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Oct 2018 - Woodsy and well-marked trails. It was very pretty in the fall with lots of color. I wanted to get a couple hours of walking in before it rained. Even though it started drizzling, I didn’t mind so much with all the tree cover. Encountered some young families and mountain bikers. Great little getaway.

beautiful trail that gets really steep on the climb up.

Quiet and beautiful trail, best enjoyed in an unhurried way.

Challenging yet doable without lots of experience. I suggest bringing water and a snack to have at the beach!

great trail fun going down the hill to beautiful Lake Washington not for the fragile gets pretty steep & must watch ur footing..

Went with family. Oldest 76 youngest 7. We had a great time. They have walking only trails or trails for all including horses. Parts of the trails had roots in the pathway so watch your footing. If you go the loop... I hear it’s like a 45 min hike. We did an extended hike by taking the long way every time we came to a split ( signs telling you how long each path is back to parking lot). We were out for a couple hours or more. Nothing real steep so it was a nice walk.

I haven't ridden this trail in 25 years, and that was on an aluminum, front-suspension only bike. fast forward to today - outstanding trail maintenance and a serious bike upgrade for me had me remebering some great times out here and smiling the whole way - even during the climb. In true NW style, someone was handing out raindogs (Rainier beer

Easy to walk and hike around. Need a few more signs on the trail.

Love this hike. Took the kids on it and we had a blast exploring all the nature. Love that it's so close to the 'burbs but feels like you're in the middle of nowhere.

Great place to ride mountain bikes with pretty shaded areas in trails on hot day and some cool bridges to cross.

Good long trail. Ran in to a herd of 12 elk, and also saw a mile deer. Took part of the Rooney trail through the valley as well.

Ran a half marathon on this trail this weekend. Beautiful trial with LOTS of rolling hills. Be aware this trail is used by bikers and horses.

Lovely woodsy walk. Path has nice rolling hills and roots through out

Personal review: this is a magical place, and I visit as often as I can. The energy in the forest is pure and it washes over you when you enter so that everyone you meet is smiling. It is a very special place.

Practical review: This is my oasis from the city. It’s big enough that you there are choices of trails, but not so big that you could get lost. It is also well marked, and there is an interactive map online (if you, for some reason can’t use the AllTrals app), and yes, there is service throughout, but do try to remember why you’re in the forest...
There are trails for walkers exclusively, but the equestrians & cyclists are respectful of sharing the mixed paths. It’s clear of trash (pack it in, pack it out), and mostly free from noise pollution (sounds of traffic). There is fantastic tree cover, so even if it’s raining or hot out, the temp is moderate and you don’t get drenched. It is tethered-dog and accompanied-child friendly. There are berries growing on the path (I’ve seen blackberries and Red Huckleberries (ATTN: Please consult a nature identification source prior to eating anything you do not recognise; some red berries are safe, but some are poisonous. Better safe than sorry.)


Hiking, swimming, nature walking, cool park! Lots of trails but lots of hills.

decent trails. solid walking, great for dogs, okay for biking. mostly trail riding for mountain bikes with 2 parks easy to get to if you follow the main trail, otherwise trails are full of uprooted roots.

Nice forest walk with well marked trails. Even my cat liked it.

This hike was amazing, hands down my favorite one so far. The birds are everywhere and the trees were beautiful. Easy trail for anyone with very minimal elevation. The trails were marked well too. Great place!!

Short and sweet! I went on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon with my dog. Once we reached the water, it was a little crowded with people soaking up the Seattle summer sun but we still found a little shaded niche to admire before heading back up the north side.

Nice trail with dogs, your dog can swim, fun :)

4 months ago

I took my three kids on these trails for the first time today and we had an amazing time! It was nice and long, without being so steep that they started complaining right away :) We will definitely be back often. It would be nice to have a real restroom rather than a port-a-potty, though...

Simple and easy. Great for grandkids on about four

Just visited a short post of the trail near Duvall. Pretty kid friendly lake area.

Beautiful scenery and saw elk out and about. Close to Denver which is nice and you will see the roads and cars driving around you for a good part of the hike

Great day of hiking- 5-6 miles, flat easy trail. Sharing the trail with mountain bikers & horses. Close to town, shady with lots of greenery & wildlife. Recommend to families....

The trails a little dusty because we haven't had rain in a while, but it was a beautiful Saturday morning hike.

Nice evening hike to take with dogs.

Took the family there for a hike and we had a great time,
Kids ages are 9,5,1. We will be going back

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