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The rangers told us that this was a better trail then heading to see the “falls” surfing the winter. So glad we listened. Our Saint Bernard, Ginger; got so much love from everyone. We loved seeing all the families our hiking ! Perfectly marked and thanks for the stairs!

This was a very nice trail. If you go close to this date, you will need waterproof shoes still. The trail was well marked and I didn't have any problems getting through it. I did walk on the trail through private property, but I was guessing they knew the trail was there and it was well marked even with benches to sit on, so I went on through. Pretty day but the wind was howling!

First time going to this park and the trail was a lot of fun to run!!!!

Nice paved trail. Great for the family (including dogs)!

I have been around the Lake so many times, just a wonderful go to place for a walk or run.

trail running
1 month ago

Great scenery, single lane is better for hiking than walking and would consider this a harder trail for some levels as there is a lot of steep terrain to cover. Dog had a blast very few people.

connected the trails to make a longer hike

This is very close to home and a beautiful loop delivering serenity and beauty. It is very easy with mostly level trails.

nice hike except the part I couldn't take due to it being closed.

We love to take our dogs for walking around Lake Johnson. It's beautiful there year round.

Part of the trail is still closed from storm damage but the overlook is still open and offers a scenic view of the river.

Due to intense rain lately it was impossible to the follow the trail past .5 marker - zig zagged around. Also heard a a lot of gun shooting which is a bit stressful when trying to hike.

my favorite quick hike getaway.

trail running
2 months ago

A fun trail to run with dogs.

Beautiful trail enjoyed it

3 months ago

We enjoyed our hike today but unfortunately Raven Rock Trail was close but we at least reach to the overlook and it’s a pretty cool view over the Cape Fear River. This State Park is well maintain with helpful & friend staff who make sure we are on the right trail.

Perhaps I didn't see it but main area is kid friendly with a tennis court, basketball, picnic and playground for kids. Trail is along back end crossing roads but also has tons of scenic sewage lines/pipes which isnt scenic at all. This is what ruins it for me. Could be a nice paved path for bikers or joggers uninterested in taking photos

I liked this trail. We chose it because it was baby stroller friendly for my grandson. However, I would rate it easy to moderate because although it’s paved, there were many steep inclines. So if you’re not used to inclines, don’t do the whole loop.

trail running
4 months ago

I moved from Fayetteville 10 years ago and pleasantly surprised when I visited this year at the improvements, beautiful welcome/learning center. I took my niece and had an incredible time! We went off the path, which allowed me to see parts I had not previously explored. I cannot wait for my next trip! This is family and pet friendly, lots of shade.

I ride this trail regularly. it's busy on the weekends near the dam, but a great trail.
Bridges are well maintained, and the trail clean.

5 months ago

Flat and forested. Cool swampy feel on the sides. Really phenomenal birdwatching at the end where it juts into a marshy area of Jordan Lake. It was really pretty buggy. There was also a bit more trash than many places, but it looks like they periodically clean it up with volunteers. This is on gamelands, bit well marked at the entrance when deer season is. And no hunting on Sundays, anytime.

Unless you are using it as an access point to the neuse trail, don't bother. Too confusing and tends to be rather trashed in spots.

road biking
6 months ago

Fantastic trail to ride. From Falls lake in north raleigh to Riverwood in Clayton (and eventually further). Can't wait for the continuation. I have ridden the full length and it has many variations, spots great for the family or weekend rider all the way to challenging hills for the serious rider. It also connects to several other popular trails. Careful of some bridges as they are beginning to show some age. As I write this, they are about to start repairs on one of the bigger bridges between Buffalo park and Anderson pointe. No detour, so plan accordingly. Otherwise, enjoy. It's definitely my favorite trail in the triangle.

The trail is usually clear with bridges over wash out and wet areas. I usually take my dog with me and they have to be leashed. Lots of beautiful views of the lake. Terrain is slightly hilly but not to the point of being strenuous. Vast majority of the trail is shaded so great for hotter weather and usually the lake has a breeze coming off the water. Bring bug spray if there's no breeze the biting flies and mosquitos can be a little persistent. There are benches spread out throughout the trail to take rest breaks. Bring water for drinking there is none on the trail.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail, well maitained. More rest areas with bathrooms would be great.

Good trail to walk for exercise. Not a hiking trail per-se as it is paved more like a park trail, but great for walking and running. The back part of the trail near I-440 gets intense with some pretty big hills so be prepared. Great views of the lake and woods.

loved this trail. there is an elaborate narrow wood stair case to take you down to the river, where you get a good view of the rocks. saw a copperhead, deer, frogs, fish, and owls. Take all the small extra out-and-backs (to see overlooks and the fish traps). the fish traps are igneous rocks in the river used by native Americans to trap fish. it's very humid in the summer, but shaded almost the whole time. there is a lot of Creek and river water to drink along the way if you have a filter bottle.

The trail is very well maintained. I didn't see a single person, but I saw lots of wildlife including frogs, squirrels, and deer. I did this hike at dawn and saw about a dozen deer that let me walk within 15 meters of them. The entire trail is shaded with benches and garbage cans along the way for breaks. The views are okay, but not spectacular. To me this was a difficulty level and type of nature walk/day hike for a family with young kids. Also, signs have been posted NO mountain biking.

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