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20 hours ago

Nice, easy trail. I enjoyed it because there weren't many people on it. I saw some lizards and a couple rabbits... lots of ants on the ground. Sun most of the way, so make sure you wear sunscreen. Just wish there wasn't as much horse poop on the trail as there was today.

3 days ago

Parking for this trail is on Foothill Parkway, not in the neighborhood. This was a great hike. I did it in the evening starting at 5:30 PM. Total hike to Beeks Place and back was a brisk 3 hours for me - I am pretty fast and ran part of the way down. I watched the sunset on the hike down and enjoyed the city lights from Corona. I highly recommend an evening hike - there was a lot of shade on the way up and hiking after sunset was not an issue - lots of ambient light and there were other hikers and MTBs too. I had a great view of the crescent moon with Jupiter trailing in the western sky with a lovely view of Mars to the south. When I got to Bleeks Place, the gate was closed (easy to go around) with a sign that said "Closed to all uses" with the Trabuco Canyon Ranger Stations phone number.

I just hiked the section from Glass Road to Thomas Hunting Grounds. This is a very pretty section of the trail with a lot of diversity. Several pretty stream crossings. Not great for those afraid of heights though because some sections have a steep drop off combined with a narrow trail.

Important to note: the trail is severely eroded on either side of Schneider Creek. After feeling unsafe in a couple spots and seeing more up ahead, we ended up traveling down Schneider Creek to Middle Control Road. There was a sign indicating this coming from west but not the east. Best to stay on Middle Control Road for this section, as it closely parallels, until this gets fixed!

Beautiful, scenic hike. There are paid parking lots but there is a small parking lot next to the chamber of commerce which offers free parking. The trail can be accessed at that area near the picnic tables.

on Skyline Drive

15 days ago

This is a fire trail that is maintained & a good conditioning hike but for a good workout take the short cuts. Unfortunately the recent fire has closed the trail for a while.

16 days ago

Lovely walk around the lake. The trail is mostly dirt or gravel and mostly tucked away, with a few paved sections. Shady and lots of opportunity to get down to the shoreline.

We really enjoyed this trail. Good views, not too hard. Peaceful. Feels more secluded that you are in a few spots. Saw signs of mountain lion & some different birds. Trees pretty healthy relative to other parts of SBNF. Did see a mountain bike go off one of the dropoffs and take a tumble so use caution. It stays fairly close to roads & cabins so there is light traffic noise but you can also hear the river & birds.

20 days ago

It’s open and the weather was great...started at 6am...

off road driving
23 days ago

Pretty nice and easy trail some challenging areas but nothing for a Cherokee XJ, compared to last months Cleghorn run this was a piece of cake.

1 month ago

If your close by, and want a little stretch/stroll, this is your best bet. Seems like a lot of locals walk the lake. Most parking is paid parking ($8-9). Looks like free parking in at least one spot (see track). The lake is swimmable, and again it appears a lot of locals hang out there. Looks good for kids. Lots of Toys, and activity structures in the water, and seems safe for kids (complete with life guards). Again, you pay for entrance. There is a par course in some of the areas.

The Santa Ana River Trail from Angelus Oaks east to Highway 38 (about 16 miles or so one way) is an extremely nice area. We did an out and back from Middle Control dirt Road (aka Mill Creek Road) heading back West towards Angelus Oaks. Quite scenic. about 30 % of this track is pretty double track, then even prettier single track. The trail follows the side of a North facing steep mountain (down the hill is the huge Seven Oaks/ Santa Ana River canyon that ends at the ocean in Orange County). It is ledgy in a few parts, and you do have to pay attention. The trail narrows in a few place to maybe 8-10 inches with steep slopes on your side. There's bike tracks throughout though. Since this side of the mountain is north-facing, it is quite shady all day. Quite scenic, and becoming one of my favorite areas to hike. Didn't see a sole in the 3 hours we were out.

Love this trail.

1 month ago

I started this around 6pm and was in the shade the whole time which was nice. Single track, many flat portions. The beginning of this hike is not so great for the first 10 minutes as you walk by some construction and very soft dirt. The beginning of the fort trail past the construction was not super obvious.. After that it’s great. The last 50 feet or so are pretty steep to get to the top.

Nice easy loop, but under construction when we went. Parking is $10 for the day in the public lots, but you can find other places along the road to park. Pretty crowded, so it’s not the cleanest of places. There is a bathroom along the loop, and bins for trash/recyclables at several points so not the place to go if you’re looking to get lost in the woods.

1 month ago

This is a wonderful, easy trail to walk. You have a lot of gorgeous scenery and views. I like walking this trail with my dogs several times a week, I have always felt safe so I don’t mind going without my husband. You can park along the road in certain spots or pay to park in the lots. There is also a dog park with a small dog section and a drinking fountain bowl for dogs. I like to stop in there to allow my dogs to roam off leash for a while. There are plenty of trash and recycle bins along the trail so there’s no excuse to leave any thing behind. Also some exercise stations through out and a bathroom on the north west (I believe) part of the lake.

this was an easy trail going out from the trailhead, coming back was more of a climb. although if you start from taquitz rd (if I remeber the street name correctly) you will be going up and than an easy down. it was a little more narrow trail in many spots, and it was warmer this day. we started at 7 am and the bugs were pretty heavy, although this was one of the hottest days of our Summer. we ended and were back home in Hemet by 11 and before we left we went to eat breakfast so it was a quick hike. have fun hiking.

1 month ago

Very easy and a long hike.

Super easy hike. A beautiful view of the valley and a beautiful walk through the canyon lots of shade and green plants. Hiked it in early July starting temp 95 ended temp 85.

Easy to find trails difficult to find which trail is what. We were trying to find tin mine (this is before I found this app) and we followed the main trail to the Doppler thinking it was tin mine. We went 5 miles up until some lady’s that stopped us told us that it is 5 miles back down the direction we came and two miles out. As we walked down with them they told us about all trail app which is SOO nice. I just wish they had more signs.

Pretty good hike. Not too busy for a 4th of July

This trail is great for beginners. Very rocky at some points. The only thing I didnt like was all the bushes sticking out into the road. Got the side of my trucked scratched up pretty bad and it’s unavoidable. Also be careful lots of rattlesnakes

1 month ago

I love this hike, it can be hard or easy, depends how much you can take.

its close, up to speed for me, and I would be ok doing this trail by myself.

Rope trail with my cousin, Amanda, is THE best!!!

Gorgeous hike

Love this hike!! Try and go twice a week. My once good friend showed me this place and it’s wonderful!! Many different ways you can take. Always some what of a challenge, what I need. Saw a rattlesnake for the first time today. Best to go early.

Been there twice. If you take the Mission Creek Preserve entrance, you'll connect with the southern PCT trail intersection. Take the south fork and climb up the trail to a ridge on the trail that gives a view of Whitewater Canyon and the trail down the mountain towards the Whitewater River. The hike is close to 1000 ft elevation change. The view is spectacular. Take plenty of water as this is close to 8 miles from Mission Creek Preserve Road entrance. There is the stone house with picnic tables and even. Separate bathrooms. Along the way you'll see a massive growth of wild grapes in and around tall trees. Great views there as well. The rock formations are fascinating for the geologically inclined. Saw some rabbits, and heard lots of birds, but didn't see any other wild life (thank goodness no snakes!)

1 month ago

An easy trail to the Doppler station. ~5.4 miles from the beginning of Skyline Trail at Foothill Blvd to the station. Easy due to wide truck path all the way through and just follow the path, no way to get "lost." Mountain bikers go through here as well. Took 2 hours 10 minutes walking up at a normal pace, hung around the top for 15 minutes and less than 2 hours back down the mountain side. Nice views of Corona 3-4 miles in, and when on the mountain top, views of Blackstar Canyon into Orange County.

1 month ago

Nice hike. Great views

Easy hike, lots of bugs don't forget your Off Spray. My kids loved it.

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