little ride. having a bike shop in the middle was cool, you ride right by it. would be a good trail for a group ride.

Nice walk today a cool 42 out but still a nice walk

trail running
1 month ago

great trail, tons of hills ! will definetly do this again

trail running
1 month ago

Trail ran this today with my buddy. As the trail got closer to the lake it was bushy and a bit over grown, and muddy. Next to the lake it was flooded by the recent rain. The GPS followed the route very well which helped a lot at trail intersections. We went about 8:00 AM and only encountered four mountain bikers. Nice trail that we really enjoyed.

1 month ago

Somehow the instructions sent us somewhere else, which added .8 miles to the walk. The whole thing is paved for easy walking, but it was very wet with big puddles to jump over or slosh thru. I'll have to come back when it's drier to see the rest of the trail.

great if you stay on the main access only. I wouldn't try the other trails without GPS , some places you just go in big circles

great trail, as long as you stay on the main wide path, and turn around at the two mile marker or the end of the wide path. don't try to follow the trail on GPS.

The name is what caught our curiosity but it's not as impress as it sounds lol we did enjoy going over to the water and skipping rocks.

Great trail, paved the whole way. Lots of people, lots of dogs, most were off leash but friendly. Good for all levels.

Went when it was rainy, beautiful views and saw a crow with a white tail feather. All in all... worth the hike even in the Northwest rain.☆☆☆☆

2 months ago

just finished the southern 2/3 of this trail. not so hilly as the northern portion of the trail. It is confusing and not well marked, around some of the businesses.

Nice cool day for a brisk walk

Today was beautiful! lots of awesome people and the views were perfect!

2 months ago

Muddy. Once you get down the side of the bridge with the cable it’s an easy walk. We went east and took the hill up the old grassy area and remnants of a building. There are lots of muddy trails to check out but nothing special. We followed the river up a ways, looks like a great place to ride a dirt bike.

2 months ago

"Ghost town" would be an overstatement, as from what I saw, it's merely an old car, and the remnants of one, maybe two small old buildings. If you're looking for a straight flat hike through the woods, this one is for you. If you're looking for a challenge (or even a cool old ghost town), I wouldn't recommend it.

Of course, any day in nature is a good day, right?

Also, this trail extends pretty far beyond the ghost town, so if you're looking for a longer trail you can just keep going. In fact, we went for much longer than 2 miles, thinking there was more to the ghost town.

2 months ago

Well maintained paved path. There are a few rolling hills that might be challenging for some in a wheelchair.

The path is moderately travelled and I felt comfortable walking alone.

Road is completely undriveable at this point in the year. Extremely rocky terrain, as you approach 3 miles out from the trail, it starts to get really snowy. We had to turn around and never got to the trailhead. I would avoid until the spring.

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