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I do not recommend this trail for solo women.

I went biking on this trail midday on a weekday. I rode from ~ Del Paso Blvd to ~Capital City freeway and back.

Not only were there large groups of transient men congregating both adjacent to and in the middle of the trail, but I was followed on bike by a seemingly well-off guy who I believe was haunting the trail specifically for the purpose of following women. (He was a white male, medium athletic build, mid 30s-early 40s, blue cycling outfit, phone band on left arm, with brown mid length hair.)

I successfully got him to stop following me but the trail is so isolated and lined with dense vegetation that anything could have happened without a passerby noticing. I won't be going there again, not alone at least.

Recommend starting from Beals Point or Granite Bay to avoid the congestion of the American River Bike Trail which is also paved and not to my liking. It's a solid 16 mile+ hike BUT... what's not accounted for on this map is that the last mile of your hike is Cardiac Hill to get up to Maidu, read the topo! This is where the elevation comes in, bring plenty of water!

great paved trail for road bikes. went 15 miles out, stopped for breakfast and 15 miles back.

Nice bike trail ! Didn’t feel the heat even on a 100plus day .

This was my favorite running trail when living in Sacramento. You can hop onto it at so many different points, and there were water fountains and bathrooms! Perfect place for long runs during the weekend!

3 months ago

Beautiful lake, but little access for swimming.

Great bike trail mostly along the river. Been way too long on this one.

4 months ago

Good hike to get away from the city that is not too far.

on Coyote Creek Trail

road biking
5 months ago

I’ve gone the whole way on this trail a couple of times. But plenty of times just within the San Jose area. The scenery is very nice. Plenty of shady areas to stop and rest that aren’t too far apart from each other. Trail mostly follows along the 101 freeway between Morgan Hill and San Jose. A couple of mildly difficult inclines but otherwise very manageable. Enjoyed many times within San Jose with my family.

I’ve done this ride quite a bit when the weather is decent. I like to start at sac state and head up to the hatchery.
If you don’t live close by, I would recommend leaving your car at sac state. The chance of a break in isn’t bad. But remember to pay for day parking. Easier on the weekends when most of the students are off campus.
There was a time I was with a group and we used the light rail to get back to sac state.
Some of the serious riders can be rude if your just out for a little exercise but many more are happy to wave and say hello!
There are great places to stop for some picnic lunches and the views are great if you’re like me and get tired of the city.
Some of the trail can flood if we have heavy rain. This year (2017-2018) has been great.
If you decide to go in the summer, bring lots of water and reapply your sun screen. There are lots of areas that have no shade from the sun.

road biking
6 months ago

Real nice from Hellyer County Park and south. Do not go or park north of Hellyer park, as there are nothing but homeless camps, garbage, thugs, and people who look like they’re looking for trouble. A real sanitation nightmare, too. Think twice before bringing a family member who you care about in this section.

6 months ago

South of Metcalf road, only saw a dozen or so people, was a nice walk in the sunshine!

mountain biking
6 months ago


Drove all the way up here to find that mountain bikes are only a allowed on a small area from the north access point to the reservoir. One star for misinformation.
I did drive up to the walnut staging area from the north and rode the trails, but would only give this 2 stars for mountain biking. Go somewhere else.

6 months ago


Easy trail - not a lot of people . Very pretty

es un sendero muy plano

I’ve been part of this trail in Shoreline Park Mountain View. It’s relaxing but a bit windy.

7 months ago

Nice moderate trail with elevations and shady areas. Lots of different trail options to make your hike as short or long as you prefer. Dogs on leash allowed, most people are friendly.

surrounding area is super sketchy... felt uneasy leaving my car there so I didn't get to experience the full trail

9 months ago

A beautiful trail to nurture the soul and exercise the body just in our backyard!

Woods trail is a nice entrance to explore this part of Quicksilver without the steep walls you find off of New Almaden or Mockingbird entrance. The trail shown is NOT 10 miles as noted in the description. Another reviewer estimated 2.7, which is more realistic. You can expand this trail by doing a loop around Mine Hill and Castillero. Gorgeous views and the trails have been recently graded and cleaned as part of a park maintenance plan.

A wonderful trail.

trail running
10 months ago

I run part of this trail every Saturday for the last 2 years. The trail is well kept, clean, shaded and pleasant year round. If anything, I hope they install more water fountains along the trail. There are two that I know of: one near Hellyer Park, and another. Near the 85 freeway.

The trail is nice but the surrounding area is super sketchy. Lots of tent cities and crazy homeless people along the trail and parking area. I did not feel safe here.

mountain biking
10 months ago

It’s really just a good trail

Very easy hike

trail running
11 months ago

Very technical path for trail running. I ended up running around 9 miles over there the rocky, gravelly surface. While trails are marked, it is very easy to go the wrong way and get lost, or add extra miles to your trail. Luckily I downloaded The map so I was able to correct my course a number of times. Still, I ended up 2 miles out of the way. Very beautiful country. Great place for training for trail running.

This trail was great for a Sunday bike ride. It's completely paved, mostly flat and shaded. There were a lot of people out walking, jogging, and biking.

There is a slide near the Valle Vista staging area and that section of the trail is closed. But there is a dirt path around the .25 mile marker that connects to Augusta Drive and provides a detour around the slide. It's hard to say when the trail will be repaired.

If you do the entire trail from the Valle Vista staging area to Pleasant Hill Rd, it's 7.65 miles each way. It took me a little over an hour at a leisurely pace.

Great hike. There are poles set up in strategic locations along the trail to guide hikers; be that as it may, I found it very helpful to carry a map (available at the trailhead marked on this map), as the trail doesn't have every trail bend marked clearly. Carry water, obviously, during the summer months. Not much shade on this loop.

11 months ago

I hiked out to Coit Lake from the Hunting Hollow Park Entrance recently as part of a 2 night backpacking trip. The fishing at Coit was great. Only giving 4 out of 5 stars because the shore access on Coit lake was not as good as Mississippi or Kelly Lake. https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/henry-coe-coit-lake/

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