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it's a great easy trail, like other reviews I am not a fan of having to walk through piles of horse droppings. they are all over the place and can easily spoil the fun, especially when you just cant avoid them. wish they came up with separate trails for horses, or like dog owners, horse owners should clean up.

This isnt a hiking trail. this is really just a path in a strip of preserve woods going through Verona and Cedar Grove. You're never out of sight of a backyard. but it's a nice walk if you're in the town and want a tiny bit of nature.

Nice, easy trail that’s dog and kid friendly. The recent storm and flooding has done a decent amount of damage to the path though. As for local trails around the Cedar Grove, Verona, and Montclair area... I prefer this tenfold over Mills Reservation.

Short, simple hike, but so beautiful. The old estate is magnificent even though it's crumbling. It must have been beautiful long ago! The signs offer a nice review of the estate's history and information on the area.

This was a great hike! Did both the white and yellow trail.

Great easy ride for whole family. I had my 13 and 15 year old daughters and they had a good time.

best trail

real nice mountain bike ride. two bridges, chance to see the Clydesdales out for a walk!

Great trail but heavily trafficked on weekends. Lots of wildlife.

Enjoyed the shade and remains of the structures from the estate. A nice walk in the woods!

This trail is very well maintained and relatively flat. The majority of the connection points are pretty clear and easy to follow. Surface is mainly cinder and gravel and you can ride 2 bikes side by side the entire trail. If you want an easy ride to take with the kids this is it. The trail is also used by hikers, joggers, walkers, and horses.

beautiful trial

4 months ago

Went for a walk along paved bike path (was not equipped to go hiking). Started in Bethpage and headed north. Path was well kept and was moderately trafficked--there were stretches of solitude. People (bikers, walkers, joggers, and people with leashed dogs) seemed to share the path well--one or two people on their phone, but otherwise a pleasant walk. Path does cross a few major roads, but they are well marked an have traffic signals. At times the path skirts along suburbia.

It was mostly flat in this direction, with a moderate hill at about mile 1. Parts were pleasantly shaded, but the more north (closer to LIE, which is where I turned around), it was open.

Bethpage State Park charges $8 to park, they have a map of hiking trails which appears to be somewhat reliable, if not terrifically detailed. Where the hiking paths cross the bike path, the blazes appear to be intact and highly visible. I plan on returning to explore more!

road biking
5 months ago

Just did the 12.5 mile ride from Woodbury to Massapequa. Tons of windy and narrow paths, populated on the weekends with joggers, dog walkers, and bikers. There are several road crossings (including some highway ramps near the beginning and middle).

The 12.5 mile path starts in Woodbury, heads along the highway in Trailview State Park, into Bethpage State Park, then along the highway to Massapequa Preserve. Crossing a road brings you to the southern part of the Preserve, until you hit Massapequa / Biltmore Shores.

As far as the content, there are several climbs, most notably at the beginning (with 20+ mph sections), including along the highway, and before road crossings. Many bikers of all skill levels are on this path, so stay in your lane and call when you need to pass.

Being not in the best condition myself, the climbs were difficult, but rewarding with the downhill sections, and overall was a great experience, though I wouldn’t put this as my first time trail if I knew there were some intense climb sections.

The souther you go, the more windy the paths get, perfect for single-gear riders, with some tiny dips and climbs. The Massapequa Preserve part has some good scenery with plenty of people near the lake, with less bikers and more pedestrians here than Bethpage State Park. All three areas (Trailview, Bethpage, Massapequa) offer some off-road sections, but not for the inexperienced biker.

I have yet to do this opposite (south to north end), and it’s perfectly fine if you start from different points on the bike way; there are plenty of drop-in and drop-off spots. I would recommend this if you got a few hours to spare.

A nice little trail. Not overly scenic but cool to see the bridge from above. Otherwise its a nice walk in the woods. The old stone structures are also very cool. I did not have problems with bugs. I was nervous about that since many of the other hikers seemed to. But it was a fairly crisp June evening.

A really great and easy bike trail- lovely views- but watch out for horses! (It's exciting but still.) a great bird watching trial as it passes through various terrains and habitats. (Grassland, farmland, woodland, and marshland.) common to see families, kids, all ages walking, jogging, and riding horses! My only qualm is when the horses pass through they often make the trail bumpy, and sometimes leave "trail apples."... just clean that up horse people please.

Very short and easy hike.

Nothing really too spectacular about it. Nice view of the bridge. But the bugs are crazy definitely wouldn’t recommend going without a good coating of bug spray. But it’s not hard at all.

Fun trail for mountain biking. Started at sunrise parking lot in Lewis Morris Park out 5 miles and then back 5 miles.For the most part Trail is dirt and gravel, lots of big roots in some sections and a few bridges with no ramp on: off so had to get off Bike and walk across. Two sections where water in brook was higher and moving so again had to dismount and walk Bike through water while using the stepping stones. One very long uphill section from the Mendham police station but rewarded with coming downhill on the way back. I’d rate this as moderate because of the roots and rocks but definitely recommend!.

Fairly easy trail with a nice view of the bridge.

road biking
8 months ago

Lucky for me, I live 1/3 of a mile from an access point. I can take the trail from my house to Woodbury and back for a 24 mile ride with only a few road crossings and lots of shaded trail. Best done on a weekday.

Nice trail with several side trails to walk along. You have the option to make the hike as short of as long as you would like.

9 months ago

I’ve been here a lot. I use to fish the area of watching and plainfield this was my go to place for pickerole and crappie

mountain biking
11 months ago

Great local trail! Should be resurfaced for running (rocky).

mountain biking
Sunday, November 05, 2017

Yesterday was amazing I didn’t even know this trail was that long! I was able to see wild rabbits, ducks, geese and more! I love nature and the outdoors. I’m so proud of myself over 15 miles!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Exactly as described--out and back--not much to see but sometimes I don't want to have to look at a map or wonder where I am...this trail serves that purpose. I did have a hard time finding the trail head. The directions point you to the tennis court parking lot but the trail start is on Fairview Avenue. I used 199 Fairview Avenue, Verona, NJ for my GPS.

very nice, too short.

mountain biking
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Loved it, some parts a bit bumpy, still a great ride
Bridge over the Wallkill River is closed for repairs, will have to make a trip back:)

trail running
Thursday, September 07, 2017

Good 10K run out-and-back on a decent, but not great trail. It's not maintained very well, but it's fine for a run, walk or easy mountain bike ride. Not great for serious hiking as West Essex is essentially a suburban wooded Path. You're not likely to encounter any wildlife that you wouldn't find in your own backyard. The nicest spot on the trail is where the trail (former trestle) crosses the Peckman River.

Plenty of easy parking on Fairview Ave. No portable toilets. Seemingly quite safe due to proximity to houses. Two other trails intersect the West Essex rail trail.

road biking
Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Great scenic path. Fun for the whole family.

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